1001 E 11th Ave, Denver
(720) 573-9134

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Julia Gosztyla Ziobro

The people were nice and the burgers were good even though sadly, they are out of gluten free buns. The lettuce wrap was generous and fresh though.

Satori L

There's a couple of in-n-outs in Denver and wanted to compare it to the local chains. Yeah, Snarf burger is good and I dare say better than in-n-out. I liked how the patty is fatter and had that hand formed patty shape going on. Fries were excellent too.

Berta Largent Crenshaw

Mostly hype. Burger is good but not the best. Cheap cheese and missing the guac (one of the main items of a guac and bacon burger). The place was pretty dirty and disorganized.Was really looking forward to trying Snarfburger out since I love their sandwich shop, but I will not be going out of my way to get one of their burgers again.

Andy T.

Snarfburger is alive and VERY well in Cap Hill. I once again entrusted myself to the original Snarfburger, this time with a third patty and I was STUFFED. I opted for tots which were golden delicious crispy magic. They were literally so fresh out of the fryer that I couldn't eat them for a few. THIS is how you do a burger: hot, fresh, and IN MAH MOUTH!

Mauro Hernandez

Tried this today for the first time since it was close to my grocery shop. From the name I didn’t have great expectations but they definitely made up. The cheese burger was exquisite and the fries were delicious — they reminded me of McDonald’s fries, but less corporate.I’d definitely recommend this place. Way better than In-N-Out!

Melissa Moyle

Just got home and opened my sandwich wrap to find a long hair hanging out the side. Looked like it might have been cooked with my food. I think other food I've had there before tasted good, but after this I've lost my appetite and probably won't be back for the grill. Definitely finishing the fries though.

Sam T

I go here a lot. When I came in the last visit my food was undercooked. When I finally got to speak with someone about it. He made it seem like I was wrong. I asked him where to send photos and he told me Google. I called back the next day spoke with gm and he asked me to return for a refund. When I came back all of the employees ran to the back of the store and left me there. I left and called back and Quinn says the management is aware of the situation and they find it funny. So here is the bloody burger they made me.

Andy Cochran

Awesome burgers, great gluten free buns, and a good price for tasty grub. I’m excited Snarf’s is doing burgers now!

Matt Applesmith

Really great experience here. The fries were cooked perfectly and my double patty mushroom Swiss hit the spot. My wife got a single patty onion ring burger that she also said was perfect. Staff was nice, we ate in and would come back again

Justin Gilliland-Smith

The burger was juicy and delicious, there was the perfect amount of fries, and the milkshake was made exactly how I wanted it. The time waiting for the food was about 15 minutes. This was with 2 orders ahead of mine. And the staff was extremely polite and friendly. Definitely recommended go to place for burgers.

Zhivonne Armstrong


Ivy B.

This is a nice little burger spot in Cap Hill. I wasn't sure what to expect but I'm glad I gave it a shot. I came in the late evening on a weekday and it wasn't too crowded. They have a little garage door that's open so the ventilation is very nice. Staff were wearing masks, even while cooking. Ordered a burger, fries and chocolate shake. The burger was decent and patty was cooked nicely, but I probably should have ordered a double patty instead of a single. The ratio of meat to toppings to bun just didn't quite hit the spot for me. The fries were standard. The portion size was massive. I actually wish they had a smaller size - I would up the burger size and reduce the fry size if I had the option. The chocolate shake was extra thick and delicious, just a little hard to get through the straw. Maybe they can look into different straws for shakes. Total cost with tax/ tip was about $15. A reasonable price that's not enough to scare me away but not enough to be my usual. I do want to come back and try the double patty burger. Maybe next time I will bring a friend along so we can split the fries and I can get the ratio of food for my preference!

Tyler R.

Really enjoyed the Hot Island. Taste gave me in-n-out vibes with the thousand island sauce, but with a Snarfs twist with the pepper mix. This was my first time to Snarfburger and it won't be my last.

Adam Michael

Horrible service. usually love the burgers here.Today was no different. However, this very rude employee insisted that I put my mask on when I walked into the store, which is totally fine. The problem is there is no sign on the door or inside the restaurant that mandates a mask within the store. So why speak to me in an aggressive manner, as if I knew that no masks were allowed in there. I respect everyone’s rules and their personal space but don’t treat me like I’m some kind of moron

Dominic D.

Great burger spot. Close enough to cheeseman you could walk easily there without your food getting cold. Only recommendation is to cook the burgers a minute or two less. Or to make their patties slightly thicker so they don't lose as much of their juice when being cooked. Burgers aren't very juicy, and are usually cooked a little over well done. Great otherwise.

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