The Park Tavern & Restaurant

931 E 11th Ave, Denver
(303) 832-7667

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Clint W.

Arrived an hour early today for the Broncos home opener. Yet the game broadcast audio (way too loud by the way A/V guy) for the Packers Saints game. Are you kidding me!!?!? My table alone spent as much as the two Packers tables combined had spent by the 1st Q. Multiple Broncos fans left and spent their money elsewhere. Servers were left apologizing. Who makes this mistake? Bad form management! Will never return.

Casey D.

I Got Mad At Myself You ever get mad at yourself for not ordering more food? I forgot that I am a pig and only ordered one veggie burger. It was so amazing! I should have added a patty or two! Dang it, Casey!!

M E (Browngirl303)

I am very disappointed at having to leave this review and will probably never visit this restaurant again because this is just unacceptable. I called in a to go order and can only imagine that is the reason I was served these things jokingly referred to as wings. The puniness of them can't be adequately depicted by a phone photo. I've used a piece of carrot as reference. Most of them aren’t even as big a a pinky finger. No exaggeration. See the photo! I paid thirteen dollars for this! I also fully believe that these were previously served to someone else who turned them away because they weren't even warm to the touch the box wasn't even warm and of course I didn't notice until I got to my destination, less than five minutes away,and can't turn around and go right back. The only reason I gave this review two stars was because the salad I ordered was really good. But that dosen't make up for this level of disrespect. Who plated this? What chef worth his jacket would agree to serve this to an adult much less a child. Shameful.

Erika C

Food is good quality and very tasty. Service is friendly and quick. It was pretty quiet the time of day I went, but enjoyable.

Julianne W.

Only went for a particular bartender. management is horrible they have always given me a bad vibe. Don't really recommend doesn't seem like they care at all.

Sue C.

I want to like this place, I really do, but the service is not great. Good luck getting served if regulars are in chatting with the staff. You can never count on them actually being open during their hours - feels like they close at 8pm every night - which are already not great hours for a neighborhood bar. I stopped coming in for a long while because one of the bartenders (Jake) was always rude but it seems to have gotten even less fun in the in between. The food is pretty standard.

Tony Coast

WE LOVE PARK!! Cool and friendly staff that's very attentive. Lots of great app and dining options.

Shamae Price

They have great food and good drinks. A nice place to just relax. Staff is super friendly!

Chuck Bates

The food and service were great. My burger was done perfectly and my friends gyro was very good and generous.

Earl Anema

In the park there is a local tavern that locals speak of, hidden in the shadow of the false whole foods, basking in the pale light of the 7-11. Upon arrival, if you speak the magic password, you will be greatest with happy hour options and onion rings that slap. I do protest that this establishment, has seen many atimes, often on the patio, looking over the kingdom of Capital Hill. Would park again this tavern 10/10

Thomas Roesemann

If you like over-priced drinks and sub-par entrees, then this is your place. I keep giving this establishment a chance but disappointment often results. Ambiance is awesome, but seating in bar and patio area is limited.

Randy Kopf

Excellent tavern, relaxed but attentive staff. I can't do IPA's just too old for it. So I prefer a really cold Blue Moon. And the prices as better than other nearby places.

Brandon Peterson

Slow service, super short menu (5 choices), burgers ordered as medium were cooked well done. They used to have a pretty good menu but that was before the remodel and covid-19.

Jelena L.

Super cute rooftop bar. Our food was delicious and the Frosé was amazing. Friendly attentive staff and relaxed atmosphere. Great prices.

Jennifer Ohle

Terrible location...we didn't even make it into the building as there was no place to park. Im sure the food is good...but I am rating on ease of access. Which there was none.

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The Park Tavern & Restaurant

931 E 11th Ave, Denver, CO 80218
(303) 832-7667