757 E 20th Ave Ste 400, Denver
(303) 861-9464

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Rowan C.

I ordered DoorDash from here tonight and you'd think minimum wage was still $7.50 the way these people dressed my wings. If you hate your job so much try getting a new one! night crew is a mess apparently

Micheal T.

This place that refuses people from using the restroom! You must purchise to use a restroom policy is such a slipperly slope. what ever happen to businesses taking sensitivity training

Mike Patterson

The chickens must of been starved to death judging by the size of the wings. You'll need about 90 of them to keep you from going into ketosis. Dude at the counter was alright so he can have a star. If you're looking for an appetizer before your meal this is the place for you.

Desirée McConnell

Rarely do I leave reviews, but this Wingstop is horrible. I don’t know if they’re overworked or overwhelmed but the chicken is never quality and it’s never seasoned correctly. My fries were awful. The one redeeming quality was that they forgot my ranch and the two people I spoke to were very kind and agreed to credit my card within 10 business days. Otherwise, I wouldn’t eat here again. The food is just not good compared to other Wingstop locations.

Eliza Ruiz

Y'all need someone else at the register i went in today and gave my order and he forgot to out half of my order in he said he didn't hear me but he was saying okay to everything i asked . my order took 30 mins he said 20 and it wasn't even busy inside smh

Mea K.

The worst customer service ever. No clear communication among the staff, employees lying saying they're the manager, got hung up on, shorten me a few wings and refused to reimburse me because i didn't want to come back at 10 pm at night in the rain & said "We'll you're going to have to leave it as is if you don't come tonight". The next day I called & the manager offered to remake my food but i told him i wouldn't be able to return until the next day. (He wrote it down for the staff but I'm guessing someone threw it away) now all of a sudden he wasn't the "real" manager and they don't know who i spoke to. 0/10 recommended.

Futuristic Starseed

I went to this store to fix something that went wrong with my online order and they helped me out a great deal in person. The best in person service but they need to work on their website so their workers can get orders online too and get more customers


My order was incorrect and I returned to the store for the order to be corrected The GM was very rude to me only replaced 8 of my 10 wings. Terrible service Rude GM will never go again

Jerrica Hernandez

Need some better employees cause the ones they got ain’t working out smh

Angel Sexton

Greater than most the restaurants in that area are non comparison staff may be short handed or there might be a ton of trainees not sure but they were working. Good food. Not ever too wet or cold they’ve improved for sure. ??

Joseph Lucero

Ordered my food to 20 minutes great service great food great employees


Ordered online, showed up and order was ready on time and everything was still fresh and hot when I got home!

Thomas Hatch

They don't know how to read orders. Either they get something wrong or just dont include it. Order from Its Just Wings or even Buffalo Wild Wings (despite how gross BWW is) than this specific wingstop franchise

Cait Z.

This place is really not getting the hype it deserves. You get to pick out what seasoning you want on your fries!!! I picked extra seasoning and I was not disappointed. The wings were good too and they gave you plenty of dipping sauces with your order. You need to go here whenever that late night fast food fever hits you.

Lee Armoni

Dont go to this place STEVE IS RUDE AND HE SWEAR HE HAD SECURITY HE WAS SCARED i recommend go some Where else

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