Wokano Asian Bistro

1078 N Ogden St, Denver
(303) 831-8277

Recent Reviews

Jane F.

We were from out of town and ate here. The food and service was amazing! I highly recommend the potstickers, general Tsos chicken and garlic scallops! Very large portions and very fresh food!

Mallory Sussman

Love their pineapple mint sauce. It’s a refreshing alternative to sweet and sour. Great spot for typical Chinese take out. Flavorful, well portioned and well priced.

Roxanna L.

I've been here twice and both times the food has been delicious. The pad thai was the best I've had in a long time. I look forward to going back!

Sara Cook

This is my favorite Asian restaurant in Denver! I've been eating here (dining in and taking out) since around 2004 and have tried SO many things off the menu... it never disappoints!

Zane Edwards

My go to for good mu shu thank Buddha for having a place that has good mu shu! Whereas most Chinese restaurants in Denver have taken a nose dive, this one is worth the travel because nothing in my area is even worth it if the food was free.

Lotem S.

Had the Kung Pao Delight and it was meh. Not much flavor. If you're used to Americanized versions of Asian food then you'll like it but the name of the restaurant says it all: Asian Bistro. They don't even bother specializing in a specific country's cuisine it's just all of Asia, which last I checked is a pretty big place with distinct regions. If you actually care about authentic food check another place out. If you're stoned and hungry this place will do the trick though.

Jack McCarthy

Great take out chinese food. Cant go wrong

Kay B.

This neighborhood place is great. I recommend the Pad Thai and pot stickers on your next visit.

Yesenia Bonilla

Great attention and tasty food.

Michael T.

We have ordered from this place a few times before and it's been fine, pretty standard Asian food. After a few bites we all agreed that everything tasted the exact same and had a really odd aftertaste. We couldn't really eat - I was afraid it was going to make me sick!

Abby Leonard

I’ve always liked this place. But I ordered delivery this evening and was very unimpressed with the customer service.It was not communicated to me that it would take 25-40 minutes. I was only told “about 25 minutes”So I called after 40 minutes had passed (being pretty patient after hearing 25 mins originally)Im a pretty understanding person and was in no way rude when I was checking in on my order. I was merely just curious when it would arrive.The woman on the phone was very rude to me. Telling me that I was “told” 25-40 mins and that I just “need to be patient”I was appalled at this request.The food here is really good. But for being a Denver classic- I’m pretty disappointed with my experience tonight.And unfortunately all my new Denver friends were in the room and are aware that this occurred.I am service provider. And it’s the little things that make such a difference.I’m disappointed.

Joshua G.

The inside isn't anything special, but we absolutely loved the food and will definitely be back soon. There are a lot of crab Rangoons, I think 8, in an order which is really great - seems like most restaurants have 6. We got both a noodle dish and stir fry and both were great.

Shea Estes

Love this place! This is a cap hill staple. Been getting takeout here for more than 10 years. Probably eat here at least twice a month.

Monroe A

By far the best restaurant in Denver!! Food is alway delicious and service is great. I recommend the curry and pad Thai!! You will not be disappointed!

Marcos Pino

Very disappointed with the food.My girlfriend ordered a pad Thai with veggies and it was super dry and flavorless. I had a garlic shrimp and it tasted like the shrimp was very old.

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