Wayback Burgers

5098 S Federal Blvd, Englewood
(303) 794-3136

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Mario Salenti

Food is good kind of pricey in my opinion. There was no ice in the soda machine and when I asked if they had any I was informed the owner used it all to fill the beer bucket. Kind of a weird thing to do at a lunch rush in my opinion. Other than that decent place.


Cooked my way. Great burger and fries. I Will eat there again!

Jim Warren

Great burgers. The staff is always friendly and easy to talk to.

M S.

Burgers were pretty good-but about like a Carl's Jt or Shake Shack. For our first visit we were disappointed in the customer service most of all. The kid at the register argued that we ordered something we didn't, overcharged us, forgot a sauce, and got the order wrong. Instead of making it right, he refused to listen. Such a basic thing and easy fix: "So sorry about that, let me get my manager to fix that for you." Goes a long way. Plus getting the correct food even after we ordered would have been great but nope. Was left with an incorrect order. Just need some training and it could be a great little joint. It has...potential.

Paige R.

Stopped in to feed some hungry friends after helping me move to a new home. It was just down the block and we wanted something pretty quickly. Everyone was super happy with their meals! There were multiple classic burgers all made with different toppings and every order came out exactly as ordered. I had the Buffalo chicken sandwich which was not exactly what I expected. It was less saucy than your usual Buffalo chicken but the seasoning was all cooked into the chicken. It was delicious! We also all raved about their onion rings- I'd come back just for them. The fresh cut fries were awesome too. I was surprised later when I saw their lower Yelp score. I don't know if it is under new management or what but our experience today was nothing short of fantastic. Will definitely return.

Lisa H.

Amazing the last 2 times whoever is cooking and getting orders ready I s getting it spot on yum and delicious ! Thank you

Michael Smith

Love their food. Place is super clean and staff is very friendly. Gotta try them!

Dmitry Chernyavsky

I've been here about a dozen times and it has been an amazing experience and the food is incredible. Unfortunately, this past time I went, one of the employees were less than friendly to my wife and I and rolled her eyes as we were ordering even. I've ran multiple restaurants and would never treat a customer this way. They are what gives you a paycheck. You can fake it for all I care, but at least some decency would be nice.


Went there and bought a original burger onion rings and i asked them for a single hamburger patty for my dog got out the reciept and was charged $3.99 for a single small hamburger patty. Thought that was a high price but figured ok , my friend in the car thought maybe it was a mistake cause any other fast food places charge about a dollar a patty! So from the car he called them and asked if he wanted to get a single patty of meat for his dog how much would he be charged ? The employee on the phone said it would be $7.19 FOR A SINGLE PATTY OF MEAT THAT I WAS JUST CHARGED $3.99 FOR AND I COULD HAVE BOUGHT A WHOLE HAMBURGER WITH ALL THE CONDIMENTS AND BUN FOR $5.99 ACCORSING TO THE MENU!.now you might say maybe im making too much of this but when you have a dog you like to treat them too! Ethier way i will never go way back! To Way Back AGAIN!

will George

Great rodeo burger

David&Angela Sandoval

I've been her 3 times. All 3 times the workers are friendly the food is always fresh and well prepared. I highly recommend them!

Cheryl Henry Russell

Friendly staff. Great Burgers. 10 out of 10, would recommend.

Rachel Koller

Really friendly staff. Good cleanliness overall. New favorite place for burgers. Way better than red Robin.


The burgers here are fantastic! The restaurant is tidy, clean, and well-staffed. The staff was very helpful and the service was speedy. There is indoor dining, and a couple of communal picnic tables located outside for outside dining. The price point of this restaurant is higher than other similar burger places, but the ingredients truly are top-notch and tasted great. They have some daily specials for each day of the week.

Jeremiah Hunt

Crazy good! Seriously you gotta try these burgers! Plus in house made potato chips! Badass!

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