E C'S Asian Station

200 W Grand Ave #8, Grand Junction
(970) 241-7219

Recent Reviews

Jimmy J.

Come in at 6:00p on a Monday evening... we were the only ones in the place. I was a but skeptical. The egg drop soup is made fresh to order and is amazing! Entrees were delicious and service was great

Larrisa L.

Food is great, but the wait time is always really long even on to go orders. I've waited 2 hours for a to go order. I would suggest ordering food way ahead of time.

Antonia Orr

Ec’s certainly takes their time creating wonderful cuisine. It’s worth the wait. We order from them almost exclusively for any Asian cravings we have. The wonton soup is amazing. Lettuce wraps atee the as well. Moo goo gai pan is my honeys fav.

Clover M.

Still looking for decent Chinese food in western Colorado. Won't come back here. We ordered 3 different main dishes (beef and broccoli, teriyaki chicken and general chicken) and spring rolls. Wouldn't recommend any of it.

Md. Imrul Reza Shishir

This place offers Asian cuisine. The place is neat and clean, offering dine in, takeouts. Food taste is average but it offers you freshly made warm foods.

David Lindholm

Awesome shrimp and scallops in a light lobster sauce. Wirth every penny and more

Judie F.

Some of the best Asian food I've had. Everything was extremely fresh and had amazing taste. We had the crab cigars appetizer, Treasure of the Sea ( with scallops, fish, shrimp, crab), and sesame chicken. Everything was amazing! Give it a try...you won't be disappointed!

Christa Whitener

The servings are plenty and the people are very friendly. The food is delicious.

Karen F.

Visiting and always skeptical of eating at new places. Walking up we smelt deliciousness!!! I don't know if we were jus hungry or if the food was that good BUT we ate it all! Singapore chicken & shrimp, Pork fried rice, Sweet and sour chicken and a cup of wonton that we (4 of us) shared. All tasty!!! 2 days later we came back for round number two! Susan did a fantastic job being the only waitress in the restaurant. very personal and good eating! I won't forget this place when I come back to Grand Jinction.

Dave Moore

Best Asian food around, sometimes especially now during covid the wait times can be very long. Overall though great place to eat, staff are very friendly.

S J.

Soooo good! Really good quality, lots of flavor. We tried a lot and was happy with everything, I want to come back tomorrow.


The wait time for food is bad. Took awhile to get our drinks and appetizers and 25 minutes after ordering our food, we finally got it. There were people here before us who got their food after us. The seats are really uncomfortable. One of my appetizers I ordered got placed on someone else's table and left there and then when they told her it wasn't theirs, she brought it to me. I thought you weren't supposed to give food to a customer after you've left it on the wrong table. The cherry on top was an employee named Alyssa yelling in frustration every time she was asked to do her job. She kept arguing with her manager and yelled out, "Ugh again!?" When she had to split the payment on 2 cards. This restaurant is small, so her yelling was heard by everyone. She shouldn't be working there or anywhere with her attitude. The only positive thing about this place was that the food is good. But they upcharge like crazy. Other Chinese restaurants give soup, wonton, and fried rice with no upcharge. I recommend dragon treasure on orchard mesa ?

Melanie Grumley

I tried almost every place in town before coming here. Now I never go anywhere else. They have tons of gluten free options and also just got gluten free soy sauce!

Linda T.

This place is so good. The food is freshly made, so you will wait a bit but so worth the time spent. Definitely recommend Asian Station over any asian restaurant in Junction.

Sara Campion

Got takeout from here and everything we received was delicious and you could tell was cooked fresh. The staff (mom and daughter) were super friendly and helpful while ordering. Would recommend for great Chinese cuisine!!

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