Freddy's Frozen Custard & Steakburgers

2489 Highway 6 And 50, Grand Junction
(970) 628-4005

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Steve Bobrick

They did it again! This burger rocks of flavirs!!!! Got the number 1 combo. Its great! 2 thin patties cooked just right on grill ! Flattened patties with great spicing and flavors. Pickles and onions you can see and taste! French fries salted and thin! Problem, I ate too fast to get a picture!!!! But trust me; go there and get one- number 1 combo!!!

Ryann George

Hailey was very nice and made sure i have everything i need, and by everything i mean everything? She made sure to give me a passionate look and slowly graced over my hand while handing me my delicious food. Thank you hailey

BangBangGangGang TV

To Go order 2 Singles, from register to service 4min flat. And no flaw in the product this freddy's is the one. Make that 2days in a row fast consistent food. Great location. Top of my food suggestions right now. Today I ordered 2 cali style steakburgers 4-5min flat and on point bravo guys. Keep up the good work.3rd trip Same prompt kitchen, This time I found out they had a rootbeer float (My Kryptonic Weakness) ??, and my guy threw in some fries. "YOU CAN'T BEAT FREE FRIES" Just like you can't beat this Freddy's.


I rarely eat fast food but every so often I have to snag one of these addicting burgers (you should know they are a smashed burger so get a double). Love the fries and fry sauce. The custard is great and I always bring the pooch for a free pup cup, so yeah, the dog digs the place too.

Shannon Knight

We stopped here for lunch on our cross country trip.The place was clean. Bathrooms were clean.Our food order was correct.

Sadie Mckeachnie

Everyone knows that Freddy's food is delicious! My husband and I were ecstatic to find out there was a Freddy's nearby while we were visiting from out of town. We were very disappointed, however, to find that this location in particular has horrible vustomer service and turn machines off and stop taking orders at 1050 Saturday nights. I raced across town to get there in time, arrived at 1053 and no one would take my order even though they admitted they did indeed close at 11 and not 1050...


We got up to order and the girl asked "can you hold on one moment" and I said sure. We were the only ones and waited for about 5 minutes when someone else pulled up to the second order place and were greated and their order taken while we continued to wait. That's pretty bad.

Melanie G.

LOVE Freddy's! But, SUPER disappointed that they don't have a custard more than a half an hour before closing. Seriously?! If you are a custard place, you shouldn't probably turn off the machines until the place closes. Big disappointment.

Randall B (Pyrobuzz)

Good place to stop for custard ice cream, or sundaes. Their food has seem to have gotten better after covid but that could be because I have not gone there since covid started. Good interior for seating medium groups.\\n\\nI would try this place again, if I was traveling I would be willing to stop.

lisa schaefer

Did the PB&B sundae... It wasn't exactly like they advertise/ described online via their corporate website there was no fresh bananas instead it was banana syrup ? aka imitation. Aka doesn't taste like bananas. Aka very disappointed they didn't explain they use the syrup I've included the picture from the website

Lucia Karakitsios

Yummy custatd shake. The veggie burger was pretty good. I'd eat it again

jk HQuin

Fries are amazing. Great food. Little on the more pricey side but worth it for sure.


Fast and friendly service this visit. Obviously custard is the main attraction, thick and creamy. Love the concrete with a mix-in. It's not ridiculously sweet like some ice creams, so it's not overwhelming for adults.

Suzy Rakowski

We had a great fast food burger and fries. They were shoe string. It was worth the extra distance to get there. I recommend trying it.

Daryl Spano

We have one of these in Colorado Springs. It's always been good. So, while road tripping to California, we stopped at another. I got a cone and my family for burgers. As usual, the cone was great! However the burgers didn't live up to Freddy's usual. These were extra flat, and pretty tasteless. Oh well, we'll keep coming, because we know that Freddy's can do it right. Try again...

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Freddy's Frozen Custard & Steakburgers

2489 Highway 6 And 50, Grand Junction, CO 81505
(970) 628-4005