Genghis Grill

2474 US-6, Grand Junction
(970) 241-5020

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Coffee M.

Ordered 2 entrees to be delivered. When the food got here I was disgusted when I opened it. In particular the Pad Thai serving that was a very small amount (and that was a large???) and the taste. It wasn't close to even the worst Pad Thai I have had in the past. The food comes in cheap cardboard containers with the food barely covering the bottom. The other entree was equally bad and was not what I ordered. They gave me shrimp instead of chicken and there was no broccoli not to mention the rice was very dry and inedible. All of this was over $50 delivered. I gave them a try but it won't happen again. Very disappointed.

blood venom

It was great haven't been here in forever many years. Nice change in restaurants. The staff Was Amazingly Helpful. And very caring. Will definitely be comeing back.

Kim T.

COMPLETE DISAPPOINTMENT. Tasteless and small portion. Fried rice dinner the same. $40++ later, underwhelmed entirely. Recognize takeout isn't optimal, but this was a ridiculous waste of time and money.

Justin Stout

Great service very friendly staff back of house and front of house

Justin Johnson

I took my wife and kids here a couple of weeks ago. It was really good service was fantastic the cooks were interactive and fun to watch. This restaurant will be getting our business, a gin the bartender also knows how to mix some drinks really good experience.

Toni S.

This place was very dirty. Everything was just gross. The floor around the buffet was covered in food, sticky and disgusting. My husband's chicken was raw in the middle. We will never go back here. Hoping no ones sick tomorrow.

Colton Price

This restaurant is always the best! They bring you perfectly customizable meals that are fun and delicious. They bring a unique flavor to the valley that you can't get anywhere else.Can't recommend enough!

Carol Lance

My first time and it was great the people were nice the food was good your place of business was definitely clean

Harold Koehn

It was entertaining, and the food, of course, you choose your own dish! Great! Well worth going there!

Cilla Fae Yoga

This place is definitely NOT a vegan restaurant- even though it is listed as so on Google. Oh and they are definitely NOT taking Covid precautions. I waited 30+ minutes for my food and I ordered a very simple “orange chicken” kids bowl. This bowl looked NOTHING like the pictures. There were no veggies @ all, no mandarins and it looked like they slopped in some noodles, some chicken, and squeezed half a bottle of orange sauce into the container. I honestly took two bites and thought I was going to throw up. So, it went straight in the trash. This grill is extremely American and I would not ever eat there again. I wasted my time and money.

cassie m

Prices went up a little since covid but who's hasn't!? The Food Was AMAZING!!!! The server was nice. And they cleaned tables properly after every customer visit. I love all the options and can't wait to go again!! My kids really enjoyed it also!!


Great food as always, but apparently there was a shift change/break in the process of getting my food on the grill. I tried to say you forgot my egg, but they were busy talking and before I could get my words to them, it was in the carryout carton. Only 50 cents, so NBD, and as always the food is amazing!

Stormy Howard

Food was tasty, but kinda sketchy allowing people to touch raw meat. The lady refilling the meat was also not changing her gloves in between touching the chicken and beef and touching the tongs which were all slimy after she handled them.Anyways the way it works is you get seated and asked what size bowl you want. We didn't get given menus, so we had no idea the price. Turns out a large is just over $18 which was way way more than we expected. We read online that it was $12.99 for bottomless bowls but when asked they said they don't do that. You take your bowl and go stand in line for the buffet of raw food. First is meat and then it's veggies. It's kinda a mess and the people infront of us kept cutting back in line while we were making our bowls because they wanted more things on theirs. When you finish topping up your bowl they ask you what side you want as the base, like noodles or pasta. They grill it, and then give it to you. Mine was a bit burnt as they only had 1 person on the grill and like 7 different orders going at once.It was okay for a one time passing through town stop, but because of the price and lack of cleanliness/safe food handling, I'll never go back to a Genghis grill. Just my feelings.

Debbie B.

Terrible! Only one person on the grill and food wasn't being stirred. Second person was just cleaning and taking orders for noodles, etc. I asked for my food to be stirred. (Only stirred twice total, one I asked for). I was worried my chicken wouldn't be cooked. I didn't have to worry about it, because it was burnt and half of the food was left burnt on the grill when they raked it into my container. I hadn't been there in a really long time and I'll never go back! Everything I tried to eat was burnt and terrible.

Angela F

Delicious, hot, amazing food! The service from Christopher was unbeatable! He was rocking it even though it was busy. He was very professional, speedy, and friendly! We will definitely be back!

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