McAlister's Deli

480 W Park Dr Suite 106, Grand Junction
(970) 245-3354

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Junior Avila

The French dip was great and the Arnold Palmer with sweet tea was the best

Cody Cass

Not sure if today was an off day but the employees seemed very disorganized, too many people working to make anything efficient, employees walking around aimlessly for minutes looking for tables. Multiple people with incorrect orders, seemed as though the cashiers were disinterested and didn't really care for what you had to say. Maybe that is what led to the order errors. I can't say for certain. I understand staffing shortages but that absolutely wasn't the case. A very inefficient system.

B C (

Nice food, reasonable price, very good service. Rest rooms clean.

Krissy Hauschild

The food was very good but a little pricey. Wish there was one closer.

Shari Larson

I phoned in a to go order but when I picked it up, it wasn't clear where to get it. There was an arrow that said to go but it was a line that went up to the register. I asked a girl where to get it and she went to a shelf with bags that had people's names on them. The gal who took my order could have explained that...I ordered a harvest chicken salad but didn't realize it was chicken salad on top of lettuce. She never asked what kind of dressing I wanted. It came with balsamic. It was awful! I'll eat somewhere else next time.


Stopped by for the free Tea day. We were allowed 2 teas and I chose sweet. I'm from the south and the Tea I got did not taste sweet at all. I hope to stop by again and see if it was just a confusion because of the event and I got unsweetened by mistake.


A little lesson in empathy... My family and I ate here tonight. We were starving and chose to eat here based on many positive experiences; and we were surprisingly disappointed this time. The restaurant was only 1/3 full with only one or 2 patrons in line at a time, yet it took nearly 20 min to get our food. We did not receive our drinks when we ordered and we asked for them when the food came. The server looked at us a little funny and said, "oops, I'll grab them." Then we began eating and realized our food was lukewarm. Not cold but definitely not hot. We were not given enough silverware which is not a big deal but when you couple it with the other little things, it adds up. 10 min after we were told someone was getting our drinks, we still didn't have them. I went up to the counter and got heated specifically at the two servers who said they'd bring our drinks and then ignored us. I asked for a manager to visit our table and I was vocal about this being highly uncharacteristic. Manager on-duty Isabel said, "You're right. This isn't normal. We have a new crew and it's difficult to find quality help. I'm doing all I can to keep it moving smoothly rtonight and I'm sorry we have not met your expectations." That hit me like a bag of rocks. She took responsibility for it all while not making excuses and I was able to empathize with the lack of prospective employees. Then she spent the next 15 minutes making sure every single one of our needs were met and that we were satisfied guests before we left the restaurant. She exceeded our expectations and did things like suggest I let her bring me a new bowl of soup even though I told her I would just eat the one I had as my Hunger outweighed the time I thought it would take to get a new bowl. She assured me it would be just a couple moments. At one point, she brought my wife a new baked potatoe as she ordered one without cheese yet it came covered. The new one she brought didn't have tomatoes that were specifically requested and she caught as she was walking over. The poor girl was nearly in tears because she was doing everything in her power to make it right while the kitchen seemed to be mocking me for demanding my drinks and clearly not concerned with sending out correct orders. We are thankful that we are granted new grace each and every day; who would we be to not give it to someone else who is going above and beyond for things out of her control? She told us she voided our sale and the meal was on the restaurant for the numerous mistakes and we felt she well deserved a comparable tip considering we still ate a quality meal and are more than happy to pay for thanks to her and she single handedly turned this review from one star to five and very well may have saved us as customers. We were not the only one making complaints and she seemed to make the same efforts universally. It's easy to overlook a mistake when 1. Responsibility is taken. 2. Apologies offered. 3. Fix the problem. She did all 3 before we even left the door. Way to go Isabele. We will return thanks to your service tonight.

Rich Rigney

This location was clean and not too busy when we arrived. Friendly service. The Chicken Salad sandwich was tasty but I feel they cheat a bit by putting it on a flakey croissant. It's small and then there isn't a lot of the Chicken Salad put on. I could have eaten 3 of them easily along with my Chicken & Dumplings soup which was also delicious. You have to know where this place is as it's hidden from the main road.

Rose B

I ordered their gigantic potato and it was a pick up. when we got back to work they gave me a tiny pat of butter ( as big as a dime) and one sour cream. what a let down. A potato that big should have several butters and a few more sour creams. UGH

Jersey and her Nomads

I waited 40 minutes for my curbside order in 106* heat with my two senior dogs ,cars AC doesn't get as cold when it idles. I finally called the store after 30 minutes after I had checked in, I was told they didn't have my order after giving my name, she said she'd be out in a minute. Ten minutes later she looked more aggravated then I was and said my first name was wrong...ummm well did she bother to check the last name? No compensation for my wait ?

Tracie Tyrrell

The food was good but not great. The people were bored looking teenagers that served us. It was mediocre

Rose B.

OMG I ordered the gigantic bake potato to go. when I brought it back from office it had one pat of butter as big as a dime and one sour cream. I was highly disappointed that they wouldn't give what was needed for their gigantor spud. UGH

ron lesser

First time dining in place is very clean staff very friendly we’re not very busy except for the orders to go seem like it took a little while for the food to get there but it was still good will definitely go back

Brandon Baker

Always a great place to eat for lunch or dinner. Don't forget to order some of their sweet tea!

Rich Tunget

For an excellent sandwich this place has it .. had the memphian and a cucumber salad and it was spot on

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