Namaste Nepal Restaurant

2692 US-50, Grand Junction
(970) 628-1062

Recent Reviews

Kieryn Farris

The food here is so fresh and all of the meat is melt in your mouth tender. I got a 5 on their heat scale on their royal platter, my husband and I absolutely loved it. 10 out of 10 will go again.

Jared Damick

Absolutely delicious food! Service was wonderful ! Staff is friendly and very knowledgeable about the menu, I will be back again and again.

Patrick Shine

Travelling through Grand Junction. I don't know anything about Tibetian and Nepalese food (kinda why I went) but I'd definitely go back. I don't like to overeat but this is one of those places I'd be willing to break that rule.

Pamela Zal

It was a truly delicious meal!

Alex Haffer

First off, the food has been good on previous visits. Today we walked in and the restaurant is completely empty besides two workers at the table. Neither have masks on. One lady gets up, drops her mask on the ground, then picks it up, puts it on, and comes to speak with us. She tells us that we have to have masks on to come in. The workers were clearly sitting there unmasked doing whatever. This isn't required by the county or the 5 star program they are apart of but a company policy. We weren't allowed to eat in the establishment so we went and spent $150 at another competitor.

Melanie H.

Had a great meal here after a long day on the road. Tasty food, friendly service from a nice family, and reasonable prices. The frosty cold glasses with our bottled beer was a nice touch. Will definitely return if I'm in the area again.

mary shero

Such a completely excellent experience. The menu offers a great variety and my dinner, Saag, made with a creamy spinach and a flavored chicken was delicious. Portions are very generous. Good beer menu which complimented the foods. Pleasant people work there and made us feel very welcome. This restaurant is completely out of the ordinary. Can't wait to go back. The rice pudding is a must BTW

Ying Xu

I don't understand how those great reviews come from. We had a bad experience. We are visiting from out state and want a warm spicy dinner take out. We tried online order first, but it didn't go through, so we called instead. The guy picked up the phone asked intentionally if we are out of state, we said yes. We called half hour ahead and he said the food would be ready in 20-25 minutes, but when my son went inside to pick up, he still waited more than 10 minutes. we had to leave for our next stop which is 2 hours away so we didn't check the food. But when we started to eat, we found out there must be something missing. We ordered 4 entrees and something else, but there must be 2-3 items missing. I don't know it's intentionally or not. And besides, the food is so so.

Lindsay C.

Oh my gosh, everything was delicious! The Chana Masala and the Vegetable Biryani was fantastic and full of so much flavor.

Lana Nelson

This place is fantastic! The staff are very friendly. All of the food was fresh. It was cooked and seasoned to perfection! There are multiple vegan options on the menu, and they are clearly marked. I got the Vegetable Thali. There is both a vegetarian and vegan option, so be sure to specify. Bhindi curry was outstanding, if I had to identify a favorite. I'll go back for sure!

Mark Dalgart

Amazing food and Imported Indian beer!

Cory Bickmore

Love their Indian and Nepalese food! They've got everything from mild to nuclear blast spicey. The owners are sweet people. Highly recommended.

Anila Y.

Stopped here during a very long road trip while passing through Grand Junction en route to Bryce Canyon. After 1 week of being on the road and eating a lot of junk food, Namaste Nepal was a breath of fresh air. We were tired and groggy but their chana masala and naan was stick-to-your ribs good and felt like a home cooked meal. This is an adorably friendly family-owned business which made the experience even more homey. They also had a huge menu. I really enjoyed the chana masala; it came in a creamy tomato sauce which I didn't expect but really enjoyed!

Dennis H.

It features an excellent menu of South Asian cuisines--Indian, Nepalese, and Tibetan. We stopped in this gem in an industrial town on the way to Moab. We ordered the sizzling meats platter for 2-- it had well seasoned lamb, beef, chicken and shrimp. I also recommend the fresh homemade Lentil soup. Everything tasted fresh and not too greasy or oily. There are nice picnic tables outside and the restaurant adheres to strict Covid safety protocols, which made us feel safe and help protect its employees and the community. Can't wait to visit again next time we are in Grand Junction!

Peter Jacobs

I love this place so much! I don’t live in Grand Junction, but whenever I get the chance to come and eat here I’m so happy I did! The decor is cheesy but the service is top notch and the food is flavorful and delicious! What more can you ask for?

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