QDOBA Mexican Eats

2510 N 12th St Unit A, Grand Junction
(970) 628-4903

Recent Reviews

Jeremy Voorhees

Great food staff was very helpful with the catering order I picked up for work crew.

Alyce Walker

I switched to this location because the location in Clifton is awful. This spot, has its pros and cons, obviously the three star rating. One young man decided there was not enough room on my quesadilla for pico de gallo, even though he then asked me what else I would like on it after telling me there was no room for it. Though it was tasty. The soft drinks are more expensive than other establishments because of their fancy Coke machine. We purchased two cups only to realize that only a couple of the diet options were available every single other one was empty. And they're supposed to be fresh tea was not so fresh. It made for a very expensive cup of water. It was fairly clean though we did not dine in. But they were all very friendly and worked as quickly and efficiently as possible. They're calm yet quick and precise conduct was consistent despite the decent number of customers they were helping. And all customers seemed to be happy and didn't mind the mild to moderate wait.

Darrell Dunlap

Had nachos. They were ok. Service very friendly. Clean restaurant.

kristina montgomery

Love me some qdoba lol the staff and the service are almost always great and I love my burritos every time I go

Google watches everything you do.

Good food, good service, but the fresh brewed tea is anything but... tastes like they haven’t washed the brewing equipment in a month.

Heather Taylor

The food I'd great, and so is the service. And they had my delivery ready when I got there.


Great food for decent prices. The staff is always super kind and welcoming. A++!

Margot Payne

Good service, clean. Cauliflower bowl was tasty

Mel Dyer

Terrible food I wanted to get sick after the first bite I got up and threw the food away I don’t think this restaurant should have any stars it was just god awful


Great food for decent prices. The staff is always super kind and welcoming. A++!

Wayne Ion

Good food st a reasonable price, the staff was very accommodating.

Izaak Lafreniere

WORST PLACE EVER!!!!!!! Management is really bad every time I walk in I get bad vibes because the mangers look like they hate them selves and don’t want to be there. The general manager talks to his employees like they are sh*t. The food looks like it’s not done cooking the food sits up there and looks really bad, like change the food at least. The only good thing there is that the employees seem very nice and friendly. You know it’s sad that the employees act better then the manager and general manager. I’ve heard the general manager talk down to his Employee in front of customers sad I think the whole area should be run by a new general manager and fire the managers and get new ones

Jonathon Strasser

Qdoba on 12th and Patterson has started doing breakfast burritos!! They are so delicious! Make sure to stop by and grab one!

Ahad Khilji

A lot of attitude for a beautiful Sunday afternoon!

Crystal Henderson

Hubby loves the chicken queso bowls. I love the new chicken bowls with cauliflower rice. Soooooo good!

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