2430 Highway 6 And 50, Grand Junction
(970) 241-0867

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Saphire Wheeler

Good food. Overaly priced as usal. I felt rushed to order and didnt get exactly what I wanted

Miranda Hane

Waited a really really long time in the drive thru with 3 cars ahead and a couple behind not moving at all..3 different people came on the speaker to take the order and it took 5 minutes to take order.. Most of us in line gave up and left. Not the first bad experience at Wendy's..I am giving up on them..Jist go to McDonald's!

Michael Neel

Some what clean location. Food was good not very busy.

Andrew Waterhouse

They do not begin preparing drive thru orders until you are at the window, and most covid precautions went out the window as soon as the county let them.Nightmare location, it would legitimately be faster to make the drive to the Fruita location.

Lorieann Woodmansee

The best fries I've had in a long time. Friendly service. Very clean

Floyd Erwin

Absolutely the worst Wendy's I have ever been too. At 9:10pm we were pretty much asked to go elsewhere as orders are made to order after 9pm and our order would be a 15 minute wait as well as the 3 cars ahead of us. Our order only took 15 minutes, but they Clearly didnt want our business or any others as well. Every driver after us was told the same and several simply left as that is the directed option. The manager was sloppy, facemask on his chin, no desire for friendliness or customer service. Just a means to a paycheck for this one. Terrible. I hate to say it, But go to Taco Bell.

Don Potter

This store has taken a nose dive but I enjoy Wendy's so I keep coming back thinking maybe it has turned around.Over the last 3 months I have gone into the store 5 times and walked out 4 of those because the line to order took so long. Last week I was second in the drive through line and after waiting 10 minutes left and went to a neighboring restaurant. I had my food and drove away before the car that had been behind me reached the window.Today I went inside and waited 15 minutes for one sandwich though there was only one customer ahead of me. While waiting a woman from the drive through came inside because her chicken biscuit did not have any chicken and the sausage on another biscuit was burned to the point that it was crispy.Management please do something to fix this restaurant. I resisted leaving a negative review but after 6 of the last 7 visits being unsatisfactory I felt it was due.

Michelle Gillilan

My son was getting his food today and asked for fry sauce not knowing Wendys doesn’t have it. The guy running the register was very rude and sarcastically replies that this isn’t Freddys. I know help is hard to find, but so are good customers. So next time we will support Freddys.

Nandor Sadovszky

Wendys is my back up when I am just beat and not willing to cook after a long day but I don't have time for a real restaurant. Spicy chicken sandwich for the win.

Rachel C.

This drive thru line takes sooooo long. Every time I come here in hopes that I will get a quick meal, I end up sitting in line for 30 minutes +. What's the point of a drive thru!!! DO NOT come here if you want something fast

Austin P.

Quite possibly the slowest Wendy's this side of the Mississippi. This one or Moab. Both probably front runners for slowest on the planet. Absolutely ridiculous.

Stacie Kennedy

Fries Arnt as good . Anna the meat Patty's got smaller

Chandler M.

I will always make the trip for this Wendy's location from here on out. This place cares about humanity. Our workplace building just burnt to a crispy nugget today and we came in right at Wendy's closing time and they comped our meal. I will forever be grateful for Matt and his night time crew. If you need a place to snack and munch and this place is still open, make the journey folks. They will take good care of you. I can say for sure that these folks care at this location. What else can you ask for? They make delicious, fresh food and you can taste the care.

Matthew Glass

Went for breakfast…. Was in line for about 20 mins just to get home with a sandwich with burnt bacon and a sandwich that they just didn’t put the chicken on….

pippy unicorn

Nice emoloyees. Clean dining room. Still a wendys.

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