Panda Express

1509 Wadsworth Blvd, Lakewood
(303) 237-0728

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Cody Vasquez

Custom service is horrible! Brianna working was so rude for no reason maybe cause I am brown? Cause she totally was nice to the person behind me who was her race(white) she needs to be talked with i will definitely not return to this location with my family!!


I never thought that Fried rice and Orange Chicken could be sooooo dry! Like it was crunchy dry. Like left out all night dry. Like ya'll are gonna get someone sick left out all night dry. I'm gonna avoid this place since it's clear they don't do any quality control here anymore.

Isaac Pisaña

The food was fresh and tasted really good. The staff seemed to care about the place. Very well organized and clean place. Other panda express places didnt taste as good and fresh as this one. Thank yous

Kelsey K.

I normally do not do reviews but I have ordered from this same Panda Express many many times because I am a big fan of this franchise but the last 5 or 6 times I have ordered or gone in person to this restaurant I have been majorly disappointed... it's they either never have what I want available or are out of the same thing each time and are not willing to make more of what they have been out of. It's always the same issues!


Quick and friendly service. Perfect pace to pop in on my short lunches.

Jason Fosdick

Everything was dirty and gross about this place. Despite not being busy, every table wasn't even wiped down. We had to do it ourselves while the employees just watched us. Woman's bathroom was broken, but there wasn't even a sign saying so. I heard customers complain that they should at least let people know and it seems like the employees just shrugged it off. Wasn't happy at all. Not going back

Julie Aho

The staff was super friendly and the portion of food was superb.

Mark Andrews

The staff was friendly, the food fresh, hot, and fast. The honey walnut shrimp is wonderful! As was of the meal. I will make it a regular stop.

Ryan Velasco

Came 15 min before closing and they barely had any food. What was left was all there was for the night so I left. Many others did the same while I picked another restaurant nearby. Normally this location is pretty good.


I'm going to save you guys time and money. Go eat somewhere else. If you're willing to pay a lot of money for less food then come here. Everyone was right about the portion size. That lady gave me 2 pieces of orange chicken and 3 little small crunchy ones. She also gave me 5 average pieces of sweet fire chicken.

Christopher Zvolanek

Rude, refused to communicate pen and paper reasonable accommodation effective communication for deaf drive through. Keep talking with masked covering obscure obstruction views I can't understand them. I asked them to write. But refused.

Rachael Simon

Man, I come here all the time, and have never had an issue. Wish I got the other gentlemen that was trying to teach the the kid who served my plate not to jump around to different stations. My plate was SO light, I've never gotten this little food coming here. He didn't offer any wontons or egg rolls and just passed us along rushing to get to the next people in line. I hope he gave them more food than we got... Typically it's fantastic, today I was less than impressed! Bummer.

Michelle Cloete

You guys never make my food correctly. Also tend to forget items I have ordered. Usually it’s great but lately not

Erin Espinoza

Panda express is quick and good yes but at the end of the day. There really only a high priced dollar scoop

Mark Becker

Best Chinese food you can ever find. The food is delicious!

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