Jersey Mike's

7961 S Broadway Suite C, Littleton
(303) 797-4466

Recent Reviews

Leah Crews

Staff is extremely friendly and sandwiches were great. My order was made exactly right and I love that they fresh cut their meats and cheeses. The ice tea was freshly made and the cream soda was the best I've had. Such a great experience, I will be returning soon.

David Zacarias

I’ve been to Jersey Mikes in every state that I’ve been to that has them available and I’ve never met a friendlier staff. It’s a little messy because it’s busy but their professionalism and enthusiasm (which isn’t over the top like Chick-fil-A but authentic at least) are truly one of a kind.

Ray Grau

I love these sandwiches! The staff here on this particular night super friendly having a good time. We've ordered from here quite a bit I'll take this over any of the other sub shops.

Chris Mirabile

Top notch Italian sub sandwich with freshly cut meats and fresh tomatoes. Comparing Jersey Mike's to Subway is really a joke. Subway is pure garbage and Jersey Mike's is pure heaven. I'll be back again to enjoy a real back East sub.

Shawn Miller

Always a good sandwich that you can count on!

Ruth C.

I had started a review for this place probably a month or two ago. I was so impressed with our first visit, I gave them 5 stars. But figured I would go again to ensure it was consistent. Well I have been there probably 5 or 6 times and am still loving it. It is now my favorite sandwich place . We happened to stop by here just to try it out. My favorite is their #5 awesome Super Italian hoagie. Love that the meats are sliced for your sandwich as part of your order. Also love the high stacked sandwich with the meats, cheese and lettuce, tomato, onions and Mike's sauce (oil and vinegar, oregano, salt and pepper). Soo soo good! The bread is not thick and heavy but just right. Everything about it is just so heavenly!

Brit O

I was just served by some of the nicest two gentlemen! Great customer service!

Sarah Kurelowech

Expensive and the subs weren't great. Would much rather eat subway

Robert Wilkinson

Fresh sliced meat and cheese, great fresh bread, delicious toppings, and very clean restaurant. Very authentic to the sub shop in Jersey.


When I walked in, no customers were there and two staff were preparing sandwiches. No one greeted me for 2 minutes. Finally, I was asked what I wanted to order. The hot order was put on the back grill. No one started working on it. A few minutes later, 3 other staff walked out from the back. No one said anything to me and no on started the order. On of the staff (perhaps the manger) had his most over his mouth but not nose. Finally, they started on the order. The food was good as usual, but the service was not. I almost said, I'll come back when your less busy! As restaurants have had such a tough time this last year, I would expect them happy to see a customer.

Kevin Bickford

The best subs around fresh sliced meat and cheese better than any competition by far

Jacob Fancher

Great philly cheese quick! Also the buffalo chicken is amazing! Friendly & fast just the way I like it.

Brian Brumitt

Worst size for the price. Got order wrong. Will never eat jersey mikes again. 71 dollars for 4 six inch subs.

P P.

SO GOOD!! Bread is fresh. They make it as you like it!! Love this place!! Just watch out for the bigger lady. She can be grumpy.

cillian murray

I’ve been a jersey mikes fan for about about 8 plus now. No 9 is my favorite sandwich on the planet and if I want something different big kahuna is a good alternative. They are a great choice when travelling amd I can honestly say you get pretty much the same sandwich all over which says a lot, I can count on it when I am hungry. This is now my local jersey mikes and they make a great sandwich and great service with a smile. I have had a couple of orders where they have given me white bread versus what I ordered on the app which is wheat. It seems like this is a common issue from reviews which they have now fixed. As a new store when it happens once I let it slide but when it happened twice I let them know that this was not satisfactory. The manager Jesse Trask called me personally and was so grateful I called and so understanding of the issue. This was a glitch on the app and not their fault so I totally understand. The manner in which he called me and put it right was first class customer service. As I said previously I could tell he was genuinely happy I called as he would have never known. Jesse thank you for the call and putting it right. Keep making jersey mikes great. After all I would put it up against any sub shop in the US!

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