Louis' Diner

1500 W Littleton Blvd, Littleton
(303) 781-1502

Recent Reviews

michael schindlbeck

Best bank for buck for breakfast in Littleton. Quality is worth it as well.

crystal garcia

This place has amazing tacos! Oooo the taco shell is home made and the beans and rice are so good! I will definitely come back. My husband had the chicken fried steak and he had no complaints either!!!!

Stacie W.

This was our first time to Louis' Diner for breakfast. It was super busy and it's a small place so we had to wait a little while. Hubby had the chicken fried steak. It was really good! The gravy was thick and peppery and the chicken fried steak was really flavorful. Sonny had the huevos rancheros. He really liked it. The tortilla that came with it was a little crispy and the hash browns were more like fried potatoes. Not the usual grated potatoes. I had the chile relleno breakfast. The eggs were a little cold, but I only eat the whites anyway, so not a huge deal. The rellenos were really good and the green chile wasn't too spicy. I would like to go back for lunch sometime to try the enchiladas, unless they serve them for breakfast too?? Cheers!


Another restaurant that suffers from the delusion that they actually serve decent food and coffee.More like coffee flavored water and pork chop jerky.Definitely on our one-and-only-time list

Richard G.

First time to this diner. Tried the chli relleno breakfast and loved it. Just the right amount of heat on the chili. My son had the biscuits and gravy and gave it an 8 out of 10. The biscuits were moist and very tasty. Wanting to try the chicken fried steak next time. Lots of Mexican food on the menu too.

Anna Doxey

It was clean, the staff were friendly. The food was quick and hot.

Traci M

Food was amazing!! ... I would have given 5 stars but I ordered for our daughter off the kids menu (**after I asked if there was a kids menu**)... ordered for her (8 yrs old) didn’t specify “kids” for a cheese quesadilla & fries & got charged the extra $ for the “adult” meal. I don’t have a problem with the extra $ but the waitress gave me a look like I was trying to pull a fast one on them, like I was being dishonest, then she hurried me off with the next customer & I paid the same price.

Richard Baker

One of those hidden treasures to eat at. They have been kind and good folks.

John Schubert

Great place, great service, great food. Can't go wrong.

St L.

We enjoyed our in-person breakfast here with our two teens-they went for the pancake specials and they were delighted by fluffy pancakes, crispy bacon, link sausage and hash browns- yet they could not finish - those are generous portions! And The Hash Browns were among the best we have ever had...real potatoes both tender and crisp, real perfection here! Dearest had biscuits (perfect and tender)and gravy, with over-easy eggs that were On Point, oozing rich yolk on those perfect hash browns. I had an excellent omelette and added a little sass with their Chuluro hot sauce. This breakfast will hold us well through midday. Coffee was great with refills offered often, and water was refilled often as well- great, friendly, attentive service. We'll be back!

Wendi Grover

The food is classic diner with fantastic green chile, too! Perfectly cooked to order!

Scott Dumas (ShutterBroke)

What a fantastic find during our trip to Denver. Excellent breakfast as you would expect from a diner. Definitely recommend if you’re in the area.

Nicholas Payne

Louis is the best, classical and simple diner. The breakfast and lunch hits the spot pretty much every single time. I love every meal I have ever ate there and the price is always right and the service is impecable.

Great Day Colorado

I was really disappointed because I heard such great reviews. The service was very slow and there was no attention to detail in regards to the order. The breakfast ordered was bland. Despite the aforementioned issues, the two lady servers and cashier were really friendly.

Jonathan Mueller

Waited for 20 minutes to be seated (they said 5), another 15 to give our order; not a great place for a quick meal, but the food is good.

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