Texas Roadhouse

10066 W San Juan Way, Littleton
(303) 932-7427

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Sherry S.

Terrible! My husband wanted a night out for us so we didn't have to cook. Wrong cut of steak, ordered a ribeye and they brought me a NY strip. Husbands steak was the wrong size, but he ate it anyway. I got the correct cut 23 minutes later. Steak was COLD no sweet potato side. Manager Jill went to get a new steak started. Had to ask for water and refills on drinks. Husband ordered a beer (had to ask for another one, empty was sitting on the side of the table obviously empty and easy to see he wanted another. Jill the manager took the meals off. Waiting for my husbands beer and told her we were waiting and it's on the bill. Her statement was "I took the meals off the bill, I thought you would want to leave." Ridiculous. We want what we paid for!!! This is our last time going there.

Evonne B

We've always had a good experience here. But tonight our waitress spilled three glasses of water all over our table and on me. Luckily it was just water and we didn't make a big deal about it. We were just glad it wasn't soda or beer. Food service was good. Waitress was attentive. But as we were leaving our table our waitress spilled glasses of water on the table next to us. The waitress was not on her A-game tonight.

Rowena Zarate

Our server Jason was wonderful!! Great customer service!! Always checked on us and got our food right away!!

Carol Pizer

Great waiter, Arron who was very attentive and friendly! Will do well. Only been working there 2 weeks!

Justin U.

We stopped in for an early dinner because we skipped lunch. I've been to a Texas Roadhouse before for beers but never had their food. I do remember them showcasing their steaks, however, which tells me they are proud of their meat. When we arrived the hostess led us to our seat and of course, she grabbed a basket of freshly baked rolls and butter for us to enjoy while we viewed the menu. I ordered the cheeseburger and my wife got the fried chicken with gravy. Her meal was delicious and my burger was very thick and juicy. (I know after cooking that burgers shrink, so this burger patty must have been and 1 1/2" thick before they cooked it!) The only aspect of the restaurant that topped the great food was our smiling server, Joel. He was friendly, attentive and could not have done a better job of taking care of our needs. If you're looking for a meal where everything is obviously freshly made (or if you're just craving some comfort food with potatoes and two choices of gravy) this is your place!

Brenda Rigdon

This place was PACKED but we reserved ahead. Highly recommend! The service was surprisingly fast for the amount of people. All 6 steaks were done perfectly. We can't afford that kind of dinner all the time but will definitely try to go again.

Ana Ko

Salmon was crispy and juicy. Hubby enjoyed his prime rib! We will visit again!

Laura R.

Totally geared towards families. We had starving kids, a worn out mom and a dad hurrying from the airport. Plus grandparents trying to keep everyone calm. Friday night, kids coupon meal from school and a packed house. They still delivered attentive service and food right on time. Highly recommend joining the waitlist online on busy nights. Worked like a breeze.

Nick P

If you've been to a different Texas Roadhouse, then you know what to expect. Something about the quality at this particular location, though, was not as good a others. The steaks were fine, but the sides seemed to be lacking

Robert Allen

The service was good, and the atmosphere was pleasant. The food was not great. The steak tasted like charcoal. I make a better steak at home.

Rob DLion

This place just keeps getting better and better. My wife ordered the chicken fried chicken and got steak instead. The waiter was all over it and the manage showed up with in a few moments with the correct meal and apologized. We didn't get charged for it and were able to really enjoy our meals. Great service!

Will Romero

FRIDAY NIGHT DINNERThis place is PACKED and yet we sat immediately, had drinks in 3 minutes, a salad in 5 and our food in 10Great service by Micah and everything was perfectly cookedAmazed and appreciativeI HIGHLY RECOMMEND COMING HEREI'm a blessed man I hope you know that you are blessed tooBIG WILLIE STYLE

Grace H.

Outstanding food and service! Every bite was delicious. JuJu was so friendly and attentive!

Chris Schreiner



Amazing steak and the baked sweet potatoes was delicious. Only comment was the mushrooms were way too salty. We had their special margarita with a kicker. It was great. Our waiter was attentive and not rushing us through our meal. Will definitely come back.

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