Virgilio's Pizzeria & Wine Bar

10025 W San Juan Way, Littleton
(303) 972-1011

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Laura Bean

YUMMMY the pizza was soooo good. I had the mama's favorite personal. The dirty martini was maid to perfection!!

Kane Cox

Enjoyed the dining experience here. Happy hour wine and calzones.. always a great time

Lily Hakola

If it was possible to give 0 stars I would. I am a server and my mother who was with me worked in restaurant management and was a server. I went to Virgilios and I can say I will never go back after the hostility of the restaurant management who yelled at me for five minutes and left me on the verge of tears. Everything was good until I got my bill. The waitress did not inform me of an extra charge she put on the bill. When I asked about the charge she said that she could talk to the manager but “he probably won’t do anything about it” and shrugged her shoulders then walked away. When the manager came over he was an angry, extremely condescending and disrespectful trying to lecture me and about the food costs associated with alfredo sauce and remarked that everywhere you go would do the same thing (which is not true Olive Garden gives the same thing and doesn’t charge). He continued to yell at us for 5 minutes until I was at the verge of tears and after begrudgingly changing the check came back to tell us that we should’ve been charged twice the amount. And told me “I don’t know if you’ve ever been to a grocery store but whipping cream is $5” which I am well aware of as I have have made alfredo sauce many times in my life.I have NEVER worked anywhere where such disrespect was considered ok or acceptable. I don't know how you could run a business in this manner and ever be successful.

Jerr Sweets

Oh my goodness! The pizza sauce, veggies, and crust are so full of taste. Not to mention the garlic knots were highly pleasing. I did curbside, popped the trunk, and was on my way. I value your staff on wearing masks! Thank you again for making this curbside experience valuable, and I will return.

Sarah Haertl

The food was good, but the 5 stars were given because the service was above and beyond. Our server took such pride in making our dining experience as good as it could be. At a time, when service levels have plummeted in restaurants, our experience really stood out. We will definitely be back!

Adam B

The garlic knots are legit and the food overall is tasty. A bit pricey imo, without drinks or appetizers, it cost $45 for two. I will be going here again at some point and would recommend this place to anyone looking for good Italian cuisine.


Felt a little iffy at first because we were kind of sat out of the main area when it wasn't busy. No TV no nothing. The service was enough to get us in and eat real quick but I've definitely had a better time at simpler spots.

Lily Chang

This was my first visit. I had a gluten free, veggie lasagna, and my dear friend had baked spinach ravioli. Both dishes were served in personal size bakeware. The pasta was tasty. The food is rich.Service is friendly. Plenty of seating is available. It was a relaxing and nice experience.

David Criss

Enjoyed it. A Friday evening and it was busy but service was quick and friendly, food was good, and price was reasonable. The meal for 3 of us was $30 plus tip, and drinks from the bar was $20.

Tammy Gray

Great food and staff was super friendly and attentive! My new favorite Italian restaurant!!

Kirsten B.

Fiocchi for lunch yesterday!! Yum!! Garlic knots are to die for!!! Sirgio was an amazing server!!

Cat Pilot

My family has frequented Virgillio's for a few years now and have never found a dish we don't enjoy. The staff is always amicable, and as a subscriber to emails, I find the owner's emails to be insightful and entertaining, giving a sense of character to the establishment. Occasionally, the volume can get loud as a result of the wooden floors, but we tend to visit at less busy hours to avoid the noisy crowds.I've also placed pickup orders and have had good experiences with those. I intend to remain a patron of this establishment!

Ankit Agarwal

The garlic knots lived up to the hype! Delicious food, super friendly staff, and good prices. And the tiramisu was otherworldly. Highly recommend.

Letitia Eicher

We showed up with a 10 party. We knew it would be hard to get us all in but they did it with ease and grace. Love this place

Katie Bodden

Never been here till now and LOVE IT! Boyfriend had been before and he hadn't been in a while, do it was a fun experience for him too. Baked ziti was amazing and big. Also got the lemon cake and 2 cannolis to have at home and they were amazing. The owner walked around and even seated us. Great place, great service, and super friendly people.

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