Acropolis Diner

1864 Dixwell Ave, Hamden
(203) 288-0400

Recent Reviews

Saki Taylor

Nice place for breakfast, just off the highway. On the day of our visit, we had pretty good service and the food was pretty good too.

mike prim

Good breakfast decent price pretty good experience

Kevin Hixson

Great food ,great staff

Debbie Blanchard

Great service. Great omelets. I got a spinach and egg. My other half got ham and cheese. So yummy


I’ve ordered pizza from here and they messed up my order twice ! I called the first time and the woman on the phone was new and no one was there to help her. The woman also had claimed she was working by herself but in fact no one else was able to resolve or work a register. The only capable person to help was out delivering the pizza instead. The one delivering the pizza is a woman named cate. She came in my place of business cursing and demanding for the incorrect pizza back when I was only trying to get the correct pizza. After her poor display of customer service she left and when I checked the pizza it was again incorrect. Acropolis proceeded to blame slice for the order mishap. Slice was very understanding and helped resolve my issue. When I called acropolis to resolve this they blocked my number and I had to call blocked and all the woman on the phone was saying was “I don’t Know” and listening to cate in the back who said “oh well there’s nothing we can do call slice”. I am very disgusted with the service and how it was handled. I was just trying to treat my coworkers to food and acropolis was concerned about the old pizza and how they needed it back. Acropolis Please do better and talk to your staff about how to treat the people they are feeding.

Christina Colosanto

The food was outstanding me and my honey ate there late last night only thing wrong was the ladies room no soap in the bathroom for who knows how long disgusting

Evan Stevens

I love this diner. Great food

Simon Katz

Good fresh food very clean wait staff very pleasant.

Ivey B

What a wonderful dining experience at a time of pandemic! The waitress was excellent. The food was great. I highly recommend the sweet potato fries.

Frank DeLorenzo

Always my go-to for diner food. Great food, and good people/service. 10/10 would recommend

D Crowfoot

Walked in a bit before closing for takeout and was greeted by a very sweet waitress who informed me that they were no longer seating, sounding genuinely apologetic, I told her I just wanted takeout and she quickly took my order and whisked it off into the kitchen. The waitress kept checking on me, chatting and such as I waited. The time passed quickly. Reasonably priced. And the food was great.

David C.

Stopped in at the end of this past May. I like to try different diners when I'm in new areas. After driving past a couple in New Haven earlier one Sunday morning only to find them with lines outside the door, I looked up nearby places and found Acropolis in Hamden. I went inside and was given a seat at a counter in the back that happens to face a takeout service area and the doors to the kitchen. This was not a good seat for this reason: the staff loudly complained, argued with and corrected each other in earshot of me and others seated near me for the entire visit. They complained about the mistakes being made by the cooks, a manager frequently chastised an older waitress for not delivering the right food and taking orders incorrectly, and they just generally made unhappy comments to each other. It was almost comical, except I had just stopped in for a quick breakfast and didn't expect or deserve to be subjected to staff airing their grievances for 45 minutes. The older waitress went back and forth into the kitchen and muttered complaints under her breath multiple times. I get it, working in a family owned restaurant is stressful. Out of consideration for customers, though, save the conflicts for the back office. I'm not paying you to listen to you gripe. As for the food, the eggs Benedict with ham was average, but the ingredients seemed fresh. The home fries were somewhat bland. Coffee was run of the mill. The bill came to $15, which was a bit steep for average fare. I won't be back.

Leo Olivera

The burger and fries were great. The service was great too. The only thing I'd give a 3 is the Calamari for the taste. Everything else was great!

Lisa Littlefield

The food was delicious! Wonderful wait staff. Busy place, but big enough that we were able to get seated right away. Would definitely stop here again.


Good food and a lot of options with a greek flair or twist, cozy atmosphere, friendly and helpful staff.

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