Bomb Wings & Rice Bar

2373 Whitney Ave, Hamden
(203) 745-5510

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Tom H

The pineapple fried rice was so good

Riley McDermott

Last night I ordered two wing combos, got one cold order of wings with no sauce, no rice, and a overcooked tray of broccoli. The server Vinoda closed an hour early so we couldn't come back to complain. There was another customer standing outside that paid and didn't even get his food because they locked up. Didn't eat the food and went to wood n tap

Calvin Cousins

My wife introduced me to this place. Pretty good food. I'm a fan of sweet and tangy wings and the sweet potato cornbread


I give a 4.5! The first time I tried them was last week and I got the Italian and jerk wings and although the flavor was good the chicken was not cooked to my liking. It was soft and needed to be cooked just a little longer so I had to throw it in the oven. The Peruvian Rice bowl was excellent and the crispy Brussels are phenomenal. I went back this week to try some different flavors(lemon pepper) and asked for the wings well done and they were cooked perfect! I got the bomb rice which is just that, the bomb, and the plantains were also bomb. Will definitely be coming back to try the other flavors!!

Fred Buzzell

Wings were soggy and super salty, sauces mediocre. Also we ordered blue cheese and it wasn’t given with our order when we called to tell them they were rude. Definitely not worth it wings I would give 3 out of 10. they’ll prob be outta business soon with their low quality wings and bad service.

Justin G.

This delicious chicken wing spot gives every wing spot I know a run for their money. Even though I just had a 6 pce boneless with the sweet and tangy sauce, it was enough for me to decide that I'll be back in the future. Very quick takeout and the wings were nice and fresh.


Their sweet potato cornbread is incredible... The cinnamon maple syrup butter they put on top sets it apart from other cornbreads I've tried in the past.As for entrees on their menu they serve some of the best wings I've had with tons of different sauces.The only menu item I didn't enjoy was the rice bowls. They're okay but the other menu items outshine them.The only thing missing is the option for indoor or outdoor dinning at the restaurant. They currently offer take-out only.

MJ Franey

Their food is sooo good. We order from them quite often and usually never have an issue. In fact this time it was just a combo of the restaurant being extremely busy and grub hub’s strange rules when an order is incorrect. The very helpful woman who answered the phone did he best to make it right and apologized. I hope they can improve the phone system a little as there seems to not be enough lines to handle the calls when they are swamped. Otherwise they are very courteous and have some of the best wings and sauces and rices I have ever tasted.

Chris S.

Used to love this place, I've introduced friends and family to it and would have given them a 5. But it's been inedible recently. Chicken is dry and over cooked to the point where I can't chew it. My last dish here was also not seasoned at all. Completely tasteless. It hurts me to give them a bad review but this has been a consistent problem. I keep telling myself it's a fluke and that "it'll be better the next time". But it gets worse. I sincerely wish them all the best, I hope they get around to improving it.

Diana Firestone

First time I stopped in and wow, am I glad I did. I can't wait to go again! The food was fresh and delicious! And thank you to the lovely young woman at the register who patiently helped me decide what to order!

Erika A.

Their cornbread , Cajun and Coca Cola wings are delicious. Would love to have them cooked well done all of the time but that isn't consistent always. You are unable to put in that request when you order online . My suggestion is to add that as an option so the consumer has the ability to request that their chicken is cooked to their liking.

Shane J.

Always great food and wings when I stop in, so much better than wasting money at fast food joints! Go now!!

Eric B.

The wings are a little pricey but they flavor was good just needed a little more heat with the pineapple Habanero, Rice was good

Christina Rios

The rice bowls are delicious and the wings are good too. I love the broccoli in garlic sauce ?

Danielle Capelli

The Thai Shrimp Rice Bowl was AMAZING! So good and a lot of food for a good price!

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