2323 Whitney Ave, Hamden
(203) 823-9951

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Cynthia Piscatelli

First time eating there. I got the chicken Gyro. So tasty. My friend got the shrimp Gyro. She loved hers. We got the baked cheese appetizer.. sooo yummy and for dessert we split the baklava cheesecake. Extremely yummy. Being half Greek I love to support Greek businesses [if they are good) I will be returning again.

Jessica Townsend

Got a gyro with fries. Fries were not great. Gyro was ok... for the price I would expect more. Ordered a couple dolmas - they were super dry inside. I don't know if I will bother returning.

Doug Villegas

Admittedly, my first time there was a little rough. They were raising money for Ukraine, and the lines were insane. They were doing their best, there's no doubt there. Took about 25 minutes to get our food, but when it came out, it was very much worth it. Best gyro I've had in ages. Looking forward to going back and getting the souvlaki. Keep it up, folks.

Gabrielle Pino

I always make it a point to visit Fresko’s when I’m in Hamden or nearby! Classic gyro with feta is my favorite and I also love the horiatiki salad and avgolemono soup! Food is prepared quickly and staff is friendly! Menu is simple, but thorough and prices are fair.

Konstantinos Papalexiou

I rarely go out of my way to post a review on my food experiences but I feel compelled posting one on Freskos for two reasons:First and foremost because the food quality is outstanding and among the closest I have ever tasted to the real deal. I was born and raised in Greece and I must say it is hard to find a place in the US that gets it right. I lived for 21 years in NY and have gone to pretty much every great Greek restaurant in the City. And in all fairness, most of them produce incredible quality food but very few can capture the taste of the food in Greece. Recently I moved my business and my life to CT and since I tried Freskos, I have been ordering for me and my crew every single day only from them. So while taste is a very subjective matter, my opinion has at the very least the validity of having purchased from them hundreds of times for me and a dozen of people around me. The food is always fresh and tastes great, the people are amazing. My lunch time is my single moment during the day that I feel at home.However the other reason I wanted to leave my review is because I was truly shocked by the comments of the previous review posted by Helena Marie. Just for reference, all her other reviews are 1-star super negative and involve money complains and bills that she did not think she should pay, except two reviews, one on a bagel place and one on a 99-cents Chinese restaurant that offered massive amount of food for very little money.Marie Helen, if you can read this, you are wrong about Freskos and you know it. Actually every single word you said is wrong and unfair simultaneously. And 95% of the nearly 250 reviews here firmly disagree with you. If you wanted to make a difference, for once in your life you just did with this review, but it reflects on you so negatively just as your intentions did leaving those comments.Best advice I can give you, give Freskos another try and come back here and correct your self.

Helena marie

I had the worst experience ever. My husband is Greek and I use to live in a town with many Greek people. First of all staff was not welcoming at all, it was very awkward. They do not know how to interact with customers. Food is such a small portion and very expensive. I spent 95 dollars and felt like I got no food at all. They don’t have chicken Souvlaki platter if I want to get a salad with it , it is extra . Usually in every Greek place I’ve been to you get the souvlaki , pita bread , fries and salad. If you want the Greek drink with your meal it does not include that and is extra never have I’ve had that happen anywhere else. We got the lamb gyro as well and it tasted like the cheap gyro was very horrible. Food is so mediocre . I wish I could get my money back because it was such a waste . I am very disappointed and dissatisfied with my experience. Knowing how Greek food and people are this has to be the lowest standard of service and food I’ve had experienced . Expected way more. Please don’t waste your money and go elsewhere. Pictures below show the chicken gyro the bread falling off and Not edible , Greek fries they definitely use cheap feta cheese tasted like one you would get from Walmart. Those Greek cookies were so disgusting even let my husbands mother try them who makes these herself and she said they tasted so bad . The cookie taste nothing close to how Greek people make it. I am so disappointed.

Telly Zachariadis

In my top three for best classic gyro I have had, and I have had them from numerous places, including homemade. Their Greek salad is simple but delicious! I had lunch there three days in a row.

Stuart Elson

Personable service, very good sandwiches, even better desserts.Stopped there over the Labor Day weekend, just as they were closing. Made us two very nice sandwiches, good recommendations, nice fish quality. The desserts were a true bonus. Definitely recommended

Jeff Ward

Been going for years and never been disappointed

Ramon Net

Some of the best Gyros I had in a long time friendly staff great atmosphere great desserts.

Diane D'Adamo

I have never been here and live down the street. I tried it today and was very pleased. The staff and owner were very nice. The food was so fresh. It was very clean. I will definitely go back soon.

Lauren E. Galinsky

Delicious little spot for lunch! So glad we found this via google during our drive - my husband got the horiatiki with chicken and I had the pita pizza. Super fresh, would definitely come back

Westminister CT

A great place for lunch. Very friendly and good prices. I intend to revisit.

cooper wolanin

Great food and very comfy atmosphere

New York Live with Mickey

Food was delicious the staff was friendly and helpful. They have a nice outdoor sitting area. And clean restrooms.

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