Panera Bread

2100 Dixwell Ave, Hamden
(203) 248-2312

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Richard Angelini

Panera Bread, Did well Ave., Hamden, CT.... excellent service, great food... I had the broccoli mac and cheese.

Jan B.

I went to bonobos with my daughter for a late lunch. She ordered mac & cheese with a side of bread. We finally got our food they gave her a small words. That was my only complaint really. Half of a steak sandwich with cheddar. And I also heard the crunch salad. Everything is very good I really do enjoy their tea

Donny Kaye

I ordered the chicken teriyaki warm bowl and the picture shows a full bowl of food but my bowl was not even half way filled with food. Their smoothies were practically water with coloring. Will never be going back again and I suggest you don’t go there either. I have pictures to prove my review. The first picture is what they advertise and the second picture is what I just received. Absolutely pathetic.

Nichelle S.

From their soups to salad to the flatbread pizza are enjoyable. I tried the teriyaki bowl last Friday from Milford Panera and I found it ok. It was kinda dry and lacking the glaze. Will have to try again at a different location. I wasn't able to finish the entire bowl. I've found the pizza very good. I stick with the tomato and cheese. It's too much for one person in one sitting. I purchase and share with spouse with a side salad.

Amna Zahid

At some branches service is too slow otherwise everything is good ?

Naveen Chadha

Good food, good service, table was a little dirty, but nothing major.

Bianca Yaowa

No longer bringing my business to this location. Every time I order it’s never accurate or fresh. It sucks because it’s convenient and well priced. But after MULTIPLE orders being incorrect/not fresh I’m done. I’m not one to try to get people in trouble, but I do hope your team can step it up or you’ll end up losing more patrons.

Hadas Be

A great place to get Branch! Lot's of stuff to choose from, child friendly and healthy! Service is good and fast!

Tanya Browne

I really enjoyed their food last week I ordered the macaroni and cheese with broccoli it was delicious. I went there yesterday around 5:30pm only to get a cold sandwich and soup it was closed I'm shocked ?

ebelyn Delarosa

food was disgusting i ordered delivery spend like 60$ i got flatbread pizza that was not cooked throughly and i got frontera chicken it was put together was to messy they threw everything together n the bread wasn’t toasted so gross i’ve had way better than this place

Aidan Ely

Their pick up process is not clear, it's actually on the right right as you walk in not the shelves where they have some other form of pick up. But food is constantly good and was not cold when we picked it up.

Sunil Singh

Panera was good, the service was excellent and the food was great. We ordered cappuccinos with Flatbread pizza. The only problem was they didn't have any crushed peppers or oregano to sprinkle on the pizza. They said they never had it ever. It would be good if they offer this along with the pizza. The cappuccinos were good, but not that hot.

Elizabeth Jones

Terrible service. I usually love this place but today was unbelievable. I made an online order and it was canceled on me 30 minutes after delivery time. I called the restaurant and was hung up on 2x. What is going on. Very disappointed.


Today is my last visit here. Poor costumer service.

Faris Kasim

Did an interview here for a caretaker and so happy that my wife and I chose this spot. We had coffee and lunch here, stayed for about 2 hours, and nobody bothered us. Lots of students and office workers there too. Social distancing was great and Panera staff were very friendly.

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