1315 Dixwell Ave, Hamden
(203) 865-3853

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Beatriz Toro Franqui

The service is bad, and uncomfortable

Nick Rubino

On 6/6/21, I ordered three 6 inch subs on the Subway app for pickup from this location for the first time. First one was the steak with american cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickles, olives, and mayonnaise on toasted Italian bread. That one was made perfectly.The other two however, were another story...The second sub was the oven roasted chicken with lettuce, tomato, provolone cheese, 1/2 portion of jalapeños, and EXTRA buffalo sauce on toasted Italian herbs and cheese bread. This one was not completely correct as it was put on regular Italian bread and hardly any buffalo sauce on it. Now, I still enjoyed it, but was bummed because it wasn't made exactly as I prefer it to be.The third and final sub...was a HUGE disappointment to say the least. It was the turkey breast and black forest ham with american cheese, lettuce, tomato, spinach, olives, pickles, green peppers, sweet peppers, cucumbers, oil and EXTRA red wine vinegar on toasted Italian herbs and cheese bread. HOWEVER, once again, the wrong bread was used. But that's not the worst part. They neglected to put any peppers, cucumbers, olives, pickles, or oil and vinegar!!! Instead it was the two different meats, with the cheese, lettuce, tomato, spinach and....a WHOLE BUNCH of MAYO!!!! What kind of stuff is that? It's like whoever made these subs were just like "Eh, whatever, as long as we finish them in time and wrap them up all neat,(which was the most impressive part about this whole order by the way) they won't know the difference.To sum things up, I won't be doing business with this location anymore for a long time. I'll stick to my usual location who has NEVER made mistakes with my orders.Thanks anyways.

Robert Bowman

This subway is great... the people are kind and courteous and the food is great

V.Terrell H

I like Subway. So I choose that before I choose McDonald's or Burger King It's a lot healthier. When I do not like is when someone is working at the register and does not remove their gloves and attempts to prepare food for someone with the same dirty gloves they use to take money from patrons.I'm a stickler when it comes to food service, as any and everyone else should be. When I brought it to the young man's attention that he needs change his gloves before preparing my food He was NOT too happy with me. People need to do better and food service training! Watch and pay attention to how your food is being handled We only have one life. SUBWAY on Dixwell near U-haul.

Althea Star

Subway is always a great option for a quick lunch. Fast, clean, efficient service. My sub was made exactly how I specified. Yep. I'm picky... and I didn't get any funny looks. All I got was a delicious well made sub.


Good! Girls were real nice!

Glenn Willoughby

Consistently receive the best service from every employee at this location. I place my order from the app most of the time and it is always ready upon my arrival.

Danielle Williams

Friendly and professional

Nick Mullins

A few years ago someone recommended that I try this Subway because they sell amazing Ice Cream. Recently, I went in and they+ stopped selling their ice cream! I really wanted to try Subway Ice Cream. They did mention they started selling Halo flavored milk shakes. That doesn't cut the mustard! I want Subway Ice Cream!

Shemeka Council

They're awesome. Make my subs just the way I ask.

Crystal Taylor

Good food friendly service

Capitán #1

I've got robbed by Subway.

julie palmieri

What a great store and great food and great staff!

Robert Ammann

Very nice Subway. Service is quick and friendly. Had the meatballs marinara.

Joe Planeta

Ok sub shop not in the same legaue as Jersey Mike's or deangalos

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