TGI Fridays

2335 Dixwell Ave, Hamden
(203) 407-0111

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Alisa Chavez

Let start by say Friday's was my favorite spot and i often don't write reviews but this is needed.. Not only is curb side serve slow, the food was terrible. the shrimp was overcooked. fried green beans were soggy and no Wasabi sauce. broccoli was welted and the boneless sucked. I really don't think we'll try again

Alicia C

My salad was awesome and the manager who sat us also brought our food and drinks; he was super nice to me and my 2 kids. My kids enjoyed their food as well.

Deneane Silva

Fries were rock hard the food was cold I placed an order online for the Hamden one at 6:30 I was told would be ready 6:53 I get there at 6:57 call and respond online after 10 mins a make comes out side and said sorry one burger was not And he apologized and it will out shortly I’m said ok expecting fresh hot food 20 mins later I get my food and the fries are awful and the burgers was cold and hard not warm cold I’m so upset I won’t be back

Mark Florio Jr.

Very slow and not the fault of the waitress because she was the only one on shift unfortunately. Much better TGI Fridays to visit imo.

Jackie Isabella

Ordered two entrees through Uber eats. Simple order, no special instructions or substitutions. We got five items we never ordered and an entire entree with sides was missing. Wish I had read these reviews before ordering. The person I spoke with on the phone was nice enough but they must deal with this so often that he was able to tell me exactly how to refund my order through the app. Disappointing.

cocoa moi

We ordered take out before work for lunch, the food got something looking like hair all over the chicken wings and tenders. I was so disappointed I couldn’t turn back to return the food. Had to throw everything in the trash, the supervisor was ok. We sent pictures and got a refund, will not return!

shaquita Alston

Customer service definitely on point?? my experience was the

Tameka S.

Went to TGI Friday's in Hamden last night as they stay open late which we called and confirmed before arriving. We got there we had to be asked to br seated or if we need to seat ourselves. This was after waiting at the door for 10min. We got seated and the male waiter had a Full Attitude. We sat at the table for Another 10min no one came over to offer water or take our order as it was getting later and the kitchen closes at 1230am. Needless to say we left. I don't waste my time or my money. They will Never have to worry about me or my people coming back. This restaurant Sucks Overall. Wood n Tap will get my business. Oh side note dude who ordered a take out order was waiting 20min when we arrived and he was still waiting when we left 40min wait for Take Out!!! TGI Friday's should be embarrassed.

Sheri Petrillo

TGI Fridays used to be my all time favorite restaurant!! This place went down hill so bad at least the Hamden location did the last few times I was here we waited along time for our food! Today we came and we’re seated and the place is kinda empty not too many people we sat 40 minutes before some asked us if we wanted to order our drinks! I told the waitress my drinks I want to order my food we have been sitting here for 40 minutes she did Apologize and said I didn’t know you were here now as a waitress how do you not realize after 40 minutes you have people sitting in your section, that is crazy to me. She is very nice I have to say that I am not saying she’s not I just don’t understand how they do business here! It’s such a shame because was my favorite place maybe I’ll have to take food to go for now on!!

larresha tillman

The menue has been the same for ages, you guys never have any drink specials its ridiculous at this point. When are you going to upgrade revamp your menue???

Christina Lyde

Good time with good friends, Great appetizers. Music was a little lame and all Tv had sports. Everyone is not into sports.

Dawn Vaughn

Bout time I enjoyed the meal at TGIF and it was takeout

Jamaican fluffy Empress

Food is good drinks are good the ppl are nice sad they don't have a lot of the appetizers anymore.

Perry “Stunna” Livingston

Great pasta 1 of my fav.

lashawn carpenter

Everytime we order delivery, we receive the wrong order (3 occasions). Each time the name on the order is completely different than mine and its never ready within 5 minutes of arrival. Nothing worse than waiting forever and receiving someone else’s food

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