Northford Country Grill

1411 Middletown Ave, Northford
(203) 484-4899

Recent Reviews

Johnny Rotten

Place sucks, and is never open.

Duke Castaneda

They serve big dishes and for affordable rates. very welcoming staff members. Fantastic work.

Rachel Crocker

Go to spot for breakfast/coffee

Tom Hanchuruck

Great food

Christopher Bruno

The place is great. good food, good service and good price a perfect place to go with a family in the morning for a breakfast or lunch

Bill Healy

Great service and great food

Douglas Collins

I get to eat here a lot since I work nearby. I like how their customer service is always great and they keep the spot well kept regularly. Pricing is convenient and they serve sizeable portions.

Nick D.

I love eating here! The staff is very friendly and there is a feeling of country charm with all the Nick-Nacks around the dinner. With a great diverse menu, you can get something different every time and be satisfied. Northford Country Grill is a must go ! :)

Ryan McCoy

Good food. Good portions. Great staff 10/10

Samm Yupp

Good food great service. Affordable pricing

Mike Porto

Food always great

Anna Ringstrom

Great food and prices. Lovely family run business. We never miss a Sunday morning breakfast there. Highly recommend.

Ryan Thanassi

Went there 7/4/2020 ordered bacon egg cheese. Prices are pretty high but that's not the issue. The bacon was rubber like and almost uncooked. I'm not sure if Canadian bacon is what they use or if it's like a ham type of bacon, but it was extremely rubbery to point it wasn't enjoyable nor tasty.

Bryana Graley

Good food. Great diner. Lots of choices

Larry Snow

Great burgers and other food for a Friday takeout dinner! First time and definitely not the last!

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