A League Of Her Own

2319 18th St NW, Washington
(202) 733-2568

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Jessica Rychlik

Felt so VERY welcomed. Had never been there before but had gotten recommendations from friends and was worth it!!! Absolutely amazing.

Cameren Wood

Seriously, this is my favorite bar. The owner is so awesome and kind and always takes care of myself and the people I bring. I’ve never had any issues here and the place is always so clean and accommodating. Since the post-COVID era, they are checking temps at the door and enforcing a socially-distanced posture which is reassuring. You can tell that the owner and staff truly care for their patrons and if I could give higher than a 5 star, I would. In addition, they advocate for a safe space for EVERYONE and I truly love that. Love you ALOHO!

OneStop Online

So I ate there on Saturday and they require to hold a card ( doesn't mean you have to pay with the card at the end) and I informed Danielle that I would be paying cash. I just looked at my bank account and they actually charged all the money out of my account even though I paid with cash plus a too. My food came up to $16 and some change. I handed Danielle a $20, so I'm not sure why they charged from my account. I tried contacting them, but can't get a hold of anyone and the email is wrong. I contacted my bank to see if it was a hold (don't know why it would be a hold for the exact amount that was in my account), but my bank said it was not a hold it was a charge. So now I have filed a dispute and will not be returning to this place.

Christopher S.

Terrible service and nasty people. The customer service is lacking. And I recommend staying away. Better options.

Whittney O.

Regretfully updating my previous review. I had high hopes for this place since it's really the only lesbian bar in DC. Unfortunately, after my first experience things went downhill fast. The lack of attention from the bartenders is noticeable from the moment you attempt to buy your first drink. If you can get someone's attention for long enough to order a drink, consider yourself lucky. It's clear that there are favorites or friends of the tenders that get A1 service. There were numerous occasions where we (my wife and I, sometimes with friends) haven't been treated respectfully. From negative comments from the drinks we chose to out right being ignored, I can't give this place another chance. There are plenty of queer folx, so that is a positive. The staff has sadly ruined it for us. Good news, Pitchers has always been fantastic with service. They've been kind and non-judgemental. So we will still frequent their establishment!

Edrika G.

Late post.  My friends surprised me with a birthday brunch which turned into an all day affair.  But we weren't ready to end it so we found this spot and brought the party.  We had a great time!  We found the upstairs by accident, ordered up a few snacks, and asked the bartender to turn up the music.  It's a PARTY.  The vibe was great, the staff was accommodating, and the drinks were good.  I didn't even know this spot existed.  I don't get out much, but I'll definitely return to chill with my people.

Nelly Quintanilla

This place is FAR from welcoming.The bartenders ignore people, and are rude when they finally decide to do their jobs. They look down on customers, especially to those that aren’t Caucasian.Please stay far away. Or if you go, brace yourself.

R Moss Brannon

The layout is uninspired. It's a run-of-the-mill cramped bar without any sense of welcoming warmth orone would expect in a women's space. Seating is uncomfortable and not conducive to interactions with anyone you didn't bring along with you. The food offerings are boring. There is no wine unless you are willing to drink wine from a can. Overall, this place lacks class. The only reason I didn't give one star was that the bar tender was friendly.

Nelly Q.


I am so bothered by this experience, that I am writing this review on a Saturday night at midnight, right after getting home from this place.

My friends and I had been upstairs earlier in the night. We got food and drinks at Pitchers, and made our way downstairs to this bar.

We sat at the bar waiting to be greeted or acknowledged, but were not. My girlfriend tried to get the attention of a bartender or manager (we're not sure what she was) standing right in front of us, but was blatantly ignored. At some point, she gave up and just carried a conversation with us. About 10 minutes later, she managed to get the attention of another bartender. She asked this bartender for a margarita with a salt rim. The bartender told her that she couldn't add a salt rim to the cup (which made absolutely no sense, but whatever). After making this drink, she returned to standing as far away as possible and avoiding any eye contact (Mind you, this was a VERY slow night with people staying in because of the virus.).

After some time, our friend decided she wanted a beer. My girlfriend flagged down the same bartender that made her margarita, and asked for two beers. The bartender sternly asked who they were for. My girlfriend told her that they were for herself and her friend. The bartender said "I made you a margarita... are you not going to drink that?" My gf then said "yes, but I'd like a beer for after." The bartender then said that she could not serve a person 2 beverages at a time. Since my girlfriend had a few sips left, she finished her drink. The bartender then said "see, now I won't give you this beer because I saw you chug a drink, and we are not in the business of getting people drunk." (Ironic, LOL) She then gave our friend one beer.

I hadn't been drinking at all, but after hearing this interaction and seeing my group having to basically beg for this "bartender's" attention throughout the night, i lost all patience and desire to entertain this rude, arrogant person. So I gave my friend's beer back to the bartender, told her we didn't want it, and left.

After leaving, our other friend, who has been before, said that this bartender had previously been a bouncer there and that she has ALWAYS given POC a hard time.

It's so sad and upsetting that a person with a track record, and who obviously doesn't like her job OR people, continues to work there and make people's' lives miserable.

Please, do yourself a favor, and go to ANY other bar in Adams Morgan. NOT this hell hole.

Melissa Limage

Awesome place to have drinks and dance the night away. Bartenders were quick and friendly. First floor was more of a chill vibe with seats all over. Second floor is the dance floor which was completely packed. It was nice to see people of different races and labels together. Definitely will return sooner rather than later.

Oliver DeLong

I love going here with my sister, its her fav place, I always have a good time too. Warm vibes. good people and good music.

Natasha Lobban

The staff is amazing, the drinks are great and you can’t beat the atmosphere!

Opal Vaughn

Awesome place and very diverse and inclusive. Definitely coming back!

Elisa R.

Felt right at home here while visiting from out of town. Had a beverage and watched sports. Good vibes and great bartenders. Also, super cool portraits of famous queer women on the wall! Loved the representation.

Fatima K.

K so I super heart this place.

Denver is adorable and so sweet. The vibe is chill and laidback. Would totally recommend this place for a girl's night out

Aloho indeed :-)

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