Chipotle Mexican Grill

657 Middletown Warwick Rd, Middletown
(302) 376-9584

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Courtney Anglin

I did a DoorDash order for two half chicken half steak burrito bowls and chips. I got just chicken bowl then my bowls were half empty. The bowls were missing things in it. I also didn’t even get the two bags of chips I ordered. This isn’t the first time they messed up my order either the last two times they either forgot things or completely gave me something else. I thought I should give them a another chance but worst decision ever. Spent 30 some dollars and when I called they didn’t even answer the phone called twice.

Alice R.

Staff have almost always been great and make my bowls perfectly (not too much, not too little) but something is always "off." I have only ever experienced it here. Often times they will be out of rice, something will be WAY too salty (not just my taste buds, I have had others try my meal) which makes it almost inedible, or they will forget something on my meal/add it. For example, a friend of mine can not have rice and so she orders extra beans. They must have thought this was a mistake because when I picked it up, it had rice. I double checked just to be sure and the order did not say rice. I understand the attempt to help someone out, but it was, at this time, unwelcome. Otherwise the place always seems a bit dirty. The drink machines never work, the tables are covered in food and napkins, the stools are flimsy and sometimes even knocked over.

Ashley Games

Edit: manager remade my food and was super nice.Ordered through DoorDash, ordered a bowl without cheese because I’m breastfeeding and my daughter has an intolerance so I’m unable to eat dairy. They covered my food in cheese, ordered guacamole and it literally was a chunk of avocado in the cup, that’s it.

dominique taylor

This is the worst location I ordered online a chicken bowl it look like someone ate of it and it was nothing I ordered. I literally went home and took out the bag and this what I received. I took it back to store but the staff was really rude looking at me with some looks like i was lying why would i go all the way home eat the food take pic and bring back its covid and thats nasty and dirty its wasn’t about the money i can afford to buy another one if i needed too it was the fact why would you serve that to a customer ….please don’t come to to location I would never eat here again


The most anti-American experience I’ve ever had at a chipotle location.They will not serve you unless you wear a mask - and the manager Jane is awfully rude if you do not “abide by her commands”This is America. You do not impose your will upon to me and never will. Mandates are not laws. Employees should be informed upon that.I will never come here again, and this place doesn’t deserve Middletown’s business.

William Wrinn

Staff is rude and food was cold. I understand that theres a mask mandate, but you don’t need to scream in your customers face for forgetting. This chipotle will not be getting my business again.

Sophia Miller

Stopped here to get a quick bite to eat and the burritos were excellent tasting and huge! Enough to enjoy leftovers for lunch the next day. Friendly service and convenient location.

Blair Hickman

We eat here a lot because of the convenience. They are always out of something. Tonight it was rice. Ordered ahead on app and people walking in 15 minutes after we placed our order online are already getting food. I am hoping they put in an El Diablo down here soon.

Anthony Wilson

It's your typical Chipolte. They're quick and good. People that work there are super nice. They give regular rice if you ask (if you don't like the cilantro lime rice). The burritos are gigantic!

daria morrow

Such friendly faces when I walk inside. My bowl was made to order perfectly. Love love the guacamole too. My sons chicken and cheese quesadilla was nice and hot. Quick and fast dinner!!

Susan Pavon

The food was delicious. The place was kind of a mess though. I had to dodge multiple open trash cans sitting in the doorway & they were out of a lot on their food bar & no napkins etc. It was quarter to 8pm.I assume they were closing soon or something but they need to remember that while they are open people are still paying full price & deserve a nice dining out experience.

Lakya Roberts

WOW! FOOD SCRAPS EVERYWHERE! Who is the manager? This place was filthy! This was the nastiest location. Floors were dirty, food all over the counter. None of the food was being replenished. Terrible

Jonathan Lyons

Came in, place was packed. When I was finally able to order my food I see they're out of black beans. I ask the kid how long it would be for more and he said two minutes. I say, "okay, would you like me to stand off to the side while they finish making them?" He turns around and asks the kitchen and then comes back and says they're all out of beans. I said, "what? I can see them on the counter there and you said it would be two minutes." He then says they told him he can't have any for the line and ALL of the beans are reserved for online orders. While I understand they need to meet the need for those online orders it just seems like this place is poorly managed and they need to be accommodating to walk-ins who are willing to wait even longer for their order than they have already waited. I just left and got dinner elsewhere. Food here is generally on par with other Chipotles, but service is extremely lacking.

Taylor Rafter

Worst Chipotle I've ever been to. Huge line for mobile orders, out of rice, chicken, steak, and hot sauce. No ice in soad machine, trash was overflowing, and the tortillas they served us were MOLDY! With all the food spots nearby literally go anywhere else. This was terrible

Monica P

Usually a hit but at times a miss and this time waa borderline. I think some people should be go through a second burrito training course to ensure it's not so fat that it falls apart on second bite. The food was good as usual but it was so messy I should have ordered a bowl.

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