Chipotle Mexican Grill

657 Middletown Warwick Rd, Middletown
(302) 376-9584

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Toni L.

Employees and manager are rude and disrespectful. Garbage cans were overflowing while all the employees were standing around doing nothing behind the counter. Was talking poorly bad about customers while helping other customers. Seems like upper management had lost complete control over the store. Based on my experience and other recent reviews Chipotle needs to clean house and get new staff in there.

Jamie Roberts

We love chipotle in general, the one in Dover is awesome. But this one? They need to go to the Dover one and take some notes. I've just never had a good meal here. The staff is extremely rude over the simplest interactions. You don't need to flip out when someone asks if they can have more of something. They also can't wrap here. I know it takes some talent to wrap their famous burritos, but they aren't teaching that talent here. Or any talent for that matter. Or manners. I mean come on guys, you can do better!

Wanda Pinkney

I really don’t come here often, but my daughter wanted a chicken bowl. Ordered food watch a associate clean the counter tops with cleaning solution. I asked associate not to spray cleaning solution around food. Manager stood there and didn’t say anything.I won’t be coming back to this location anymore. Poor service and employees are the worst.

Larry S.

They are consistently out of certain items. Staff has an attitude every time I come here.

Juanita A.

very unkept, unclean including the tables, floors, bathrooms and the staff was very rude and unprofessional. today was first time there and will be my last.

Joshua Peterson

I've held off for a while on reviewing this place but I'm not anymore. This location has some of the most ignorant and disrespectful employees around. If you don't like your job then quit! Not only are the employees worthless but the place itself is always a mess. Tables are never cleaned, the drink area is always a mess, you're lucky if there's any soda that actually has syrup because they barely change out the boxes. When making your meal, they just throw everything on. Especially when you get tacos, you can't even pick them up to eat them because everything was just thrown on. If I wanted a bowl, I would get a bowl! I got a steak burrito tonight but you would swear it was a rice burrito. Even when they wrapped it up it looked like junk (see pic). I'm just tired of little, disrespectful, children who think that the only people that matter are themselves! This place NEEDS TO CLEAN HOUSE! Fire all these little kids and clean the place up because it's ridiculous and I'm done with this place.

Keyur Patel

One of the worst location. 3rd time same thing. Their closing time is 10pm I was there at 7:50. Still no FAJITAS(third time in a row). On top of that the guy doing my order was very polite and while making my bowl I asked for little bit mor Queso. He added it. The Girl next to him told us Rudely “now it will costs you double”. I was like seriously? I wasn’t asking to Double the quantity, still Double charge?. So I ask how? You must have told me before adding it. She literally threw both my veggies bowl in Garbage. And gave me another. Normally when this kind thing happens they can just remove extra charge. Here they literally wasted all the thing. Bot a good customer service.

Eric Nielsen

I got a chicken bowl and some chips. Chips were stale unfortunately. I've had them fresh before and they were very good. Salty lime flavored. Also, the different fresca, lemonade, agua drinks were all awesome.

Mark B

This used to be my spot. Completely downhill, management‘s terrible. They keep raising their prices all the time ,every single time I come. Order a bowl today Hardly no chicken at all. This is turned into one of the worst Chipotles in Delaware. I go to all of them- stay away.

Chrisette W.

This store doesn't get 1 star in my book wish I could do negative stars. I visited this store on 8/2 @ about 7ish. I just wanted Sasa and chips. There was an female employee that I later found out was the manager with one glove on and one glove off. The hand without the glove this manager was using the serving utensils for the sides, cooking on the grill, cutting meat, wiping sweat from her face and adjusting her head visor. The hand with the glove, the glove was soooooooooo dirty and fridled she was touch cook and uncooked meat (cross containmention) which I believe this organization as a whole was having some challenges with years ago. Of course when I saw this I immediately asked an employee for the Manager and that is when I was told she was the manager. I asked to speak with her and she unprofessional and rudely dismissed me and sd" Give me a minute" then started talking to another team member, and rolled her eyes up in her head. I wait a few and then I walked out without food. I called the corp office and spoke with 2 different CSR and was assured this incident would be addressed on all levels. DO NOT VISIT THIS STORE if this is happening in front what is going on behind the secenes. DISGUSTING AND UNPROFESSIONAL.

Geoff N.

The worst one I ever ate at. Crunchy rice, dry beans, tasteless meat. Everything about my experience here was awful. It’s what to be expected anymore but it was the worst Chipotle I ever had so takin it to googs.

Ben Slechta

The WORST Chipotle in the franchise. The workers there clearly do not care about anything and are slow, lazy, and short customers on all toppings. I am never one to complain but the customer infront of me did and as much of it pains me to say, I agree with her.

Kelly Borgia

I got to the store way later than my pick up was supposed to be ready. I did pick up bc I had my dog with me and had to leave her in the car. They definitely did not have it ready. I will say that ince they realized, they made it right away.

Asia Kaede

Middletown, Delaware location is probably the worst chipotle I have visited. The employees are extremely rude, they don’t have any customer service skills, and apparently don’t even know what the bowls bring as far as ingredients. It’s actually embarrassing ordering from this location. Do better. Maybe ask Chick-fil-A management to train these incompetent chipotle employees. I guess it’s true what they say slower lower because they seem like their brains are full of caca.

Peter Brambani

Terrible, order missing 3 ingredients, probably won't order from here again

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