Chipotle Mexican Grill

657 Middletown Warwick Rd, Middletown
(302) 376-9584

Recent Reviews

Mine Lime

You can’t order in the store. Was told I had to order it online. Good luck with that.

kim lorn

Always fresh. I've never been disappointed.

Todd Hecker

I am not sure why the Middletown Chipotle operates differently than other Chipotle stores, but to have a menu item (quesadillas) that has to be ordered online vs. in the restaurant doesn’t make any sense. Other Chipotle stores do not have this requirement and based on the other feedback about the Middletown store, this poor service doesn’t seem isolated.

Christopher McAllister

Fresh. Great staff. Consistent. Delicious.

Thompson Isokpan

My last experience was awful. Great app to place an order. My visit to collect was horrible. Staff spending time and talking over the food in bowl without covering their mouth. There were 2 people there, the guy only place the mask over his chin and was talking over the food. Although I was expected to pick up at 8.46pm. the order was not ready until 9.30pm. Moreso, it appeared the staffers were not on same page, was sent to the queue twice only to be told that I can only order kids meal through online.Terrible.

Mason Pinder

High quality bowls. Could definitely pile more food into the bowls some days, but they are more than willing to add extra if you kindly ask


Who can be good... It's somewhat hit or miss but please oh please...When someone orders food for takeout and they come grab the bag, it's important that they know they have utensils and napkins inside there. I can't tell you how many times I go there and there are no napkins or plastic forks in the bag!

Jason Nicholson

Quick friendly service. Bathroom open for customer use. Ordered take out. Just wish the guacamole wasn't almost $3.00 for a couple tablespoons. It should be part of the price like any other toppings. Just my 2 cent's. But still love the food either way.


I love the food. But the portions aren't consistent. I always ordered double the meat in my burrito bowl but it just didn't seem the same for the price. So I decided to just order the regular portion. That's my only complaint.

Shalin Patel

There were several items which were ridiculously small portion. We eat at chipotle very regularly and the quantity is always great so we decided to order through catering. And THIS IS THE BIGGEST MISTAKE. I WOULD NEVER GET CATERING AS WE ENDED UP MAKING FOOD FOR ATLEAST 5 PEOPLE. Salsa, lettuce, fajita vegetables were all out and only good enough for 10 people. There were 8 kids in 20 people food we ordered & it was still not enough!!! I felt like a rip off for the amount i paid. I’ll be putting my review...

Joey H.

This is probably the rudest chipotle I've ever been to. The servers acted annoyed that I was even ordering. They also put half of my bowl with sour cream and cheese. This is my first time at this location. If it happens again, I won't come back. Oh yeah, my food wasn't sealed and leaked all over my car seat. This was after the cashier handed my food back to the other girl to seal it.

John McLean

Great food, and superb service. Five stars if the tables, inside and outside, had been cleaner. Still, I'll be back.

Kathi Hillner

I'm done doing delivery and customer service is awful. I can't get in touch with anyone over the phone regarding an order. the delivery drivers need to double check for extra bags. we are always missing an entire bag of our orders. terrible. middletown needs to work on things.

andy kihle

Got half the amount of rice I'd normally see if a bowl. Also $5 for chips and queso and this is what I got. The bag should have almost been full. Good thing I'm not local because this is ridiculous

Mandy Sullivan

My husband picked up dinner for us from this location. We both ordered steak bowls, he ordered double steak. Not only was the steak beyond fatty and horrible but I had a few pieces of steak in mine and he had a bit more but for “double steak” it wasn’t even a decent scoop of meat meant for a Regular salad or burrito bowl. For $23.95 the food wasn’t worth it at all, was really disappointed in this location.The worst part was I called the store several times to speak to someone about a refund or some kind of compensation and I never got anyone and it hung up on me each time because I didn’t have a remote code.

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