Giant Food

200 Dove Run Centre Dr, Middletown
(302) 828-9180

Recent Reviews

Rabin Shakya

Goo selection of grocery. And other stuffs.Clean.

Mark Lillard

Almost always out of produce, it’s a joke. Clearly have no overnight team stocking shelves. Used to be a decent supermarket, has completely fallen off the rails in the past couple years. If you eat healthy and meal prep, this is not the store for you. If you eat junk food and box cereal, this might be your store.

David Chase

So way overpriced bottle mountain dew $2.39 every place else like $1.78 cereal out of sight so high never go back.justcthink if you overpay for 20 items that's like a hour or more of you working. And it's al because they want to want to rip you off. Even acme is cheaper but still to expensive . That why Walmart is packed all the time. Don't let them rip you off.

Veronica Faye

Out of 5 of the other Giants that I've lived by/frequently visited in the past, this ones the most dirtiest.. but I live close by here now, so it's more convenient for me. I don't like the produce because I've seen a lot of it isn't as fresh/crisp, soggy, moldy etc. I really feel they lack in that area. And as far as I've seen, there's no legit organic aisle which would be really nice.


I go to but a 15 dollar Xbox live card and this old lady that works for the store handles the paying process i the. Wait a weak later to load it for my younger sister to find out that the card wasnt even put through and I want a refund or a free gift card

Lynnet Delaney

Was more expensive then food lion but cheaper then acme. Store was clean, great selection. They had cases of toilet paper for $5.00 so I grabbed a case. When I checked out I was told they were actually free!

Kevin Mullen

Despite the bakery having issues with writing my son's name on a cake 20 mins before close catching a major attitude. Where's the customer service it was his birthday 1 color sheeesh

Joe S.

Things in the store are ok I guess, it's just outside the phone signal in the area is a***

Poppy Kozzi

Love the store so close and convenient. Also love how they steam the lobsters.

Laura Stahl

Very nice, clean store. Prices are a bit high, so I mainly go for specific items, not my whole grocery list.

Barry Ricketts

Good stuff, fair prices and open til midnight...

Thomas J Solimeo

Higher quality products. Above average pricing.

Paulette Anderson

Great food options, including ORGANIC! & They carry my favorite organic ice cream at a good price! I appreciate a clean & organized grocery store!!

Diana Struzinski

Convenient shopping, good values, fresh produce, friendly and helpful staff.

TZ Trix

well prices are comparable to most. lines are not to bad, depending on day and time you go. the meats are nice and the produce is also decent.

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