Harper's Sandwiches & Such

4390 Summit Bridge Rd # 1, Middletown
(302) 376-5700

Recent Reviews

Andrew LoFurno

Quality meats but a good price!

Bob Bret

Outstanding sandwich ? s. Try them. Won't be disappointed.


Great sandwich....can't wait to return to try more !!!

Mike R.

Wow...what a great sandwich shop. The only mistake I made was not ordering sooner. The amount of meat and shear volume of sandwich was awesome. The best part was the bread. Anyone worth their salt when talking about sandwiches will tell you that the bread is the most important part. This was hands down the best bread I ever tasted. Going back to the size of the sandwich, very often, large sandwiches lose their flavor due to shear size, definitely not the case here. Very well balanced and delicious. I had the Italian and the wife had the cheesesteak, both were top of the line and waaayy better than Capriottis. Cant wait for the other half tomorrow!


First time ordering. Definitely worth tracking down location. Got a 12-in Italian and a 6-in ham and cheese. Biggest subs I've had in a long time totally worth the money.

Steven C.

A truly New York style deli in Middletown. Thier sandwich is done right at a reasonable price. They bake thier rolls on site daily, and make awesome Cuban as they also roast their own pork tenderloin. Kudos

Kelly Stewart

Great people, great food, big portions - go hungry!


After ordering from them twice and experiencing rude, abrupt service, I should have known better, but I called to place another order. They were SO blatantly annoyed that they had to answer the phone that I told them I couldn’t believe they were were a family-owned place and they should close their doors since they were always so horrible to customers. I am always a pleasant customer so I know they are doing this to everyone.


Worst cheesesteak i have ever had. The bread tasted like cardboard and the sandwich was awful. Worst $14 ive ever spent on lunch.

Eric Worthington

Very good sandwiches ?

Angel Ramos

My favorite Sub Shop. They make their own bread and the ingredients are the highest quality!

Michael Guerra

Sandwich was good but bread needs to be better to fluffy and tastes funny

Judy Hamhoc

We love Harper's sandwich and such


I have to give this restaurant 5 stars, and more if I could. They make the best subs I have ever had, and are such friendly people. Many local business have been hit hard during the quarantine, and we need to help our community stay strong. If you are looking for a really good sub to eat during quarantine, or just in general I highly recommend this place. :)

Bryan Suess

The chilli and club sandwiches are awesome!

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