Pizza Di Napoli

5350 Summit Bridge Rd, Middletown
(302) 376-8888

Recent Reviews

kelly vaughn

It was good!! I'd eat there again.

Irene Jagielski

We got a large cheese pizza and it was good but we noticed that the sauce seemed a little sweeter than what we're used to.

Jay Dough

Forced to give this a single star. The greeting we got by the woman behind the counter was less than pleasant. She repeatedly interrupted taking our order to answer the phone, but did not allow her co-workers to either take our order or answer the phone. (This led to our slices being too hot when we specifically asked for them to be just warmed up.) The people making the pizzas appeared to be working hard, but the customer-facing service was not good. I saw a review that praised their buffalo chicken, so I ordered a slice of that. I was sadly disappointed. The amount of chicken on there was far too little for what I was charged. There just was not enough sauce and the little that was on there would not classify as "buffalo" chicken sauce - there needs to be at least a little kick to buffalo chicken, this had none. The crust was thin and just bland; there was no flavor to it and it ended up basically being dry. The cheese was not a very high quality, and there wasn't much of it on my buffalo chicken slice.My friend ordered the plain slice and there was little to no sauce on there, either. He was unhappy with his cheese and he said the crust was "unremarkable". He said "the tomato sauce that was on there was overwhelmed by the processed cheese flavor" I tasted a bit of it, and found there to be NO spices added to what was an underwhelming slice.Combine the poor attitude as you walk in the door with a less than stellar taste experience, and I can't honestly recommend this to anyone.There is room for improvement - put more sauce on your slice. Put a few spices (oregano, garlic salt, dried basil, something!) into your sauce to make it distinctive. Upgrade your cheese - and don't be afraid to drizzle a little quality olive oil on there as it goes in the oven. Maybe use a little corn meal on your stone - do something to add character to your pizza. Finally, trust ALL your employees to interact with the customers.

Chuck Mound

We went out of our way to try this Pizza based upon Google Reviews for the Pizza Hunters App to consider for Delaware Pizza. This was a very big mistake. First, the customer service was below average. The woman at the counter was not very pleasant and did not like pictures or videos being taken in the Pizzeria. Upon getting the Pizza, I can understand why. This is not Good Pizza. No Sauce. Claim they use Grande Cheese, which is a lie and the crust was not good..Would say a full your belly Pizza, but even that is a no go because this did not sit well in our stomachs. Stay Away.. Glad we don't live in Delaware.

James Ironside

Great food - great service

Chad Grima

Great clean place with very helpful workers and great food

Tamia Matthews

Pizza is very tasty! The garlic knots are amazing! The buffalo & bbq wings are very good too! Staff is friendly. Prices are reasonable. Love this place.

Michael Franson

Moe serves the Best of Everything. Will always return here.

Jacob Sundied

This is just great.The food is great the staff is nice and extremely hard working and they are often times busy but that is ok because it is worth the wait.

Grace Campbell

Food and dessert was amazing!! Hot, fresh, and fast, especially since the had a 10 top there!! Service was amazing and fabulous!! I will be back!! And the best part is they had some excellent tiramisu too!!

Corey Williams

Great service, great Pizza, and Fast!! I recommend the 3 cheese Sicilia pizza.

John A. Ruglass

Hand made tossed crust tasted good and the pizza sauce finished the job. Really enjoyed our meal.

Rufus P.

Best Pizza I've had in a while. Drove 35 minutes to Middletown and while there located this shop. Non greasy, very tasty and just what I look for in a pizza. They get my score of 10 RAP

Keef TheGOD

Stick to the Italian dishes and you'll be fine.

Shelby Passwater

everything!! their dough is perfect. I got a steak toll with rpmi and green peppers..soft enough,spicy enough salty enough.

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