Poke Bros.

476 Middletown Warwick Rd, Middletown
(302) 464-1051

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It’s always good. Fast and fresh.

Sara Casella

So good! I love this place!!


I will make this review short. The service is very good and the food is good but they are way overpriced by at least $2.00 to $3.00 compaired to all of the Sushi places in Middletown, De.

Lynda Giambra

I ordered a build your own bowl. I ordered the white rice with shrimp & chicken and sweet soy sauce and crushed cashews. Even though they forgot to add the shrimp (which I didn't realize until I was almost done), it was still very good and would go back.

Caitlin rhame

Decent healthy option but quality of fish was not great, and we did not feel well after eating. The fish stays on a cool table but is not refrigerated and looking back that should have been a warning.

Coach Styve

Ohh My I enjoy the combination of the warm base on the bottom and the combination of the fresh toppings to top it all off. At first I did not know what to expect but once I put the first bowl ? together it was like eating a bowl of Sushi ?. And they have home made mochi (Japanese Ice cream) very delicious flavor. They even have an option for vegan ?so check it out. And the freedom to make your own bowl you can find your creative flavor like I have.

Binita D

Really enjoyed the poke bowl I ordered!I got spicy ahi tuna poke with brown rice and salad with lots of toppings. Basic toppings like cucumber, edamame and carrots etc., are free while you will have to pay $0.50-$1 extra for toppings like seaweed salad and mango. Since it was my first time at Poke Bros, I got soy sauce, coconut ginger and gochujang on the side. Really liked gochujang. I wish the bowls included a little bit more protein than their standard small scoop and more seaweed salad, especially since I paid $1 extra. Regardless, would go back again.

Latanya B.

First time today trying today and I was very impressed o will be ordering again tomorrow ! Everything was fresh just beyond my expectations!

Christopher McAllister

Outstanding food and service. They have preserved during the pandemic because they quickly adapted a safe and healthy environment that keeps their products available and consistently delicious. Ordering online is a breeze. Maybe too easy. I order more now than before the pandemic because I can always depend on getting what I asked for within 10 to 15 minutes regardless of the time of day. They check all the boxes.

Erikka Cottingham

Great food. I only eat seafood and they have a bowl with salmon, shrimps and tuna. OMG


I LOVE THIS PLACE! I come here every week. Everything is always fresh and delicious. Would highly recommend the High tide Mix bowl if you like shrimp and chicken ?

Lara Riley

Everything was SO good! We will definitely be back VERY soon. Thank you Poke Bros.!!!

Tanya Dixon

Love the variety of foods,makes me feel like back home.

Cecilia Dunkelberger

their customer service has always been amazing , as someone who probably eats there 2x a week some of them recongize me . But whoever it was tonight went above for me when I called about my Door Dash order because I needed to adjust my order , of course I normally never order them through doordash because I am able to pick up most of the time but the gentleman was so sweet & did extra that I didnt ask for

Nicki P.

I'm a huge sushi fan, but this was my first time having poke. I love salmon, so i got the "Johnny Utah", with half white/half brown rice. The salmon tasted fresh, each piece melted in my mouth. There was surprisingly a good portion of salmon in the bowl. The rest of the ingredients accompanied the salmon well, and was VERY filling. I will definitely try this again, maybe with salad instead of rice.

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