Sweet Melissa

5407 Peterson Rd, Middletown
(302) 376-5049

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Peter Perri

My daughter loves the pastries here. I try to take her once a week so she has cake pops on hand for her daily treat. Staff is great and friendly and we love going here

Heather Anne

My husband and I were in a crunch for cupcakes for our baby shower, as our original facility lost our order. My husband called Sweet Melissa’s and they were not only able to get 3 dozen cupcakes ready within minutes, they decorated them beautifully and they surpassed my expectations! Thank you so much for saving our baby shower and making such beautiful and delicious cupcakes!

Michelle Rash

My daughter-in-law ordered cupcakes from a different bakery for her baby shower and they never processed her order. She called Sweet Melissa’s for an order of 30 cupcakes about an hour before guests were to arrive and not only did she get them, but they went above and beyond to add sparkles and candies to make them extra special. Thank you SO MUCH for saving the day! They were delicious!

Judy Smith

After our lunch, celebrating a birthday, didn't see anything on the menu we liked for dessert (and the place was too cold to stick around) so looked for a place on the way home for a cupcake! Yum on the cupcake, it was a peanut butter chocolate one and it was delicious! We bought cake pops for the ride home, we planned on having the cupcakes at home. The cake pops were a little too sweet but substantial. I think I'll stick to the cupcakes. An adorable store with an area you could go and have a sweet and a cup of tea or coffee. Would highly recommend a stop there if you are in the area!

Christy R

This was recommended to me and I am so glad I went there! I got a chai with shot of salted caramel and a cookie dough cake pop. Both were very good! The girls working there were very nice! Definitely recommend!

Jacob Sundied

Wow just wow.The desserts are amazing and the staff is always friendly.I also like the occasional events that they have.My favorite thing I had there was a slice of rainbow cake but they also have the best cake pops I have ever had.

Crystal Hartley

We ordered cupcakes for a 70th birthday they were beautiful almost didn’t want to eat them! It’s amazing the talent of whoever did them. We had half filled with Bavarian cream and I do wish there was a just a little more cream in them but overall very happy

Leah B.

Everyone was so easy to work with here. I got a three tier wedding cake delivered to our reception and it tasted and looked incredible. They were also very reasonably priced. The morning of our wedding we dropped off flowers for the cake and bought a few pastries for breakfast that were delicious as well. I will definitely be back to try some of their other desserts!

Samantha A.

They probably have some of the worst customers service ever. Whenever you call and inquire they're so rude and never want to answer any questions. In store they're pretty rude as well and always rushing you because they usually have lines. They're desserts are pretty good but I seriously hate coming here because of how I get treated.


I enthusiastically visited Sweet Melissa for the first time in six years, the new location is beautiful. The parking lot is difficult to get out of. However that's not what disappointed me, the young girl at the counter was impatient while I made my selection and asked questions. The cupcakes tasted stale I purchased four a butterfinger, a salted caramel which was very salty, a lemon raspberry which was the most stale, and a raspberry swirl which the icing was very oily. The cookies were okay. The cake pops were the best item purchased they are a nice size and very moist and delicious. I was just so heartbroken the other items were not as good as I remembered.

Ashley S.

LOVE this place! The staff is always nice, the place is always clean, and it's always decorated so homey and welcoming. The baked goods have always been fresh and tasty.

Jennisasweetie 4Lyfe

We just moved to the area and I was searching for a bakery because I normally don’t care for grocery store cakes. I went for my husband’s birthday and was absolutely blown away. They have so many fresh cakes made along with cake pops, cup cakes and muffins. The smoothies are amazing. I was so pleased with the selection that day I came home with cake, cake pops and cup cakes. Today I’m heading back again for my daughter’s 19th bday. This place is the sweetest ?


We have been here for cakes in the past and enjoyed them. However, the purpose of our visit this month was for a FREE Easter even they were offering. Sweet Melissa's had advertised on Facebook that they were holding an Easter Bunny event at their store front on the Saturday before Easter weekend (last Saturday in March). They advertised outdoor space for visiting with the bunny. You could take your own photos and receive a treat from the bunny at no charge & no reservations were required. When we arrived parking was full. We ended up parking around the corner and walking over. Once in front of the shop, they had clearly marked 2 lines: to the left to visit with the bunny and to the right to visit the bakery. There was no line so we were able to walk up and visit with the bunny rather quickly. Masks were required. Staff was friendly. Each child received a free plastic Easter egg with a few stickers inside for visiting with the bunny. This was a quick, no-hassle, outdoors, socially distanced way to visit with the bunny and get our annual bunny photos. Overall, I thought this was a good event. I thought it was great for the shop to offer this outdoor children's event free of charge. It was a nice way to get to see the bunny without having to stand in a line indoors at the mall! It was a rather quick event though that just involved saying hi and bye to the bunny. I would recommend to those with small children.

Ashley Stafford

Incredible baked goods and coffee to choose from. Friendly and helpful staff, clean, and comfortable. Will come again!

Emmanuel Rosembert

SUPER clean atmosphere, amazing treats, I've already told a couple people I know to pay them a visit.

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