Tom Foolery's Restaurant & Bar

714 Ash Blvd, Middletown
(302) 449-2211

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Byrdie Uncagged

Calm and relaxed on Sunday nights after work, did forget to mention industry night as my coworkers informed me about. I'm newer to the area so first time visiting and I liked it but wanted to know of the hype my family and coworkers were mentioning.So I went again on a Saturday....Saturday it's a mad house but loved the party vibe in a small city, being from Philly it reminded me of that type of vibe.Cons: took FOREVER to get a drink order inAnd ppl of course wanted to fight in parking lot.Pros: security, drink costs, outside deck area


The staff was very friendly, but to cut to the chase, my stuffed flounder was horrible. I mean the worst I've ever had horrible.My daughters burger was very average.My wife's chicken wings ...8 out of 10 good and her beer was excellent.I'd visit again.

Beny Vasquez

Great time, great staff and the Dj is on point. The food was good. We left happy ?

Jason Cooper

Awesome place. Good variety on the menu. Everything the family ordered was super delicious. The best unexpected surprise was the dessert. Best moist carrot cake ever. The big chocolate cake was super good if you're into rich yummy chocolate cakes. Dark choc not milk so there's that to look out for. It's totally big enough for 2 people to share. Personally i don't like that flavor but my family loved it. I would recommend the carrot cake. Definitely going to go back soon. Friendly staff and food came out in a timely manor for a table of 6. Decent beer selection but could be better. All in all I'd say 5 stars.

Sharde Morris-Tate

Sooooo. I had giving bad reviews. ? It's only two stars because I liked my ribs a lot. So! Had the crab dip app, it was way cheesy and not so much crab, it was unimpressive. Also we waited a long time to even order our food but I'm assuming the waiter was just mentally busy. Anyway, we order, get our food and the freaking flies are annoying as ever! I had to push my over cheesy dip to the side for our fly friends so we could somewhat eat in peace. (We have friends that confirmed that flies were an issue for them as well). Hubby and I don't understand the hype around the place. We went around 5pm. He didn't enjoy his burger too much and my Mac and cheese was "eh". OH I almost forgot, there was a hair on my plate. I don't have straight short hair, I have waist length kinky hair. So yeah... I've attached pictures of our fly friends and the food we reserved for them as well as the hair on my plate...

Moni O

Great service, food, and they give great portions. Food is very generously seasoned.

Jamie Kaiser

I visited this location on July 25, 2021.We order brunch items, steak and eggs, two orders of French toast with scrapple. Beach Bum Bloody Mary's and Blackberry Mimosas with Crabby Tots as the appetizer. The tots were AWESOME.. The meals were HORRIBLE!!!! I couldn't eat mine, I sent it back and canceled. French Toast burnt and no flavor, look like the scrapple was cook on a flat top that was cleaned and scrubbed but they left the debris on it and prepared food on it. UNACCEPTABLE.

Christopher Jentzsch

Went for brunch today. Firstly, they were out of hash browns. The specialty drinks were very nice and reasonably priced. The entrees were great. I ordered 3 drinks over the course of the meal. The third of which was not what I asked for, yet I was charged full price for the item. Also, there were flies at our table for the whole meal. Might try this place again.

Scott Donalds

So went to the Brunch! To my surprise they don’t serve “Toast” ? What Brunch doesn’t serve toast especially when you order eggs or an Omelette. Never ever have I had an omelette that doesn’t come with potatoes or fries, they have “À la cart” won’t Be going back!

Daniel Graff

We stopped here on way back to Pa from Bethany beach. As soon as we walked in we could tell the atmosphere was NOT like the chain restaurants. We were greeted promptly and sat very even faster. The server was excellent with knowledge of the menu and establishment. We ordered bacon wrapped scallops and French Onion Soup to start. Scallops came out in a beautifully plated presentation . The French Onion Soup was some of the best I have tasted too. The portion sizes were perfect. After eating our entrees, no one was bloated or felt overly full. Mike came to table to check on us, which was a pleasant surprise. We talked for a few minutes and he left us to enjoy the food. This is definitely a place EVERYONE should stop and experience. Food was awesome, service was great and it is easy to find. Will absolutely be stopping here again on the next beach trip.

Bryanna P.

Food was okay. The best thing about place was the wings. The crab burger wasn't really seasoned so it didn't do much as far as flavor. The worst thing about the restaurant was the ridiculous amount of flies. No one wants to be swatting away flies every time they take a bite. The flies were literally harassing us. One landed on my mouth I wanted to cry. The owner needs to invest in some bug spray, fly traps, pest control, something cause it's quite ridiculous. Unsanitary

Becky P.

My husband and I went for the first time at noon on a Saturday. It wasnt packed so we were seated right away. All the employees we interacted with were friendly. While the food was good, it wasn't "I gotta have this again good". Note that their salads use mixed greens so if you're like me and not into the stemmy greens then you won't like the salads. LoL. I'm also a big bathroom person...I think the way restaurant bathrooms are kept say alot about the restaurant itself (imo), and their bathroom was clean and stocked. Bonus because their "stalls" were actual private rooms with doors that shut and lock. No gaps!

Robert C.

We thoroughly enjoyed our dinner here. It's a very nice bar & grill. They have a great variety on the menu. $6 burgers Mondays. Service was very good as well.

Caroline A.

This was my first time here, so I don't know if it's usually like this, but my family and I were underwhelmed to say the least. Burnt food, cold coffee, and server was not on top of checking in with us (we waited quite a while for our drinks to be refilled). Speaking of drinks, I didn't know the soda was not free refill. Normally the server will let you know it is not free refill before you order a second one. Oh well!

J P.

Went during middle of week. Nachos were over cooked to the point of almost burnt. Cheesesteak was merely ok. Overall was a good place to come for drinks but food was just ok

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Tom Foolery's Restaurant & Bar

714 Ash Blvd, Middletown, DE 19709
(302) 449-2211