Big Fish Grill on the Riverfront

720 Justison St, Wilmington
(302) 652-3474

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Jeffrey K.

2 pm on a September Sunday was the perfect time to visit Big Fish Grill in Wilmington. Without a reservation, our wait was only about a half hour and we were able to take a walk along the Christina River's Riverwalk while we waited. On Sundays you order from the dinner menu which includes an abundance of specials. The soups did not disappoint and all of the seafood entrees and sides we ordered were outstanding. We finished our meal with an apple cobbler with ice cream. All in all, a great meal. My favorite seafood restaurant in Wilmington.

Jasmine S.

I really wanted a crab cake today and since Trolley Square Oyster House is closed on Mondays, I settled in on big fish grill. I called in my order for crab cake sandwich and fries and was told it would be ready in 15 mins. I devoured the sandwich. The actual cake is small, sadly, but full of lump meat and well seasoned. The fries were plentiful but not a fave. They become soggy quick in the to go containers. The 3 stars was for the ease of check out. There were two girls at the front counter. One was on a phone call and the other girl said she'll help you (motioning to the one who is obviously not available). I don't mind waiting, but I'm big on customer perception and associates should eagerly jump in to help out anyone at any time. Just my opinion. Food is good. That's not the issue. At all.

Steve Giralt

We went here for a date night and really enjoyed it. This location has indoor and outdoor seating, a great menu, and was very clean and up to date. The service was really friendly and quick. This was a wonderful experience.

Demishia O.

When first walking in the greeter was not pleasant. Didn't greet us and made us wait without saying anything. The manager came over and sat us. The kid that made sure we had utensils was very nice and so was our waiter. Overall the food was good. My cousins reported the corn wasn't that good. The sautéed spinach was good and the lobster. Not a lot of lobster in the meal. The fried rice with shrimp was ok. For the stuffed lobster with 2 sides it was about $40.00. The outside area was packed on a Thursday night. We sat inside. Overall I recommend if you are a seafood lover.

C24639 C.

About 20mins wait for a Monday Labor Day night @7:24p and got seated @7:41pm. Friendly surroundings. Great choice of options on the menus. Wow..the foods is in perfect portion and tasty. This place is a hiding Gem. Pricing is very fair and well worth for the taste and quality.

Paul Pinson

Had a pleasant dinner with friends in the outdoor seating area. Rain held off. Service was good and food was fine. Canned Guinness was the only dark beer I was offered; chose coffee instead. Fortunately for us, our friends arrived very early and sustained the 20 minute wait. We arrived at the agreed upon time and were seated immediately.

K. Anand S.

There is nothing bad about the food. There is nothing great either. We ordered sea bass and bourbon glazed shrimp. Neither lived up to the description on the menu. Food was bland and the whole dish was not cohesive; just ingredients on a plate. The saffron rice tasted like normal rice; nothing special.

Nasara BostMoney

First visit. Our waitress BreAnn or Brianna something close to that was amazing! We had 4 children toddlers and 8 adults. She rocked it. We never felt left out or forgotten with all of our request. And the extra helpers was great too. Staff was the best . 5 stars for them! $500 tab worth it though. Desert was great. We didn't know gratuity was added to parties over 10 but we still left the waitress another tip! I would have put 4 stars only because the food was ok. I got mussles with the wine sauce. It looked amazing but the taste was Blain and it was just ok. Could have used some garlic or something in the sauce to make it more flavorful. But I will return again and try more food! Reservations is a great idea for this place.

Cortney Ayers

Wish I could’ve given it a 4.5. Everything was excellent with the exception of my husband’s swordfish - which was still good - just not great. The pecan crusted halibut was excellent! We sat on the patio overlooking the river. Great atmosphere.

Sandy Avery

Riverfront area of Wilmington DE - welcoming atmosphere. The seafood is fresh. The service is friendly and knowledgeable. The prices are reasonable given the quality of the food and preparation. Highly recommend!

Juli D

Jackie was the greatest server! We had a party of 14 last weekend and everything went extremely smooth, the food was delicious, and everyone had a great time. The drinks were strong too so that was a plus.

Stacy H.

This place is excellent. We got seated on the patio and the beer was cold and the service was excellent. The raw oysters were delicious. Capresse salad perfect for a hot day. The dessert was mind blowing. This place isn't cheap but it's the best place on the riverfront. On weekends reservations are a must. Enjoy

Jim R.

At this point there really isn't all that much to see at the Wilmington Riverfront but if you're down in that area here's a great spot for lunch/dinner. With both indoor and outdoor tables I'm sure you'll find what makes you comfortable. The 6 of us had an indoor table for lunch. The menu is quite large which isn't always a good sign since how can they perfect everything but we all enjoyed what we ordered. The shared 2 orders of the Homemade Lobster Spinach dip, with melted Fontina cheese and fried tortilla chips, was a good start. All the entrees were also very good. The Fish Cioppino was a gigantic bowl of shrimp, scallops, mussels, clams and fish over Linguine. The "Flash Fried" Seafood Combo with french fries was also a generous portion of fried shrimp, cod and oysters. Other items ordered and very much enjoyed were the Big Fish Jambalaya, the Fried Oyster sandwich, the Black & Blue Swordfish sandwich and the Crab Cake sandwich. With a few drinks, (1 beer and some iced teas) before tip, the bill came to around $150. Not too bad for 6 people!

Oliver Neal

Flash Fried Fish is excellent, but the Broil Crab Cakes are a bit small for the price. The shrimp fried rice and sweet potato mashers are excellent. We would be there every week if we didn't...

Deborah J.

We stopped here for lunch on our way home to NJ and our meal was a wonderful surprise! We were seated immediately by the hostess in a large booth. Our server, Hannah came over to our table with menus and a basket of crackers along with a small cup of tuna salad. She allowed us time to peruse the menu while eating the delicious tuna and crackers before we placed our order. We ordered the Bourbon glazed shrimp as an appetizer. The 1/2 dozen shrimp on a skewer glazed with bourbon and side of sauce on the side were delicious! My husband and I both chose lunch items. He choice the flash fried scallops and I the flash fried shrimp. The scallops and shrimp were very fresh. My husband had about six medium scallops and I had eight nice sized shrimp. The flash fried method allowed them to stay plump with a dusting of coating. Both came atop a bed of French fries and cold slaw on the side. Everything was seasoned nicely and very tasty. Our server was so pleasant and patient. She provided us additional information about happy hour, dinner menu and desserts. She even told us about different places around the waterfront. Hannah was the perfect waitress. My husband and I loved this seafood restaurant. The restaurant was clean and airy; seafood fresh and the service fantastic! Yes, we will be returning to try some additional menu items here. This is actually a 4 1/2 star restaurant. Don't miss this one; spend your money here!

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Big Fish Grill on the Riverfront

720 Justison St, Wilmington, DE 19801
(302) 652-3474