Bubble Shack

3205 Concord Pike, Wilmington
(302) 887-3087

Recent Reviews

Leonila Basanes

I had the cantaloupe bubble tea... so good! The ladies were so helpful in helping me pick it out...thanks! Definitely will be back for more ??❤

Alex Kelly

The boba was so good that I had to go back to try their Banh Mi! Highly recommend.

Caroline F

Really fresh and delicious Mango bubble tea. Pork bun was warm and tender. Very tasty!

Ian King

Was very pleasantly surprised by the quality of the food and drinks. Party ordered the Lychee Delight, Migh-Tea Mouse, classic bahn mi, one of the noodle dishes, and spring rolls. Everything was phenomenal. Highly recommend.

Brandon Meglathery

Very friendly staff made my first bubble tea experience as good as it could be, and I couldn't have been happier with their recommended choice based on my preferences!

Elana Rothenberg

Tried Bubble Shack because someone raved about it, and now I understand why. The bubble teas are refreshing and have such a variety of flavors. The banh mi sandwiches are fresh and tasty with the perfect kick of spice. Will be back to try more!

Harline Dennison

I love this place. Almond bubble tea is my fav. Sandwich are fresh and delicious.


Love all the food and drinks here, great atmosphere and I can't wait to try the tofu next time?

Sarah Roeske

Try the lychee popping boba, you won't be disappointed!

Sapphira Hendricks

Great sandwiches and bubble tea

Bridgette H.

Yes yes yes!!! My favorite place to treat myself!! Love a good fruit or coffee pick me up! Food is food too!!

Holly B.

I really enjoy the Bubble Shack. If you love boba tea, you will love it here. It's just a little walk in spot but they have soo many options. I usually get pomegranate black tea with classic boba and it's super refreshing. My 5 year old son also loves bubble Tea and he's enjoyed every flavor he's tried so far. The last time we went, my husband tried a traditional banh mi and that was also really, really good. Definitely worth a stop!!

d fly

Bubble Shack is basically one of the only options for me to get local bubble tea. I wish it was a 5 star experience, but what holds me back is that the bobas are inconsistent. Some days they are a real miss and taste either like they were leftovers or simply wasn't done properly. In areas of higher competition, this can turn a customer away indefinitely. Maybe taste before serving?

Steve S.

Vietnamese iced coffee has been my kick lately. This place is as good as any I've had so far. And they give you a good sized cup unlike many places. Plus the dumplings are very tasty. And now my son likes the strawberry milk tea. They just made my go to list.

Sinthia L.

It's amazing I love the boba drinks and I will be ordering from here whenever I want boba. I totally recommend it.

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