Drop Squad Kitchen

928 Justison St, Wilmington
(302) 984-2773

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Don J.

I decided to try out the drop squad kitchen after reading a review of it in USA TODAY that said it was the best vegan restaurant in Delaware. The restaurant itself is tucked in around behind the shopping center right on the water which is pleasant for outdoor seating. Tried two of the sandwiches one called Subliminal and the MVP. Subliminal is a cold "turkey" with pickles and homemade sauces. The turkey is in quotes because the entire restaurant is vegan as it should be. The MVP has caramelized onions and a vegan cheese. I can highly recommend this restaurant.

Kat T.

Vegan food can be so hit or miss sometimes, but when I say this place is a hit, I mean it is a HIT. I got the Vurrito and it was incredible. If you are new to vegan food or apprehensive about trying something, this is the way to go. I think someone who regularly eats ground beef would easily be fooled if they didn't know better! But the real star is the sweet potato cobbler. I have never inhaled a dish so fast in my life. Do yourself a favor and pick this up!

Lauren McNulty

Have lived in the neighborhood for 10 years and finally tried this place. To be honest I was slightly intimidated by some of the reviews and that's why I hesitated for so long. I can report that it was an overall seemless and pleasant experience. The food is absolutely ah-mazing. I ordered online and went in at the estimated completion time and it was ready. The estimated time of completion was about 40 mins after I placed my order which is fine by me. They had a lot of orders on the counter so that timeframe is expected for this top quality food made with lots of love. I get that it's especially harder now with busineses adjusting to the mass amount of online orders resulting from the pandemic. My suggestion is to order online ahead and skip the wait that others on here have complained about. I got the GOAT chickpea wrap and it was oh-so good. Will definitely be back.

Hassannah Q.

The best non-dairy ice cream is delicious. If you can't tolerate cow's milk, this place is it.


Very unhappy with my order today! I ordered classic tacos and chickun tacos. I was shocked to find that my classic tacos had no cheeze, which is usually my favorite part. Also, the total amount of “meat” in both tacos was not even a tablespoon! The chickun tacos were also very skimpy and this was very disappointing as it was for my birthday. I ordered by phone and the lady said it would take 40 minutes. It wound up taking over an hour for something that was so skimpy that I was still hungry after the $16 I spent on the measly portions that didn’t even have the “cheeze”. I called to complain and they said they would give me free tacos next time. We will see. I’ve eaten here many times over the years and this was the first time since the pandemic. They seem to have went downhill. Only plus was my cashier was very friendly. If they don’t change, I won’t be coming back.

Doree J.

I always love their dishes. I've e had their VSteak, collards, chili, Maryland soup, Mac and cheese, goddess smoothies, hi-red, milkshakes, and other items. All delicious. The only downfall is waiting for the food can be lengthy sometimes depending on the day.

Jacintha F.

The food here is really good. Staff is great and I really enjoyed the lobster Mac and cheese and fish tacos. I recommend this place and there are a lot of cool games and books inside.

Jasmine S.

I wanted to support this place but I went in one day still early during the pandemic. Patrons barely had masks on, neither did the staff. I found a hair in my beverage. Not cool.

Joseph B.

Kosher under the Wilmington rabbinate.Expect to wait for your food as everything is very fresh.It is worth stopping there!!!!

Autumn Robinson

Excellent service. I went there with my friends for the first time and our cashier was very pleasant and knowledgeable. She had some great recommendations if you're not vegan and don't know what to order, like me. My chickpea curry wrap with yams and a side of mac and cheese were absolutely delicious, filling, made to order, well packaged to-go and remained hot for quite some time. This is comfort food at it's best. I will definitely go back.

Kyle Waters

This was my first time ordering food from there and I must say it was good as heck. The young lady at the front counter made great suggestions and really helped me make the best decision. I will be going back with the family so everyone can try their food :).

Stacy H.

Working down at the Riverfront. Popped in to check it out. Enjoyed the vegan hot dog and some ice cream. They had outdoor seating but nothing inside. I like the vibe of the place. They are under staffed, so the 3 ladies in there were hustling. You may have to wait for your order or to go order. The food was very good.

Morgan Ulrich

Delicious vegan soul food! I'll definitely be back.They had a decent line and wait time when I went and for good reason - the food is high quality and their menu is like none other in the area.

Lawrence Leonard

Stumbled upon Drop Squad Kitchen at end of our bike ride. Food was phenomenal - had the chip hop salad and the Marley salad. Staff was friendly and had good vibes. Definitely going back

Harry Dunn

It's really, really, really hard to believe that the mac and cheese here is vegan. Would love to see more mac and cheese combinations.

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