El Maguey

3320 Old Capitol Trail, Wilmington
(302) 660-2669

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E Murphy

Excellent food. Took the kids to eat there early enough to enjoy the food and then some music.

Dulce Pina

Tacos are delicious. Came here on Tuesday and that taco was hitting. The drinks were great but the service was not it. Our girl came twice wasn’t friendly. On a good night me and my girls droop money. We are servers and know how hard and how underpaid that job is and unfortunately because our waitress lacked the attention we weren’t able to drink the way we do. When the check came we were over charged for two different types of drinks. When we talked to the manager they told us that the prices change after a certain time but no where in the menu did it state that. Everywhere else there is a change in the prices and I get it it’s business and it wasn’t about the money but more of the advertising. My girls and I were trying to make it our spot but unfortunately that won’t be a thing. Take out yes. Dine in probably never again. Until they get better staff and update their Menus accordingly I don’t recommend you dine in. Take it home and enjoy your night.

Blas García

Very good food you got to try the nacho

King James

Great authentic Mexican food! Taco Tuesdays $1...Staff is very friendly!

Aries Diamante

If you ever go for a concert and are very hungry don't expect to get your food quick because you definitely will not! There's also a lady security guard who approached us last time we went demanding we pull our mask up even though the other people around us weren't wearing theirs. We asked why no one else had to put it on and the response we got from her was, worry about yourself" definitely not a pleasant experience! There's always guys trying to lure females into the bathroom and the seating in the middle of the place is over priced if you ask me. Also if you go and get a table you might as well get a bottle if you are planning to drink because if you get the table only and then decide on the bottle you'll pay even more. My friend ended up paying 175$ for a bottle of Hennessy after we paid 100 for a side table.

Veronica Gomez

I love this p ok ace,I truly recommend

Marissa C.

Unfortunately it had nothing to do with the customer service or the location. However, when you serve $1 tacos and $10-$15 nachos, your drinks should not be $18. If you feel the need to charge $18 per drink + $3 per bottled water, you should absolutely be giving your patrons a heads up. $24 in food vs $117 in beverages?!? Outrageous.

Sandy Julian

El ambiente es bueno pero las meseras son despotas la comida no es tan buena y eso de que cobran la mesa es un abuso no se conforman con lo que uno consume te cobran aparte la mesa y depende si la mesa esta un poco adelante es aun mucho mas cara


Diddid wants Mexican food but Border has a 40 minute wait and Diddid don’t want to wait. So we ordered a pizza from Big Z. Diddid don’t want Big Z but El Maguey doesn’t have dine in.

Karen Promociónes Martínez

Great food, and great service!

Thomas Roy Hymer

Great experience! Was a lot of fun and friendly staff

Zac Chamberlain

It was horrible fights in the parking lot security pulling guns on people

Jasmin Merino Flores

Because if covid people can’t dance , i don’t understand the point of opening& still charging 100$ for a table to SIT ... no thank you just play YouTube on your speakers cause it’s the same thing!

Chikilin Hernandez

Mejor lugar para música en vivo ,bebidas y la comida de lo mejor .

kevin flores

It was great

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