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Melanie B.

Food is awesome! Service - not so much. Incredibly slow and got my order wrong the first time. We weren't in any hurry but if you are you probably want to skip this place. We were there on a Tuesday night and it took us 2 hours from the time we were seated (no wait to get seated) until we had paid for our check - it was over 30 min to get our appetizer and 15 min from the time we got our check until the server came back to take the payment. I can't imagine what it must be like on a Friday or Saturday night. But did I mention the food was awesome! And I appreciated the lettuce wrap tacos since I can't eat grains. The duck tacos were different and delicious! Also highly recommend the plantains.

Molly M.

I ordered the Spinach enchiladas and Tres Leches Cake it was DELICIOUS. I forgot to take a picture of it but I will next time because I will definitely will be ordering it and more again. Also it was a takeout order and still was perfection. All I can say is yummmmmm

Danielle H.

I went on my birthday and had such a great time. The waitress was so nice. She gave us a sample of some things to try because it was my friends 1st time there. We ordered the chicken quesadillas and steak fajitas. So good! The Mexican corn state just like the authentic street corn. And to top it off they bought me a piece of cake with Happy Birthday on it. Great atmosphere and good food!

Sarah G.

This is where my sister requested to have her birthday dinner. We waited a really long time despite having a reservation, but everyone was really nice and the manager gave us some complimentary chips and 3 dips. The three dips were salsa verde, beer cheese, and a cornbread-like dip. I had never had a dip anything like the cornbread one and it was so good I could've eaten it straight with a fork. The food was great. The wings were amazing. I ordered fajitas with medium rare steak and it came out completely rare, which I was personally fine with but not everyone would be if that's not what they ordered. They had many options for beer on tap. All the staff (especially our server, Angela) were very nice and went above and beyond. I will definitely be coming back next time I'm in the area!

A B.

I was interested in trying this place because it's down the street from us and ALWAYS packed but it was really disappointing. Firstly this is not authentic Mexican food which might be fine for some people but the food is really meh IMO. I ordered enchiladas which didn't come with traditional enchilada sauce but instead came with this sauce that tasted like straight up mustard. My friend ordered a burger and it came with a really disappointing amount of fries. The chips aren't free which is also kind of disappointing. The service was slow but it was packed in there and they looked understaffed so I get that. I also ordered a mojito which was just ... not minty, at all and tasted like straight up juice. Ehhh. I wouldn't come back here. Also this place is LOUD, like "have to shout at the people at your own table for them to hear you" loud. I left feeling like my hearing was a little damaged.. I'd rather go somewhere more lowkey for a night out where I'm able to have a normal conversation and enjoy my own company more. I don't understand how people are saying this place has "ambiance", it feels like you're inside of a nightclub. So be warned if you have any kind of auditory sensory issues.

E S.

We got the beer cheese dip, the short rib chimichanga and the steak fajitas. The food was delicious and the service was great!

Greg D.

Del Pez never disappoints! One of the best for sure! The food and drinks are amazing. The made fresh guac is the best I have ever had. The staff are always more than accomodating and the place always has a nice buzz.

Sakeena B.

Soooo I've been to this establishment three times total. Two times before the pandemic and this last time during the pandemic. You need reservations and they do book up fast if it's a weekend. When I entered to check in the host told me there were no high top tables even though on my reservation that was the option selected. So then I asked if I could have this one booth on an upper level that I saw was empty. She said that it was for larger parties. I had to wait about 5 minutes to be seated. There is a small bench at the waiting area but there is no way you can socially distance but you do have the option to stand outside and wait which is probably the best. When I was seated it was the booth I had initially requested. Service was decent. I ordered the personal guac which I was disappointed in because it had absolutely no seasoning. It was very bland. I like my guac to have a signature spice. But some places don't add seasoning I guess this is one of them. I ordered two cocktails that barely had a drop of alcohol but a lot of sour mix (HATE THAT)! The chicken fajitas were delicious and the red rice is absolutely the best I've had at a Mexican restaurant. Great flavor! I defiantly like this place I just wish their drinks were stronger. Also, the outside seating seemed really nice. I will be back.

Lisa H.

So mad I didn't get to take pictures of my food but I was STARVING. Ordered: 1. Pub Tacos 2. Guajillo Wings 3. Sweet Plantain Skillet 4. Texas Steak Tacos 5. House Made Corn Cake Two children dishes (chicken tenders and macaroni and cheese) This was my first time here and I must say, the food was delicious. Everything about it was good, the location is great and the set up inside was so nice! I definitely plan on going back.

Jordan M.

Food: I really enjoyed the food from Del Pez! This was my first time eating there and I ordered the chicken quesadillas. The chicken was so tender and well seasoned. All of the meals we ordered were served in nice takeout containers within a brown paper bag. I also ordered the Watermelon margarita to go. It was served in a to go bag. It was a good size drink for the price. I was able to fill my cup a couple times. I cannot wait to return to Del Pez. It seems like a rear summer spot. Service: I had a arrived with a group of friends ready to eat outside. It was a bit too windy so we moved our order to takeout. Our waiter was very kind and accommodating to our changes. He was so kind and patient with our group. Other: the outdoor patio seating is nice and has heaters. However, next to the water and in the shade it was quite cold. I would advise to dress warmer for outdoor seating until the summer weather starts to kick in.


two of the four meals were average one was good and mine was pretty bad. The four taco sampler I got one was good, the shrimp. The pork the beef and the duck were all overcooked and chewy. The toppings were awful. However, great staff and bar area. easy convenient parking.

Tab P.

Girlfriends and I split a flight of tequila shots, had a round of margaritas and split the Diablo Guacamole and Chips. I had the lime in the coconut margarita which was sweet (which I expected) and tasty. Huge portion of guacamole. Wish it had a little more crab on top and we needed to ask for a second basket of chips. Would return for a full meal.

Brian S.

Yeah they do take out, curbside pickup, but I was here for dine in with some friends. My daughter makes a pretty good chipotle chicken pasta so I thought I would do a comparison. It was spicier than hers and the bow tie pasta was good but I like perciatelli better because it it's easier to pick up with s fork. There was lots of chicken and the bowl is a little deeper than you'd expect. I was filled completely. Which one was better, doesn't really matter, but it was good.

Lilly B.

Always amazing food here!!! The tacos are delicious! The Cancun tacos are my favorite! The tortillas are crusted with cheese and the pickled onions just add that extra level of flavor. The Mahi tacos can be fried or grilled- grilled this trip and perfectly cooked!! Only bummer is that it's a Mexican place without complimentary chips and salsa!

Sherri K.

Had an amazing night with family at Del Pez. I have had bad luck with picking restaurants this month. Each restaurant i have picked have had horrible food. I ended up giving it to my dogs. So I again picked a new restaurant. What a wonderful surprise !!! The food was delicious, atmosphere was amazing and service was on point. The menu had so many amazing choices for good food it was hard to choose. We will be going to Del Pez again. If you are down by the riverfront and in the mood for Mexican food go to Del Pez. You will have an amazing time.

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