Pizza by Elizabeths

3801 Kennett Pike, Wilmington
(302) 654-4478

Recent Reviews

M Fraker

Wow! Delish mini pizzas! Fabulous service! Great atmosphere! We returned the next day because we were so impressed with everything!

Pamela DeLong

Unique decor, enjoyable experience and dinner. Enjoyed the salad, pizza, bottle of wine and chocolate tiramisu for dessert.

W Limm

Sophisticated decor and ambience separate this moderately upscale pizza and salad restaurant from the Pizza Huts of the world. Alas, eager and attentive service resulted in a just average custom pizza with one of the toppings (crab meat) missing. Good dining choice for those with above average means and taste but may not be suitable others.

Sylvia Hassell

This is not a pizza shop! It’s a large beautiful restaurant with really delectable food..We went for the Jazz Brunch that was perfect. Nothing like listening to a little jazz while munching and drinking $5.00 libations.

Melissa Stanton

Husband and I ordered 2 pizzas so glad we ordered 2 due to how small it was..never on the web site did it say how small was small and how reg size is? Taste was okay but broccoli was under cooked.. and i could kinda taste the crab from when they cooked the crab pizza(I'm not allergic) but might want to let customers know.. would of liked the toppings spread out over the whole pizza.. made it floppy to hold had to eat with fork.. my pizza cost 19$ and some change (never thought it would be so small).. probably wont order again!!

Shawn S

We went for lunch. We waited 15-20 minutes as a walk in. We started with a shrimp Caeser which was great. We had 2 sangria's which we enjoyed. We ordered the Hasslehoff pizza and a plain pizza which were incredible. As simple as it was I think we liked the plain more. Both were cooked perfectly. I ordered a slice of butter cake to go. I wish I had ordered 2. We are looking forward to going back.

Christine M. Connell

Always consistent food and the pizzas are to die for.

Tiffany H.

PBE has fresh, delicious food. They have many vegitarian and gluten-free options. Their takeout is ready within 10 min of ordering and is always well packaged and delicious. The dine in experience is excellent. The staff is attentive without being overbearing. The service is efficient, but not rushed. They take their cues from the diner and will get you in and out for a quick lunch or let you linger to catch up with friends and family. The interior is beautiful and spacious with lots of light.

Lorena B.

Nine interior. Lots of light also. Pizza is also nice as you may have many additions Cocktails so so.

Renuka C

Consistently great experience. Gluten free and vegan options, efficient staff, terrific ambiance.

Danny C.

Great interior design and aesthetic. Very picturesque. Food is good, and they have some interesting pizza combinations.

Bryan Carroll

Worth the drive to Delaware for this amazing menu/pizza. A great surprise for my birthday. Already looking forward to going back.

Sarah Lashbrook

My family and I went there on Friday 6/4 for my sister in laws celebration dinner. Our bill was over $300 which was fine. We split the bill between cash($150) and the rest on two credit cards. We left a $70 tip being nice because the server (Bryon G) service was not very good. But we all come from server backgrounds so we tip well. We found out today that my sister in laws card was charged the $150 on top of what she was already paying and Bryon G took the $220 cash and put it in his pocket. If I could give no stars I would. The server Bryon G knew what he was doing and stole from us and a good manager would have caught this when closing the books for the night. I am disgusted that this happened and I think people should know.

Aaron T.

Definitely good pizza. In the strangest way, I find their "non-traditional" pizzas to be the best that they do (aka they're margherita pizza is good, but...I've had better: needs more sauce to dough ratio). A little bit pricey, but definitely not disappointing. I've only taken out: never eaten in, so I have no clue as to their dining experience.


Obviously a very popular place for the locals and good for those visiting the Brandywine Valley. We came there half starved after visiting Hatley Museum and we’re amazed at how quickly they got us our pizza. Definitely the place to try something different. I ordered the Elizabeth Taylor which fig jam as a base sauce as well as prosciutto, blue cheese, And onions. Not sure if I would order it again because it was kind of on the sweet side but it was definitely yummy. I would definitely recommend it if you’re looking for something different. The two of us split a regular size pizza and were full for just over $20. Nice surprise: when the waiter brought us our bill he brought two pieces of homemade chocolate toffee which were amazing!

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