Havana Exclusive Cigars

490 Mandalay Ave, Clearwater Beach
(727) 216-6166

Recent Reviews

Richelle C.

Jennifer was a great host. Loved the music and the cigars, authentic feel. Great company! Would definitely come back!!

Peter S

Dropped in for an espresso, and they charged me $10 for it. Even for a somewhat expensive area, that pricing is absurd. I'll concede that it was pretty tasty, and I enjoyed the general atmosphere in there, but that's not enough to redeem it.

TopKick M.

We visit family in Clearwater once a year and we always visit this shop. The owner and employees are cool people and the atmosphere is laid back and relaxing. A good selection of cigars and the coffee is great. Will be visiting again next month!

Z Z.

Buyer beware. This shop does not put prices on their cigars and appears to be overcharging. The sales lady is also very rude. I didn't buy a cigar that she tried to overcharge me on and she told me to put it back in the humidor. First off, I don't work at this place. On the other hand, if you want to pay me I'll restock your humidor...otherwise do it yourself. How rude.

Connor F.

service can be improved but these are authentic Cuban cigars from the heart of cigar production in Cuba. If you know your cigars, $20 is a bargain for an actual Cuban cigar from Piñar del Rio. 10/10!

Christian M

Friendly service! Don’t go to dunkin when you can have perfect coffee here! Best coffee spot around.

Qian W.

SCAM. THIS PLACE IS A RIPOFF! Two espressos for $10.70! The lady didn't give us a menu, just charged us, and being rude to us the whole time! I would give this place negative stars if I can.

Dan B.

Amazing authentic Cuban coffee, great assortments of legit Cuban cigars in a little Havana atmosphere. Owner and daughter have the best customer service

Salvadori Corporation

Was a shame that such a nice place have such a bad service. We went today and the lady was working was really unfriendly. Bathroom was out of service. Cigars were excellent but definitely not going back.

Connie Pulte D.

Great selection of fresh cigars and friendly service. Ernie is an awesome owner operator.

Alex Miller

they’re selling $6 cigars for $14. crooks

T. R.

This place is a ripoff. On Nov 27, 2020, I stopped in for a Cuban Espresso Coffee. I being Cuban usually pay about $1.50 for the small 2oz shot. These guys charged me $5.35. What a Ripoff.. it was even that good. NEVER GO BACK AGAIN!!!

Thomas Marengi

Great place with extremely good customer interaction. Finest selection of cigars around. Super sports area relaxing and comfortable. Highly suggest you all check it out!

Jeff Miller

Nice little place! Very good atmosphere.

Joshua Counts

Coffee was heated in microwave, cigars overpriced, music so loud you'd think you were in a club.

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