Bait House

45 Causeway Blvd, Clearwater
(727) 446-8134

Recent Reviews

Audrey Luo

Very delicious and fresh fishes! We had fish tacos with Wahoo and Cesar salad with tuna. Both are the best I had in Florida. The prices are reasonable too. Great place if you like fish!

Grant K

Best food we had in Clearwater. Rebecca the bartender was amazing. Try the Peanut Butter Blonde Ale. And definitely make sure to get The Drunken Shrimp and the Catch of the Day Reuben!

Corey Sinnott

Food is amazing. Scenery is beautiful as well. Great food selection for both adults and kids. Parking is a little strange. Or at least when we were there. We had to get a code from the host to be able to park for longer than a half hour. Other than that goofy experience. It was a wonderful place. We will definitely be back.

Mickey Dugger

Cute restaurant. very clean. Staff is very nice and eager to please. Food is delicious!!


This place is so cute! The folks at Clearwater Aquarium gave us the recommendation and I'm so glad we went. The key lime tart they have was soooo good. Plus it was awesome to see the pelicans all around.

Jim O'Brien

Fresh catch right from the dock. Casual waterfront setting, friendly staff, great food, cold beer. I highly recommend.


I absolutely love this place! Found it on a girls trip to Clearwater Beach in February. Went back to Clearwater in April for a week, and introduced my family to this fantastic restaurant. My family loved it so much that we went back the next 2 nights for dinner and grabbed lunch right before we went to the airport. The owner kept laughing in enjoyment every-time we returned! LOVE THE DRUNKEN SHRIMP!!! We also enjoyed the Island Tacos, Pan Seared Tuna, Spicy Tuna Nachos and let’s not forget the scrumptious Key Lime Tart! I’m drooling just thinking of all this great food! Heading back for a daughter/mom trip for two days August 8-10th, and we will be eating here as much as possible! Best restaurant in Clearwater Beach!


This place is small and on the water. No reservations so be ready to wait. The smoked fish spread is great… simply served with crackers. The mahi Ruben is lovely as well as the fresh catch platter. Be sure to look for Chuck, the resident sea bird. He will bite and only likes live snacks! Chuck is very willing to pose for a picture if he is feeling friendly. There is a tackle shop for those who like fishing!

Jon Bailey

Drunken Shrimp with extra bread is a MUST for anyone visiting Clearwater. Great service and friendly staff. Great prices for fresh fish of the day. Definitely recommend to my friends coming to Clearwater. 5 ☆s from me!!

Ana B.

Let me just tell you this is an Amazing hole in the wall! My boyfriend & I went for dinner here on our vacation & we almost didn't get to try it. When we got there the owner said they had just closed the kitchen but we had just said how excited we were to try it that he said I let me go check if I can get you guy taken care of & to our surprise he comes back & takes us to a table right by the water. It was perfect we had a great view, great food, great service, and they even gave us a desert on the house. For starters we got the peel & eat shrimp (the picture doesn't do it justice), I got the seafood cake sandwich with the catch of the day with wine, soo yummy. My boyfriend go the fish tacos, & he was raving about them. Then they brought us the key lime pie, we didn't plan on getting desert bc we were full but we shared it and it was great! Overall if I'm back in town I will definitely be returning!

Julia L.

Food: we ordered 2 fish tacos (corvina was better/softer than wahoo), corvina reuben, and corvina sandwich, as well as the drunken shrimp as an appetizer. The flavor was great for all 4 dishes! The sauces/side for the fish tacos were tasty and offered variety: spicy, tangy, tomato salsa, and the BEANS were so good. Beans are usually the blandest in tacos but these beans were yummy just on their own. Price: ehhhh I really think the price should've been less for the tacos at least, considering that similar tacos are available for $3-4 per taco (so $6-8 for an order) if you go to a taco shop a little further from the harbor. But take this with a grain of salt as Im biased toward corn tortillas vs flour, and pico de Gallo on my fish tacos (aka Mexican style). The average dish price here is ~$16 including tax. Not bad at all, but just an FYI if you're like me an prefer the fish tacos sold usually at a taqueria. Location/vibe: the view is awesome as you're really just above the water on their deck. It's a small restaurant in the back of the bait shop. Probably around 8 tables or so. The vibe is casual. They also have a bar so feel free to sit there if the tables under the umbrellas are full. Service: service was just ok... it's really hard to get a staff member's attention. When i finally got the attention of someone, they sarcastically asked "Have i personally served you anything today?" lol... it didn't seem like there were assigned waiters to each table so his comment caught me by surprise. If there was a specific waiter for our table, we were not told.. other than that I guess service was fine. Parking: ask for the parking code from the staff so you can park for more than the 30 min limit they set on that zone's parking meter.

Dolph L.

We absolutely love this hole in the wall. It offers a different type of view. Good sandwiches and drinks. It's charming and worth the visit.


If you're at the marina in Clearwater Beach, you have to stop in here. Just stopped in for a couple of drinks and the drunken shrimp ($25 w/ tip). And we got to hang out with got to hang out with a friend (see pic).

Derek N.

Cool neat place at the end of the charter boats in Clearwater Beach, FL. Food was really good. We had the clam chowder though soupy, the flavors were good and fresh catch quesadilla. They also had a great selection of beers if that's your thing. If it's raining, doesn't look like they have any inside seating. Only reason for the 4 stars v 5 is the service was slow. Would have had 2 more beers if they checked on us. Just kept walking by with no eye contact and I'm not the type to yell to gain attention.


Bait House does not disappoint! We were there 3 times in 11 days! Drunken shrimp is a MUST and ask for extra bread. Fresh catch of the day was mouthwatering especially when it was just caught and served within a half hour! White sangria is ice cold and you will need more than one!

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