Okeefe's Tavern

1219 S Ft Harrison Ave, Clearwater
(727) 442-9034

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Robert Jahnke

We enjoy going to this restaurant, the food is always great, however they have raised their prices considerably, (food and drink), and we might (?) return with a coupon.Come on, $7.95 for a glass of house wine ? I don't think I am alone on this, I have heard from others.


Awesome place for friends to get together..great menu and assortment of drinks..

Seth Horne

Great tavern style food and even better folks working there. This is a feel good experience all the way around. I was on a work trip when I found myself needing a nice comfort food meal. Okeefe's was recommended by the woman working the front desk at my hotel. I ordered a few items. Fish and chips, Shepard's pie and chocolate cake ? sounded right for my family and me. Boom ?it was a hit.


Pricey for tavern, but very good food!2 soupsShepard pieCheeseburger2 ice tea$51.00 - I think thats alot for lunch

Barry M.

Took my partner to O'Keefe's tonight with high expectations. When he was having emergency surgery at the nearby hospital I stumbled upon this place and had a great meal (the Reuben), great beer and great service. Unfortunately tonight we were very disappointed. Once seated we were told our server would be Matt. We were reviewing the menu and Matt approached our table. Great smile, friendly, talkative - off to a good start. I ordered a beer on draft and my partner had sweetened ice tea. It took a bit but the drinks finally came - we were ready to order. We ordered the Irish puffs as an appetizer and were really looking forward to trying these. My partner ordered the Philly Steak which comes with Au Jus - he asked if the sandwich had Mayo on it and Matt said no but that he would bring some on the side. I was a bit undecided but Matt eventually help me pick the fish and chips - I'm from Maine so looking forward to some good fried haddock. Order placed and we turn to our beverages - I go to take a drink of my beer - Stella - and it tastes funky to me - kind of pickled. We were near the bar so I went up to the two bar tenders and they both agreed it smelled funky. They immediately rinsed a clean glass and poured a new beer - much better - problem solved. My partner went to try his ice tea and that tasted strange and the cup had an order. When Matt came back he ordered a soda and that was better. We're wondering if the glasses had been dirty glass. But problem solved. We watched Matt wait on other tables - again making connections and jovial - a lot talking. We were looking forward to trying our Irish puffs. Finally a food runner brought our 2 meals and no Irish Puffs. I mentioned this to her and she said she'd check - she came back and said that order was never put in. She asked if we wanted them but at that time it was too late as it did take awhile for the food to come out. Matt did come to the table and apologized and took ownership for the error but I still couldn't figure how this happened as he did write everything down on the same ticket. Oh well. We were hungry and ready to eat. The fish and chips: huge piece of haddock lightly breaded and hot - very good and the tarter sauce wasn't bad. Steak fries were ok - a little soggy - a frozen product but I like mine more crispy. The coleslaw was creamy and had a good flavor - needed salt which improved it. Unfortunately the ketchup was watery and runny even though in a Heinz bottle. My partner's steak sandwich was good unfortunately he didn't get Mayo on the side and Matt really didn't do frequent table check to see if everything ok, but spent a lot of time talking to some tables. We finished and were ready to leave - I did tell Matt he needed to do a little less talking and focus more on getting the order right and doing more check-ins on the table. I stated you can be really friendly but if you don't perform in the end but getting food orders correct and doing check-ins that's what determines the tip. He's been there for 4 months so he should have this down. He did say it was a busier day than normal and he had more tables than usual which I can understand as I was a server in college. I gave him my card and when he can back with the receipt he didn't have a pen on him and had to go back to get one - so a little discombobulated. With that said - did I tip? Absolutely - over 20% as it is tough work and we all have rough days and Matt was good in taking constructive criticism. Will we rerun? Yes - I want the experience I first had that time by myself when my partner was having emergency surgery. The server gave great service and had empathy for what I was going through that night. So we'll try it one more time - I'm hoping to try the Irish Puffs and a lot of their meals look great (Shepherds Pie, the Reuben is great, Corn Beef and Cabbage - just a lot of great options.) For service - would I give Matt another try? I would - I'd be a bit skeptical - but I'd let him know it was his second

Judy D.

Excellent food! Never a disappointment but don't sit in the front room. It is freezing in there. We had coats on and realized after we ordered that we should have set in the back room. My shrimp all had tons of shrimp and broccoli. It was really yummy. Highly recommend. Can't go wrong with the pastrami and swiss which hubby got. His favorite! Our neighbors got the Reuben and the fish and chips. Again very happy with the food. Our server was friendly and efficient however at the end did not return the correct change from the bill. A lot of restaurants are rounding up which meant we were losing 83 cents. We collect change and usually go on vacation with it so it does mean something to some customers. Consider always giving the correct change back. It's our money! We usually give an extra tip on top of that just for doing the right thing.

Samantha Sullivan

If you’re visiting Clearwater ya gotta to O’Keefes it’s a local treasure! I come here every time I visit. Their food is always great and is a great representation of Irish food. Please add corned beef hash to the menu!! An Irish brunch would be fantastic.

Julie Greene

Oh my goodness I am so full I am gonna bust. Took a day trip to Clearwater and found this jewel!Amanda took amazing care of us. We felt like we were regulars! The food came in perfect timing. While the place was filling up on a Thursday evening we were not at all rushed.We tried the corned beef puffs for an appetizer. They are full of corned beef deliciousness!The onion soup was on point! So very good. The salads were fresh, crisp and yummy.The Grouper, Sirloin Steak and the French Dip were all cooked perfectly and the plates were empty. Do not miss the onion straws!I am surprised we wanted dessert! Two Key Lime Pie slices were a perfect light dessert. Please do not miss the Bread Pudding!!! It is huge, sweet, delicious. I took half of it home. See the pictures and don't miss this gem O'Keefes in Clearwater FL. Ask for Amanda and leave satisfied and ready for a nap!!

Scott Burrows

Very great meal, good service and was very clean. Food was brought out promptly and waitress asked to fill drinks when they got half way. Also offer a nice outdoor seating area.

Daniel Nunley

Fish and Chips was amazing. Fried pickles were great. And I can't wait to try the bread pudding at home!

Rob Guerra

Great place! Combination bar, restaurant, and sports bar. Comfy booth, outside seats available, long bar, even screens for sports, in your booth!!Food and service are awesome everytime. Drinks are real, and tasty, with drink specials that have that vacation kick, yum..rum.

Michelle S.

We go for lunch at least once a week here. The staff is very kind and attentive. The menu has many selections. They go out of their way to cater to you if you have special preferences not on the menu.

Andrew C.

We had a great time when we visited recently for the first time. Very clean and well kept, great service from Jason, and the food was pretty good. Wish they had more Irish beers on tap, but still a great place we plan to visit again soon.

Wendy Hugar

This is my Tues., girls night out place to go!! We come here every week because the food is great (I have a weakness for the Buffalo Chicken Salad!!) The service is fabulous. Ask for Cameron, such a nice guy and the best waiter ever!!!

Neal Tyson

Food: French onions soup, bread pudding, and Ruben are all fantastic examples of exactly what they should be. Pickles, crisp and cold.Service: super friendly, fast, and sassy when I got feisty. Love all of it!

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