Matjoa Korean BBQ Restaurant

3580 Ulmerton Rd, Clearwater
(727) 220-0100

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J Love

My friends and I drove about an hour and a half to get to this place. Let just say we was not disappointed we got the all you can eat cook your own buffet. And it was AMAZING!!!! best meat I’ve had in my life. They have different sets of meat pre-cut and seasoned they call them options we got a,b. A was more like your basic meats while b was more in the spicy side. It helps if you can bring some one to cook the food like we did but if not their staff is more than happy to help you. It’s a bit of a drive for people not in the area but I would definitely recommend you to take that drive, if you live in the area and like Korean foods give a shot.

Kathrina Budda

Been to different korean hibachis but this by far has the best meat. Soft and fresh. We ordered the grilled meat for 2 that came with delicious appetizer. I was just not a fan of the egg and potato salad. They had good miso soup, corn with cheese was a little salty for my taste. We chose beef bulgogi and beef ribs. They were superb! My son loves their jja jang myeun and their sweet tea is awesome. I ended up asking for a glass to go. Will definitely recommend to everyone I know.

Donnis Lee

Shrimp fried rice a no go but tge 2nd picture beef something lord oh lord it was amazing


Amazing place. Was happy to live a tips. Worker were nice. You can choose all you can eat and you have 2 hours if you are hungry plus they give 2 free beers if you choose second option. Sadly there was no alcoholic options for that. Oh well over all this place deserves all 5 stars. Best place to stop buy and you can grill on your own. I would say best place to eat if you are in Tampa or Clearwater area!!

Stacy R.

So awesome! Location is not impressive. Literally was concerned when we arrived. They are the bomb! The food was excellent I highly recommend the short ribs bone in. Service was very good. Owner came out to talk with us and gave us complimentary drinks when he heard it was my birthday! This is a must go! Not cheap but worth it! Actually better service than Fleming's!

Melanie Zamora

Can I give this place 100 stars!??? We drive about an hour to go and eat here b/c its soo darn good!! The beef bulgogi and Galbi are to die for!! Food is amazing and consistently good! I can't say anything else b/c the food and service speaks for itself. Amazing place and a MUST EAT!!!

Anne Lam

In all honesty, my friends and I came for the Korean Corn Dogs...but stayed for everything else! The folks here are friendly and gave great recommendations. The corn dogs were excellent, and we also got the pork bulgogi (pictured) and fried rice.

Froilin A.

This place was pretty dope a total hole in the wall location. It's where the red roof inn or so is at. I typically order brisket and bulgogi. The brisket was bland and the bulgogi was alright. I was under the impression when I called about the soju it would be with soju, sprite, and calpico/Yakult. That's why our group had came there to begin with. They didn't have a huge variety of sides either. Their customer service was really good though. They were very attentive.

Johnny T.

First thing off, I'd like to give props to the chef/owner of the establishment. When things were downhill, he was able to makes things better by his great enthusiasm and his kindness. Got us two beers on the house. Service was awful, never came to checkup on us once while being seated for the whole two hours. One of the servers looked like he wanted to quit. The other was really nice but forgot we were there. Asked for multiple things, but the two servers kept forgetting or just sidetracked. The food was really good. Quality of the brisket for the KBBQ was awesome, side dishes were spectacular. Also got the budae soup and korean hot dog, both has no complaints, also really good. TLDR: The food was really great, but the service was kind of garbage, but amazing and respectable owner, wish he had better servers.

Shar I Fox

We received our meat and had to wait over 20 min for our rice and the sides.. for 1st time visit wasn't very happy.. We also asked for water when we ordered our beer and they never were brought out. sorry but not a very happy customer.

T Y.

Overall experience was not great. We were greeted with water and the server provided a brief explanation of how everything works. Since it was our first time he said he recommends that they cook it for us so we know what to expect next time. He walked away to give us time to order and didn't come back for 20 mins. We almost walked out but thought things would be different when he came back. He asked us if anyone came to help us and when we answered no, he took our order. He completely forgot about it being our first time. Soup came out cold, like out of the fridge cold. They set up our table with sides and then some time passed and the meat came out. As we started cooking, our app came out. We were offered no assistance by our server but the person who delivered our app helped briefly with the grill. The entire time, it felt like we didn't exist to our server. Bulgogi was good, the other meats we had weren't seasoned and had little flavor.

Daniel Y.

If hungry like a wolf, Korean BBQ should satisfy you. If not, then you're a glutton. Matjoa is a great value if you have the appetite and want DIY grilled meats. This place uses electric grills from what I can tell, and they use a grill mat to make cleanup a cinch and to keep smoke down to a minimum. This place is quite large so if you want to meet with a big group, this is the place to do it. You can do AYCE BBQ and there are two options to choose from. The more expensive option has more meats to choose from and comes with two beers. Priced in the 30s, this is a good value. It also comes with some bonchan and some sides like steamed egg that you can also order as much as you want. Service was friendly and fast in the beginning, but when the restaurant got busier, service was not as attentive and I had to wave down servers more than I cared to. I'd love to come back, but hopefully service is more consistent next time.

Jose F. Calandriello

I recommend this place with my eyes closed. They have almost a year since opened their doors. I came to dinner with some friends for the first time one night in town. The attention directly from the mananger and a young man calling Orlando. What can I say about them they made us feel like we were from home. Everything we ate absolutely everything was exquisite. Menu B (pork, meat), All entrees. They have something like a very good strawberry flavor digestif. Good Korean Hitu beer. The attention of the rest of the excellent staff. 5 star food. Very good prices go hand in hand with what you eat. The only constructive criticism have coffee. 110% Recommended.

August Bo Tao

Very good Quality Meat, Combos for very good price, friendly Service?

Brian M.

Hours on Yelp are not accurate. Place was closed at 10:45 pm. The entrees are okay. The all you can grill is much better but expensive.

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