Mellow Mushroom Clearwater

2630 Gulf to Bay Blvd, Clearwater
(727) 723-2000

Recent Reviews

Deanne E.

I came here a week ago with my cousin and we had a great time! It was about 8:00 on a Saturday night and we were told there was a 30min wait or so. We headed to the bar just to sit and grab a couple drinks, but we ended up just ordering our food there. Our bartender had great service- she was very friendly and quick with what she could be. We waited a while for our food, but it was expected, as they were busy and I'm sure understaffed, as is just about any restaurant right now. My cousin and I each got a pizza and split the hummus. We both loved the hummus and really enjoyed our meals as well. I am vegan, so I was really pleased with the vegan cheese option and was surprised to find tempeh as a topping option too! Overall, a great experience and I will definitely be back.


Good service / good pizza. I would go back again. The restaurant was clean and the food seemed fresh.

Jess Balint

Went here recently. It was excellent. Colleen was a very helpful and attentive server. The food and cocktails are delicious. Great gluten free and vegan/ dairy free options.

Snippie T

I loved it. I got a GF pizza which was awesome. Just the right size & delicious. My guest has a dairy free, veggie free sub & she said it was delicious also. There wasn't to many customers, the staff was very friendly. Will return for sure

Jessica May

The mushroom pizza is to DIE for! I love the girl that works on Sunday night at the takeout counter. She always remembers me and gives me extra mints.Love this place.

Steven C

My wife and I have seen this place for a long time but just recently decided to give it a try. There is ample off-street parking and the place looked to be clean and well-maintained overall. The decor is a kind of 60s kitsch design with 60s music playing to add to the ambience. The service varied from very good to average throughout our visit. The pizza menu overall was rather exotic for my taste but you can add/delete ingredients as you like. We liked the sauce and crust on our pizza and we would recommend giving this place a try if you're in the area.

Alexander Kafantis

Awesome place for pizza and drinks with a fun interior and friendly staff. Lots of great options for vegetarians, vegans, and those with gluten intolerance. The food is high quality and there are tons of options for beers, cocktails, and non-alcoholic drinks. Definitely worth a stop if you're in the area.

Aubrey F.

Haven't been to a Mellow Mushroom in probably 10 years and I can't believe I waited so long! The food was incredible. We were a party of 25-30 people. We had a reservation so the tables and chairs were set up for us. Our waitress was great! I think she was by herself taking care of us with just people helping to deliver food. I ordered the pretzel bites with a beer cheese. So good!!The bites were perfect! They were more like balls of baked dough vs a pretzel I thought. I loved this! I ordered a medium Holy Shiitake Pie. I could have probably ordered a small but why not have leftovers! Wow! This was possibly the best pizza I've ever had. I know it's a chain but this was fantastic. So much flavor and yummy-ness (making it it a word for this review)! Don't sleep on this place! Check it out and enjoy!

Ashley Bradley

Our server was awesome with all of our different allergies! Always great service!

Kaela S.

Where do I begin? First of all, the decorations and art in this place is amazing and so pleasing to look at! Each place you look is a different art piece, even the lighting in some places is a work of art. The food is phenomenal. The wings - perfect temp and served with the sweet Thai chili sauce and ranch. The garlic butter pretzels were fluffy and mouth watering. And the pizza! The pizza was just what the doctor ordered. Dairy free cheese, barbecue chicken, bacon and more - cooked to perfection and just enough for the two of us to eat and have a slice left over for each of us later. FYI we ordered a medium pizza. Overall, loved the hospitality, the ambiance and the food. 10/10 would recommend and will be going back!

Kimberly Puryear

Hey Ally Thanks For The 5star Customer Service and To The Cook…. OMG My pizza was On Point! Literally Your Destination For Vegan Pizza. Ok Base Tomato, garlic and oil on crust, vegan cheese, tempeh herb, artichoke, black olive, roasted tomatoes, red onion, green peppers, and Italian herb sprinkle! I’m savoring every bite Thanks Guys

Mike Mackey

Great Service, great food and wonderful atmosphere!!

Mark Katko

Best Pizza around, we loved it. the staff is amazing, the prices reasonable and the food is fantastic. you can't beat it!!

Carolina S.

The ambiance is so cool, the service was awesome and the pizza was delicious! Never been to a Mellow Mushroom and left disappointed

Laura Duplain

Seems like you either love or don’t really like mellow mushroom pizza. I fall under the latter category. I will eat there if someone in our group wants to; however, it’s not on my list of places to go.One of the things I do like is their lunch specials and being able to order pizza by the slice.Honestly I enjoy more of the coal fire/fireside pizzas around us.Since it’s a personal preference and not a bad experience or food. I only removed on star.

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