Ocean Blue Asian Fusion

2475 McMullen Booth Rd ste m, Clearwater
(727) 953-9828

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Liz Quigley

Great place! Great staff! Awesome, quality sushi!Comfortable atmosphere, and everyone is very friendly. Will be coming back again (:

olivia lane

I really do love this place. They give nice portions and it taste very fresh. Very nice people work here .

Lace Lace

I love spicy so these rolls are great! The calamari is good too! Service can be a lil slow but the rolls are amazing. Ordering ToGo is nice also, packaged very well & just as fresh. The sweet tea is good too. I love the spice, can’t say it enough. I enjoy the Whatever Roll, the Scot Roll, & the Dynamite Roll to get started.


I’ve always loved ocean blue, their sushi is good quality and the menu provides enough different things to make sure everyone can find something enjoyable. Unfortunately I think this exact location had to close after not making enough money from dinner-night club.

Viktoriya Lyan

Great sushi!)) ? Not super fancy place as I love, but prices and quality are perfectly balanced! Great place for family!!???


The food was absolutely phenomenal. The service was pretty aweful. One of the few customers there at the time and still took 45 min to get our food. I couldn't imagine being there on a busy night

Violet R.

What in the HECK has happened to this place???!! Haven't been here in a while....but seriously!! Came after work cause I needed sushi.... it was a loooong day. Upon entering, the place smelled like..... a mens' toilet. I don't know why...so wrong!!! Second bad sign...cheap chop sticks....the kind you have to rub together so you don't get splinters in your lips....haven't seen them in years...and cheap, creepy non paper napkin. The menu is carefully crafted in an 8 point helvetica narrow....so bring not only your glasses, but a magnifying glass. There's a black tray in front of me... that has deep edges....and no purpose. Nothing fits on it...not the wooden sushi plate...and the small dirty white dish you get to eat on, so I try to put my wooden sushi plate on the bar's edge... but it's too small...so eventually...it'll fall onto the large bar....if you ordered enough sushi. But it's stone! My octopus salad is cool and delicious. My "whatever roll".....was served with NOTHING ....on a dirty bamboo board....and each piece fell apart as I tried to remain ladylike eating sushi splashing into my soy sauce dish in front of me. Lastly, I ordered clam sashimi. Whoa.... no one here knows what surf clam sashimi is... it came out warm...and slightly scored. Both sides in tact...impossible to chew through...and warm. It's been nuked! Just plain awful. I don't know who bought this place.... but it's not for actual sushi aficionados. Service was very good! Sorry to the servers. And to finish this insult to Asian food, country music in the background. AWFUL!!!

Vonnie A.

SOOOO worth it!!!! I've been to so many different places that barely give you a lot of toppings. You go to a SEAFOOD restaurant and get maybe 5 shrimp (if you're lucky) by far this place went all out with there food packing it with shrimp, scallops, crab meat! They make sure you're very well taken care of too! Pack your food and very polite!

Jaxson Mac

Some of the best sushi I've ever had, simply wonderful.

craig s.

We like the bar and especially like Anna . The sushi rolls were good, little heavy on the rice. Mai tais need some work but not many people in Fla sit at a bar and enjoy mai tais as many northerners do. Main problem with this establishment is the funky smell as you enter . Smells like raw sewage . Sorry , we tried to go back two more times but couldn't get over the smell. Almost forgot, the music here was terrible! We actually mentioned it to our wonderful bartender . Sleepy elevator music and country wtf!?

Body By Natalie

Not very impressed with the food (the chicken in the hibachi was over cooked and the white sauce wasn’t my fav). sushi roll choices weren’t that great either.BUT our server Dui was literally amazing. He’s the reason this place got any stars at all ? based on this night at least.

Alexandria F.

Been going here for a long time. The quality and freshness of the sushi keeps me coming back!

Kacy Warkentien

I like the sushi here :) I'm so lucky to live close-by!

Mike Fokin

My daughter said: the best food I ever tasted.

larry alexander

The best sushi I've ever had I'm 72 yrs old food was fresh tasty and plentiful

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