Saigon Bowl

2129 Drew St, Clearwater
(727) 221-0129

Recent Reviews

Samarq Diaz

Good food decent prices

Tammy Hummel

Family owned place. Came in for a late lunch, no wait. Vermicelli noodles and pork was a generous helping and super tasty. Fresh rolls to start with peanut sauce were good too.

Mark Keene

Best Vietnamese food around! I love this place so much. Everything is so fresh and the egg rolls are the best I’ve ever had. I tried going somewhere closer to my house and it was not nearly as good, plus they didn’t have egg rolls! I left and made the drive here instead. It’s that good! Lol

Bernardo Perez de Lara

Excellent service and the best Vietnamese food. The spicy lemongrass vegetable plate was amazing.


Great food, clean place, healthy choices. The owner is very friendly and kind. The menu has a little more to offer than the other Vietnamese restaurants around.

James O.

I've been coming to Saigon Bowl for years. It is by far the best Vietnamese restaurant in the Tampa Bay Area and top 3 in the country. Absolutely amazing Pho and the best fried rice I've ever had. I haven't had anything on the menu that didn't love. Keep it up!

Donovan Watts

Really good authentic dishes, we enjoyed the Phô combination soup, the spicy lemongrass beef soup, the seafood stir fry, and both their fresh spring rolls and the bang bang shrimp. Really good service, great ambiance, a very enjoyable experience.

SSJson Chieflot

The short ribs and pork chops are amazing. Highly recommend

Kalie Cruz

Wow what fresh ingredients. First time trying it for lunch it was so good I came back for dinner. There are a few other places in the area, but this spot really is amazing. I promise you that you won’t be disappointed. They have different kinds too, this is the shrimp pho and I added 4 wontons. Great prices and the package it so well to go. 5 stars my new favorite spot

Annavaun B.

Such amazing food and the owner is so nice! The restaurant is well maintained and the pho was some of the best I've had. I'm from out of town but if I ever go back to Tampa I will be sure to eat here again!

Michael G.

Normally 4 stars is for a good place and for good meals, 5 is for great. I found the Pho to be good, but not exceptional. The service and décor was good. The only things I found that I personally did not like were, the chop sticks were cheap, disposable, and small. The Hoisin Sause and sriracha sauce were in unmarked containers, which gave me concern. They were NOT what I typically expect. The Hoisin was not as rich as I am accustom to, and too sweet. The Sriracha was watery and NOT as hot as it should have been. I don't know if they make their own sauce or not, but it is not what I expect.

Deegurl L.

Having grown up eating alot of Vietnamese food, I'm always on the look out for new places when away from home. My daughter and I went for dinner and this place is authentic. The lack of crowd made me nervous but it was completely unfounded. Eggrolls came out fast. We had grilled pork chops on rice and the portions were huge. The pork chops were very well seasoned and thicker than most restaurants serve them. Service was outstanding. Will be returning again.

Eric W.

YUM! Seriously delicious Vietnamese food. Friendly staff, the hostess recognizes us when we come in, and seats us at our table (assuming someone else isn't sitting there). Go here, you gonna love this place!

Gisun Sung

This place had amazing customer service, even though it was a DoorDash order which takes about 30% of their profits, and it was close to their closing time!! Their egg rolls are the flavor that I want from Vietnamese egg rolls, and their portion size for the grilled pork chops is two large chops--not a weird shaped pork chop that's 50% fat like other restaurants (I do love the fatty ones too though).Thank you very much to the staff for making my food and getting it ready for me. I definitely hope to go for dine-in one day so that I try the egg rolls fresh from the kitchen. ?

Aprilaurie Whitley

YUM! Had the beef flank Pho. Delicious! Not as much beef as others, but my favorite part is the broth and then everything else. The pork chops were so tasty and delicious, we can’t wait to go back and try the short ribs. Great service too! Definite addition to our go to restaurants!! (The Pho bowl was HUGE, so we took the pork chops home for later. So worth it!)

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