Taco Bell

1824 Gulf to Bay Blvd, Clearwater
(727) 447-8847

Recent Reviews

M. C.

Always waste my time with orders. Takes forever and then say they don’t have it.

Cheryl Hughes

The Taco Bell on McMillan Booth road is a dangerous place to eat. All the employees look and act like gangsters!. Please protect your customers. And put video in the work place. You will see that they all appear to be straight out of prison. People are afaird and I observed management not only ignore it!. But participate in it, and then lie about it to corporate!


The usual, but seems to be getting a bit more expensive. Nice but seemingly short-handed staff, just doing their best.

Barbara Ahrndt

The girl handing out the food was not friendly, gave me the wrong ice tea and the wrong meal.

Strawberry Seed

Its was absolutely awful and we love taco bell.On vacation and just wanted something quick, the lady at the window was not very nice at all! They almost didn't give us our drink. The bill was $16 and some change but when my I got my email card notice we had been charged 19 and change. Food was awful. My chalupa was crunchier that a hard taco! We called and were told they replace our food and honestly I dont even care to go back!!

PW Miller

Went to the one on Gulf to Bay was trying to go to Arby's but they're closed for renovations Taco Bell is also closed for people walking in can only use the driveway or drive-thru scuse me but the food was excellent as always.

Carlos P.

The line took half an hour no exaggeration!! And got my order wrong. Also worst employees I've ever met the guy answers his phone and tells me to hold on at the speaker

Preston Mullins

First off we were the only customers in either the dinning area or the drive through while or order was being handled. We ordered off the self checkout and they got our order all wrong, we had to ask for our drinks and the sauce we added. When we went up to ask for the correct items they proceeded to tell us thats how we ordered it. We showed them the receipt and they said that's not what it said on their screen. Completely rude about it.

Do The right thing

The work place is beyond filthy. There are maggots and flies where the food itself is prepared. Numerous health code violations are made while preparing the food that’s handed out. The manager’s an employee’s use the same gloves on numerous occasions when working around the store to preparing the food. They make Uber order before the Uber arrive an by the time they arrive the food is terribly old/soggy. They have no compassion for their costumers. By pass taco bell on 1824 gulf to bay they’re disturbingly disgusting an serves old food on a daily basis

Ramnu Reviews

Absolutely terrible, it was 936 on a Saturday, inside the building lights were out even the taco bell sign but there was a line of cars in the drive thru, so we joined in got inline n ordered I asked if they had cheesy fiesta potatoes I was told yes ordered 2 of those n many other items got to the window 15mins later n was told they ran out of them if I would like something different well I responded in seconds n she still rang them up so they gave me cash back ...waited another 15mins for 2 nachos n 2 burritos n taco , I dont know who runs this place but I certainly will go to another taco bell ...good luck with this business practices....


10pm. Drive thru line out to Gulf to Bay. 20 minutes and only 2 cars have received service. Left the line to get food elsewhere. Please make fast food FAST again. Get competent employees capable of handling volume!

Robert S Esterline

I love taco bell have for most of my life. This one is 1 minute walk from my house so that's a bonus.

Aaron K.

Drive-through said open till 1 AM date is 613 2021 drive-through is closed at 12:40 AM had closing message on speaker

Brandi White

EXCELLENT customer service!!!Exceptionally clean and maintainedThank you guys!!!We had an amazing visit

Mary Buttonlady e1

Really nice people working there I always get quick deliveries I mean quick pickups for my deliveries

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