Ward's Seafood Market & Take-Out

1001 Belleair Rd, Clearwater
(727) 581-2640

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Barbara Krepela

You can purchase almost any variety of fish here to take home and prepare. Very friendly service. I'm a repeat customer


It was the first time going to Wards and they were great! Awesome customer service a huge selection of seafood all fresh not frozen and a wide range of seasoning to go on your seafood! Will be going back again!!

Jim Fitzgerald

Want fresh sea food, how about fish you cannot get where you're going. Wards is the place. They have it all, including take. Bring a cooler and enjoy the ride.


Very helpful staff. We have been there several times and have gotten fantastic products each time. Lots of variety. One time there was an error on my bill and I didn’t notice until I got home. I stopped back by a few days later and they quickly made a correction with our any hesitation. I really appreciate that.

Joe Roller

Out of curiosity, I stopped yesterday after just driving by many times. I was like a kid in a candy store! Very happy with the service and amazing selection for a “Mom and Pop” operation. Going back today to order some dinners. To the lady complaining about the tip. It is optional. I didn’t leave a tip and I was not pressured at all to leave a tip. A little off the “beaten path”, but definitely worth the trip!Fine job Ward’s Seafood, fine job.Joe Roller, St PetersburgPS: The stained glass fish in the window is amazing. Was told it is original to the business opening in 1955.

Doug G

This market has such a wide variety of everything. Our latest visit, we tried out their crab cakes and sword fish. We loved it! Savory and cravery. Fresh fish. Quick in-and-out shop. Their staff is very friendly and welcoming. We always stop here first before shopping for the rest of our groceries. All around fast, friendly, fresh and fish!

Grace Ogrodny

My dad got.horribly sick last week from the special ..nkt sure why used to be really good...

Robin S.

I have shopped at Ward's for many years and the service has been fine in the past, but a few days ago I went to buy salmon and after I got home noticed it looked and smelled off. My daughter in law noticed this as well & so we went back to Ward's to return it. The Scottish salmon ($21.95/lb) I bought is a better cut so not cheap. The tall, skinny guy behind the counter was short with, proceeded to get another piece (much larger piece) - charged me the difference which I didn't haggle over. But I overheard the cashier ask this guy what was wrong- if it the purchased salmon was bad and he said "no." No apology from either the guy or cashier. This is the same guy that told a friend of mine, a local doctor that used to shop at Wards, that he didn't care if he was "vaccinated " he has to wear a mask inside. He told them he's never returning to Wards. (Even though the governor removed the emergency mandate, not to mention masks don't work to prevent virus transmission). I now noticed there are quite a few complains about this server - I guess Wards doesn't care about its customers anymore. I, for one, will shop elsewhere for fish.

Kathi Robinson

What a SUPER place to just stop in for tonights prepared dinner, or buy raw and prepare your own! Always fresh, great staff! LOVE the sea scallops!

C Allison

Fresh fresh fresh!!! Great selection always, and ready to eat lunches and take out!!! Local secret, families have been buying here for generations...come find out why at Ward's Seafood!

Fiona Adams

I went there today for the first time. The person who waited on me was great. However I was surprised by tip request. I have never heard of tipping just to buy fish. 20.55 was the minimum choice. For a tip. I just went to a butcher shortly before and didn't have to tip. I really wanted to just leave but I had already been processed with no warning that they expected to be tipped. I could see if I where at a restaurant sitting for a meal. This was just to buy fish for my family. They really need to let people know they have a tipping policy just for shopping. None the less it's expensive to buy a pound of fish let along a $20 for a tip. I could have bought other things I really needed. Last place to go for fish. The tipping is a bit much. I guess that why they have the takeout as a excuse to tip shoppers. It should not be for people who are actually buying fish. Not there pre cooked case. Technically every thing is take out. We don't plan to cook at there store. Now the meat market doesn't tip and they offer way more.

imjujiboo s

Nice selection. No signs advertising what fresh catch of day is. Didn't pack purchase with ice, which surprised me. Staff not too friendly, but came across as trustworthy and professional.

kamisha mabry

They literally have everything!!! I haven't been there in over 10 years. I absolutely love all the upgrades. Can't wait to return!

Mister Iwasthere

I got grilled scallops with a fried shrimp kicker, and it was awesome! And oh yeah, I almost forgot the seasoned rice ?

Jim Sherry, CRA

Excellent seafood market. If they don't have it, it must not swim in ocean. Wonderful staff.

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Ward's Seafood Market & Take-Out

1001 Belleair Rd, Clearwater, FL 33756
(727) 581-2640