Nanou French Bakery & Café

2915 E Las Olas Blvd, Fort Lauderdale
(954) 470-2191

Recent Reviews

Chad L.

If you love southern France and have a hankering for the vibe and the food, this is the place to go. it's cozy, fun, great food, and can easily transport you back.

Carley D.

Hidden gem!! Our new favorite spot. You can't beat the service, quality, or price. Amazing.

Sarvin K.

Such a cute French bakery right by Fort Lauderdale beach! Everything on the menu sounded delicious and the croissants all looked fresh. I ordered the Mediterranean panini was my favorite by far, I might be biased though because I love feta cheese! The normand sandwich which had Brie cheese was pretty good too. The Nutella croissant was a great dessert. The inside is bigger than I expected and the line moved fast. I wasn't able to order any coffee but I saw other people's orders and they looked very appetizing. I'll be sure to order a nanuchino next time!

Willow T.

As a French Canadian who grew up with an amazing french bakery not too far from home, this place brought me back there. The croissants are divine, and so are the almond croissants (and the Paris breakfast, something nice and simple but well made is wonderful). Also a nice break from American restaurants. The café itself is well decorated and the vibe is cute and just. Very nice to chill in. Their orange is also nice, it's fresh pressed. The jam??? Amazing. They have my favourite brand (Bonne Maman). Coffee is also good. In general it's just a great place, highly recommend. Probably the best baked goods you'll get anywhere nearby. Easily. Edit: I forgot to mention but the staff are really nice!

Peter C.

Their sandwiches and pastries are as legit as you can get. It's like you're in Paris. No kidding. They can do a better job of keeping the flies out of the bakery case, though. Kind of unsanitary.

Avesta S.

Can't believe I just discovered this gem...BEST BAKERY AND CAFE IN BROWARD. From their selection of lattes and cappuccinos to the unlimited variety of croissants. This bakery is as close to France as it gets. Service was excellent, food is quick and so many menu items to select from. Beautifully located by the beach on las Olas. Highly recommend to all locals!

Britney J.

I was visiting in town and all of the restaurants were overpriced off the beach for as simple egg and bacon meal. I searched Yelp and found this hidden gem just a block over. I got the omelet sandwich and it was beyond amazing! The service was excellent and everyone was friendly as well. I can see why they have such high ratings! My bread was so fresh on my sandwich. My recommendation is skip the overpriced $25 dollar breakfast at the hotels restaurant and come to this little cafe. You won't regret it :)

John Boctor

Authentic French Bakery. Line was a little long but that's because they are worth it. Prices are fair for this part of Florida, and the staff is very friendly. They take the time to explain the menu.

Kate Mayes

This place is amazing! Great customer service, the croissant and freshly squeezed orange juice is exquisite!

Grace L.

I'm still wondering how this restaurant hasn't penetrated LA yet. It's one of the best French restaurants I've ever been in. The coffee was extraordinary. The pastry and sandwich were both mouthwatering. The service was excellent. The location is walking distance from the beach. Parking may be a challenge if it gets busy but I'm glad we didn't have to drive to get there. Will definitely come back. Merci beaucoup!

carla Ugarte

Wonderful French bakery, with plenty brunch options. Very friendly service. Good quality food. Calm and nice atmosphere.

Cmo M.

Authentic family run and family owned business. Delicious croissants, french toast, cappuccinos, quiche and more! When you Don't miss it if you are visiting Ft. Lauderdale Beach.

Eddie A.

We have been coming to Ft Lauderdale for years. Someone introduced us to Nanou after we left 3 restaurants for not cooking eggs to order. When they served my hubby it was like the angels sang. Eggs- how hard is it to do correctly? Apparently very. My hubby always says you can judge a restaurant by how they cook eggs --- how true. The smiling faces ( not to mention the cute guys with sexy voices) -- even though we don't live here - we go to Nanou's daily for outstanding food and coffee. If you haven't been- you don't know what you are missing!

Lauren Lee

Delicious food! Friendly service!

Cheryl Garcia

Great food and great service! Amazing staff that really try to help you feel comfortable. I recommend this place

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