Blaze Pizza

3617 SW Archer Rd, Gainesville
(352) 458-5208

Recent Reviews

Kevin Lancaster

We really enjoy eating here when we are in Gainesville. Each person gets their own pizza made the way they like it so no one in the family has to compromise on their favorite.

Sarah Austin

Everyone was so nice and very quick. I got the build your own pizza. I loved getting to add what veggies, meats, and cheeses I wanted. It was delicious, and the crust was perfectly crispy. I also really enjoyed the blood orange lemonade. So refreshing.

Elizabeth D'Amico

Delicious and quickly-made. Great substitutions for those with nutritional allergies and preferences, including vegan cheese and meat substitutes!

Craig Kress

Always great! The keto crust is very good. And we love the spicy red sauce!

debbie borowski

If I could give Blaze Pizza more than five stars I would!! I love creating my own pizza here! Soo many toppings and they are always fresh and delicious! The staff is always friendly. Most importantly, no matter what toppings, sauce, and/or extras I pick, it's always delicious! The pizza is my favorite but the salad is a close runner up!!

Mohit Garg

After eating blaze’s pizzas, I don’t like any other pizza places in Gainesville. Blaze pizzas are freshly prepared and can be considered as light meal as compared to other pizza places. Definitely a place to consider for having good food.

Cody Bowlin

It's okay for what it is. It's completely customizable personal pizzas for fairly cheap. Mine came out great, the girlfriend's was a little burnt. Sure it's not the case every time, but it was my first time there and so not the most amazing first impression, especially considering it wasn't super packed. Would probably try again in a pinch.

Charles S.

On the way home to Ga, found this place. Awesome pizza and great service. Very quick service.


?????????????????When eating is fun and delicious, at an affordable price and a friendly and professional staff.The restaurant is clean and sanitary and the service is greatI liked ?I recommend ?

Troy Horne

Absolutely Amazing! Not often you get to meet another Troy, but when you do you know you're in the right place! Service was amazing! Food was amazing-er! Don't walk! Run and get the Vegi pizza! It's ????!

Vic Cline

Today is 6/6/21 I am a regular customer at Blaze as me and my wife have gluten allergies and feel they do the best to make sure that pizza is handled right. But tonight as I entered the store at 10pm I was told they were closed even though the website says 11pm. I wasn't really offered an apology other then "hey man we just closed down". I had to go to Domino's which tastes good but we have had issues with receiving pizzas that were either not gluten free but said they were or gotten cross contamination. This is seriously making me reconsider dining at Blaze, and I am there a lot lately usually 2 times a week when I don't have time to cook. Will probably be in contact with management to notify them that they need to update their online hours if they are closing at 10pm not 11pm. As there were others being turned away when I left.

Joser Avey

First time there. Staff was helpful in explaining their food process. Even though I went during a busy time of day the food was served quickly and was every bit as delicious as the way it looked. The dough knots are good try. Worth making repeated trips back. Clean store.

Brooke W

Can't get enough of this place! Best pizza joint in town. For someone like me who has tons of dietary restrictions in order to keep living, it's so refreshing and comforting to know I can order with confidence every time from Blaze; they immediately ask if a glove change is needed the moment I mention gluten-free, and they don't act like it's an imposition at all. Only thing they can improve on is getting the website to work so you can order from there: I've tried to order via Google or itself, on different devices, but there's always an error. Other than that, nothing but good things to say!

Nikki F.

I love their food the fact that you get to pick your own topping is great. The one less star is because of the attitude of the staff they tend to have pretty bad attitudes

Olgert B.

It's pizza. What's not to love Lots of options and toppings. You won't be disappointed.

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