Burger King

9401 NW 39th Ave, Gainesville
(352) 336-7383

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Definitely one of the better tasting Burger Kings I've been too. It was clean, and the food was good. Thats all I truly ask for.

Priscilla Casey

Damn near Cracked my tooth in a sandwich fast food is just terrible in general go home and cook.

Crystal Jacobson

I ordered a whopper it was pretty decent but could have been a little warmer. Overall ok

Mojo Edwards

Was a good visit. The place was clean and the staff was polite. Even during lunch rush.

Isaac Johnston

I've been in this drive thru for 30 minutes now. After the first 10 minutes, the person that pulled up after me in the second drive thru lane had their order taken before me, which was annoying and I said "are you kidding me?". From the speaker I heard "if you can't be patient you can pull up out of the drive thru". So I responded "I was here first and this happens to me almost every time I come here". She said, "she didn't know"So I apologized to them.I sat for an additional 20 minutes in the drive thru lane before receiving my food.All they had to do to make this situation okay was to treat their customers with respect, and apologize for the long wait times. I can understand being understaffed right now and I can understand training new individuals. But it's not acceptable to treat your customers with disrespect and make them wait for their "fast" food.

Katrina Brewer

I love BK food, and the drive thru servers are great and friendly. However, sitting in a line for nearly 15 to 20 min for food is beyond ridiculous. I would tell anyone that loves BK as much as I do to give yourself some additional time for the wait especially if you're going to the one off Main and 16th Str. But hey...at least you get to HAVE IT YOUR WAY!!!?

viana Perez

The manager was so rude and had a whole attitude, it’s really hard having to deal with that like if you don’t like your job that much then quit. That simple DONT COME HERE AT ALL

Jessica Snell

Bathroom was dirty and had no hand soap. Manager did not have any to refill. Chicken tasted rubbery. Would not stop here again.

Katherine Parker

We had the 2 for 10 dinners food came out fast and hot . One whopper was order with no ketchup and it came out as requested. The only problem was the lady who took our order seemed to be rushing us to order. Other than that all was hood.

Charlotte Stanley

I ordered a kid's meal cut the ketchup. When I opened it down the interstate, no mustard, so I had a very dry burger!!!!The person taking my ordering inside was very friendly and it was on my receipt , NO KETCHUP. This was definitely the kitchen/cooks that messed up and I had a 10 hour drive ahead of me and already on the interstate when I opened it. Not HAPPY ?

Dakotah smack

Food was cold, food was wrong multiple times, didn't get ANY SAUCE with our 40 nuggets, sweet tea was really old and gross and we waited 40 mins for this WONDERFUL MEAL! The absolutely best part of this experience was the fight we got to watch between the coworkers and manager I assume, it was like a battle that would never end as we sat at the window for a good 10+ mins just watching in awe. Would recommend steering away and going somewhere else.

Cheries Sundries

Good hot food-nice soft bun. Happy people and safety standards are in place.

Mike D

By downloading the BK app I can see deals which change daily and weekly. $3 Double Whoppers, large fries for a dollar, or free kids meal with purchase of $5 are a few of the great deals you might find on their app!I go to this Burger King about once per week and always get the best service and food! I have never once had a bad experience here in over 2 years!

Gregory Marsh

Ordered an iced coffee and was given a boiling hot cup of coffee and a cup of ice. Also, the manager with the teeth was yelling at the cashier in front of the customers in line.I've never had a good meal at any Gainesville Burger King, but this one really stands out. Ironically the name of the franchisee is "Quality Dining Inc."

Sharon Morris

Excellent management at this location! Super fast service with hot & tasty good.

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